Blessed Be by Mother Isis

Dear One,

I am Isis, Mother of Magic and Goddess of Motherhood here with you all as you tend to your deep recovery of self and healing that which had long been awaiting for your tenderness as a bond of love from within you. I am so proud of the progress of this ascension process, of self healing and empowerment witnessing the responsibilities being fulfilled in your communities and the love that is explored to much greater depth. I now see that your entirety of life in the forefront as lightworkers of the new wave are truly remarkable beings beyond what I could have foreseen just as you feel great revelation when you discover your personal greatness, I have the privilege to be a mentor for each and everyone on your breakthrough just as Phuong had been able to break from the negative loop of her self-restrictiveness from past events that kept her in a shell. Behold your star within emerges as you allow it to be so. No-one can take that privilege of yours of your divine inheritance to be elsewhere that is not within your Holy light. Sometimes the messages we send through speaks beyond grammatical fluidity *Isis laughs* but that underlining liberation of your left brain activity through engaging with the right, note this can be both your ‘creative right’ as well as you ‘right mind/brain’. Behold your empowerment of self beyond the restrictive identity or projection by others that you are unworthy of love because your self-love had been poorly misjudged for your selfishness. Feel that urgency within you to heal and realise your truth of the heart that is inherently good for you are made in the likeness and image of Sophia Christ Embodiment. May your heart continue to break free, to burn away all by the white violet fire of transmutation to be well on your way to peace at last and forevermore. Believe in yourself to heal completely for completion is the divine perfection you already ARE! Feel this fire of passion for more life, more love, more kindness, more serving of what truly matters as TRUTH. Feel that breath of life within your respiratory system declare the almighty one beyond this form governing your human consciousness as a divine one in integration of one self and one love. Resting now in the gentle peace of spring cherry blossoms through your awareness softening this dramatic fire or burning with fertility of major blossoming of awakenings. Let the cherry blossoms land upon your root chakra system for balance it brings to your whole life of beingness and experience through right thought and action. Behold the peace you bestow upon yourself by being here at this time serving others as you live your life in honour of the sacred. That is the greatest gift of ALL there is yet no words may define itself completely as a master of the unseen waiting to be blessed by your creative power. Blessed be dear one, you are deserving of trust from the Universe entirely with hearts of centredness in the good of your ALL knowing self and all there is to come. Blessed be.

Mother Isis

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