Golden Ascension Robe by Lady Portia

Dear One,

I am here and I love you. Thank you for being willing to listen to the words we speak here and now in this synchronicity of your awareness. Thank you for finding this portal of which light codes for the young ones will be transferred through you as you allow this to happen. Today we write about the cluelessness of the world that has yet to awaken to the desires of their deepest prayers and it all takes great courage to be here on earth without knowing anything. But rest assured knowing nothing right now is the best thing to ease your mind and to calm the nervous system that is, through your awareness, highly alert throughout the aeons and now the heart, the master within, is ready to take over the reins of which your course is driven.

I am Lady Portia, here to present words of assurance and guidance on your journey with a light filled blessing from the Divine cosmic liberation of the violet fire. Trust in your grace to soothe all worries and be at one with yourself so that you may realise how under control the Universe really is. In fact, the Universe embraces chaos for without wind there are no waves. And without waves, there is no action. Lao Tzu as you may have guessed is also with me right now as we speak to you specifically.

Thank you for being surrendered under the dropping of the veil and as such there is a mess to tidy up and there is light to adjust to and so we now present to you with your will, if you may, a Golden ascension robe that is accustomed to your energy and that falls lightly yet reassuringly a beautiful waterfall of light gold energy. That is of the Christ light which you seek to embody. May this ascension robe inspire you with the way that it feels, with the way that that it flows as you walk around now testing out this wonderful garment of God.

Why not? we say, to wear such a royal and Godly robe for your human existence on Mother Gaia’s land? We see you as worthy since the beginning of time when you were pure as of then and as of now and always. Feel now and remember the Holy of Holies within you that seeks to be seen. As much of you that feels ashamed of past mistakes and failures that you perceive, we only see the Anointed Angel within that embraces you always with the love that recognizes Christ within all life, all consciousness which is seeking you to master the art of creativity in the name of love. Feel now the immersion of this liquid gold light that is infusing your energy with a sense of rejuvenation to prepare you on your way of Higher light that always surprises you or is the gifts that lie in mystery.

Mystery we say is a place of wonder and awe. Mystery we encourage you to explore. Be at peace with yourself as you wear this garb of God that heals your body in the root chakra to your crown and further through the physical vessel that you now appear as a star lighting up your inner Christ light beyond this garment that is now but a snippet of your Godly radiance. This light is of the sun within your earth vessel that rises to the mornings of your conscious awareness in the times of awakening in human form. This garment now flows upward to now distribute itself within your Golden Christ light to ground and balance the parts of this light as Angels of Anointing that assures you of the worthiness you carry within, as the kindness that nurtures the greenery of your heart in the process of photosynthesis energizing your body, heart, mind and spirit to rejoice in the return of this Golden Age on Earth. This is a celebration of your self mastery for re-parenting oneself to love with integrity before it is spread outward into the external as the overflowing cup of compassion.

Wise, wise beings you are to choose this divine mission and having gone through all the trials and tribulations of this classroom of Earth; upgrade now to your 7th dimension as parents of Divine Grace in being and acting according to Unity consciousness. You are teaching others that they too are of the stars. They too are of the cosmic heritage in which they long for as science seeks to find with resistance to knowing truly how they have lived less than they have asked for in a life of suffering. Release now all your concerns of whether you deserve to be loved or not for this love is who you are and all else is either a tool to guide you to home here or a distraction. Be at peace now in oneness to the divine watching over you as your Holy Spirit calls you in to integrate with its Christ light of platinum yellow just as the sun will shine an entire galaxy in each nook and cranny of sentience as the father of all that is within the womb of primordial existence.

This has been Lady Portia awakening the Golden light within to rejuvenate the heart space in the awareness of your divine mind crowned in cosmic liberation beside St. Germain and Lao Tzu for the encouragement for you to accept your freedom now and forevermore. Young and free at heart. As within so without. I now step back with gratitude and respect for your Way ahead dearest divine one. Goodbye for now.

Lady Portia, Lao Tzu and St. Germain

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