A New Merry Way

Dear One,

I am here and I love you very dearly. Beloved I am Lord Sainyat here from a galaxy long ago present with the race of humanity with great humour as I watch above the development full of excitement, awe and relief as we develop and turn into the future of new leaders as sovereign selves in this Earth trajectory. It is my great honour and pleasure to be connecting with you all at Uni-Souls.

During a time at Christmas merry blessings shoot forward an earnesty of great warmth from your heart to all as we collectively choose homeliness to embrace as a place of rest and relaxation. For many of you however, this time may be difficult to go through. Maybe you have lost a love one recently. Possibly you broke down apart a relationship that no longer serves and you go on to find your own merry, new way to celebrate Christmas. Some of you may be feeling lonely as you awaken to the time on the planet that stirs up subconscious understandings and ill feelings of the past which are on its way out to be cleansed.

Be at peace where you are and this includes the beautiful empathic nature of you who feel this collective woe as much as humanity chooses to be happy, you are also present with the unhealed wounded child watching over Christmas with unfulfilled needs and wants. So I am here with my jolly good ol “ho-ho-ho” and bless you as St. Nicholas joins me in this fatherly time of the sacred one above. Or you may see it as Source of no gender, it really is what resonates truest to your inner being for your own evolution.

I provide each one of you a beautiful Christmas hat as you are willing to accept or you can simply watch everyone celebrate around you if that doesn’t suit your style. The matter of fact is, we see your wants and needs from above and we bless you to see that all is possible as you allow that love, joy and freedom of self to flow through your life being the most joyful act of kindness to support this growing development of your soul. Know that I do love each and everyone of you, I hope you have felt my warmth embrace you in your presence with me here and now.

I am also with Mrs. Claus if you would prefer a maternal figure to help you through the Christmas hassle of the 3D paradigm by simply watching the lights shine and to hear her voice sing or play your most favourite songs that bring attraction of more Christ light in the external world to meet you as your released or flow state is here to receive and replenish with some egg nog or frothy soy drinks that brings hygge to you. We love you to your unique key codes and blueprints.

We would give you the moon but you already have the world and may our love allow that sense of protection as you let down your guard and mistrust of the human way to know that indeed you are here with Mother Gaia and she wants you to be happy, these seasonal greetings of December prepares you for the new solar cycle of earth’s revolution, and she also wears a Christmas hat in honour of her children’s innocence now and forevermore.

With that, have a jolly, merry day. The reindeers are never far away and we love you all the way.

Love, Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and Lord Sainyat

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