Introductory Channeled Message

Dear One,

We are here and we love you dearly. I am Archangel Michael together with Archangel Metatron feeling proud that we are able to channel a message through Phuong. Today we have gathered to present to you an introductory blog post from which Uni-Souls will establish a brilliant platform for the foundation of New Earth for younger generations including the Enlightened beings who shall lead the future and are under significant social development at this time as we speak. We are firstly going to address those of you who will be resonating with the messages through this portal as Guardians of your own children in the Golden times ahead as well as being aunts, uncles, role models for these young ones which we so honour you for taking up your mantle as Keepers of the Rainbow Children.

We are in ceremony as you read these words, praying from above for the divine blessings and healing to bestow upon your life in the near future that is transformed by the changing world constructs of your desires and casting votes for the health of Mother Gaia and as her Earth children whether you are a starseed from a different galaxy, neighbor or enlightened child of earth yourself. Know that these words we write are from the Holy of Holies within each one of you communicating directly before your eyes as we represent the time of the Sacred Masculine beyond the time of reunion from the return of the Goddess energy. For this has been what has been under renovation these past few months, the return of the Motherliness within us and the empowerment that calls for the Divine Feminine having healed the toxic patriarchy to a level in which the Sacred Masculine is now ready to serve in the forefront of placing a stake reclaiming this Sacred Garden that Mother Earth is.

We know it has been a time for all of you to look at your inner child wholesomely having the chance to return to your roots and at times feeling somewhat “grounded” for the crimes against humanity recognizing your sovereign power and duty has a significant role in driving the course of release from your own self-limiting beliefs. Behold your own forgiveness that will truly liberate one and all. Become a Warrior of Light knowing that the only way out is to expand from within and anchor the heaven you envision for us all standing in solidarity with the Humankind. We bless you. We love you and with much respect, honour and grace we now retreat.

Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron

2 thoughts on “Introductory Channeled Message

  1. So excited for this journey of yours!! Congratulations and I’m so happy for the now and what is to come!❤️🙏🏼🥳


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