Inner and Outer Expression

Greetings dear One,

I am here and I love you. Thank-you for bringing me through so that I may speak a message of love for many on this message being read to share my wisdom and as a guardian and keeper of the light. I am about vitality and the purpose of healing work being that of allowing your rejuvenation and human capacity to expand beyond what have been conceivable up until now. It is truly becoming a necessity and accessible to all who seek the highest truth being your heart as an Angel on Earth raising the consciousness of those who may not remember by simply forming a relationship deep within yourself with the one source and presenting this for others to see that truth in which they could ever only find you as they feel safe again to be completely themself.

I would like to reiterate that not all that you see before you is meant as an object to be possessed. It is not meant to be an item that is brought forward when it already exists beyond your conscious need to know it is there. With such, what I am referring to in the importance of this work is to beautify the subconscious to the imagery of healing which becomes easier to face for you can learn things the hard way or you could simply embrace these parts of your broken consciousness so you reiterate that it is a part of your wholeness.

It is okay to feel split at times when it comes to knowing who you are and speaking out loud doesn’t sound the same as what you tell yourself within the mind only. For with self talk, one is creating a communication in the mind to itself rather than allowing the heart to express itself and be received by the head all that it is looking for without creating any further confusion or problem. Just as Phuong is writing this, she understands that some messages she channels is similar to what she has learned herself. Now knowing so she is in an open, clear and embracing herself as a resource of many knowledge points tying together her audience and personal integrity.

Now focusing back to the message about speaking of your heart you may know all too well that fear of speaking up when it matters most. It is that fear of allowing yourself to fall in love with your self expression instead of shunning it because it was in the way of someone else’s woundedness that reflected a misunderstanding within.

Don’t pressurize the beautiful being who you are waiting to come home to and don’t deny yourself of the love that you are withholding from within yourself. People love you for who you are. People want to know you really well but it is so much easier to wait and see who should break the vow of silence first and then it becomes so lost, difficult and misaligned because you are denying yourself of your sovereign greatness narrowing through all that fear which was there as a teacher of courage and that shall be the next teacher who is waiting for you as you leap into this quality’s class. Hence learning and class is the art of self mastery when one is willing as a master of self to understand the inner student and move forward with the wisdom.

So today be gentle and kind to yourself, know that when we come to visit you with guidance, it is simply to be a guide that is encouraging you to strengthen and maintain your light. Namaste.

Love from Kartuomi

Grace always your sovereign power in love and light.

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