The Starchild Returns

Dear One,

I am here and I love you. Indeed it is I Archangel Michael here with each one of you to share a message of guidance and love in the name of this sacred container called Keepers of the Rainbow Children. I am going to disclose with many of you who have a divine role as Keepers of these Enlightened Beings ready to bloom as lotus flowers at any given moment to pave the way for the future foundations and prayerful life ahead.

We are here with a garment of silver for each one of you which is embroidered with starlight so that you may not only be infused with the starseed energy allowing these children to feel at ‘home’ but also to reflect the outfit of those who embody their hope and saviourhood to the heart awakening key codes of planet Mother Gaia. Her heart is a purified sanctuary which through our detoxification shall truly emanate the healing that has become of her evolution for New Earth as a holder and keeper of her young souls.

Earth is a kindergarten for soul evolution and we see you as brave, brave warriors to come alongside these beings of growth and development at an unforseen scale of spiritual awakening of creating a new world. We would like you to ensure that peace for all so that this environment is one of heart’s manifestation where no fear is expressed, only acknowledged. Thank you for being the light.

We now place these silver starlight gowns over your physical vessel and feel that beaming stardom as the Kingdom of Heaven is infused into your essence transmuting all the places that have been deemed unworthy of love. The way forward with this glowing garment around you may it be one with your aura allowing your place on your Earth to be anchored with the galacticdom of your heart to be the young youthful souls you have been ever since the beginning of you yourself and I. You are light and you come with purity that never ceases to exist just as you are All That Is Who I AM, Beingness.

Be well, that is all from us today.

Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, the Galactic Federation of Light and Heaven on Earth placeholders together in Oneness.

Blessed be.

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