Godspark Doubt Free

Greetings dear One,

I am your sister Mary Magdalene on your journey of ascension beside the beloved Jesus of the Christ and Mother Mary also standing in solidarity with each one and all at this time. We have come this morning, day, evening to you in order to bring joy and hope along the busy Christmas time like never seen before. Not allowing doubts and desires to resurface after a long period of self understanding as of your human life will shed away all the things that you have been working on the inner planes all through 2020. We commend you for surviving and many are thriving through this period of global consciousness out in the open of external view. Be fooled not for there is deeper to go before our revolutionary upheaval of the old paradigm once and for all. No fighting is our policy though responsibility in our sovereignty is a must for all to truly appreciate this meaning of soul journeys and awakenings. We are all so proud of the inner trust you have cultivated over the months bringing home the power of light force in your daily routine. And sweet it is so that you have arrived to this Golden month ahead of your current understanding of what shall unfold even with all the predictions and prophecies long ago about NOW. We see this event as an intriguing time as much as you do to know how humanity will grow as a new species of Christ embodiment by the consciousness of love for all, even the illusory self that is dying away. Be one with that mighty Source within you as you close your eyes for the moment and simply allow the space around me now to dissolve away. Feeling the heightened awareness shoot high up above in magenta, gold and blue to fan out its rays of healing in all directions. Embolden the protection shield of light you cast upon your entire being by raising your vibration to light up and out within your body bringing along the fullness of your humanity merged with your human receptivity as divinity. Can you feel the love in this way and be at peace with the One Almighty Godspark that is you? You are that beautiful spark of light. And every fire starts with a spark. Never underestimate your leadership as a unique soul evolving on Earth contributing to the wholeness of global and universal consciousness. You are that savior of your own world. This flame is more than enough to erase all the illusions we as humanity have been living and are now just peeping out as a collective. Trust. Heal. Peace. With you always.

This has been Mary Magdalena beside me standing as Mother Mary and the Sisterhood of the Essenes with Jesus of the Christ too. Blessed be our mighty blossoms of the Stars. Holy. Holy. Holy. I am complete, deep bow.

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