Ocean Within a Drop by Green Tara

Dear One,

This is Green Tara here with each one of you, thank-you very much for the kindness you share with others. For the healing work you work through on yourself you are tending to people from all of time space reality. We want you to be a karate kid in your approach to your rising capabilities. One who is wanting so much that you would turn dreams into reality. We see you as beautiful dear souls and without any discredit to who you feel and know you are, there is so much more. It is incredible what the vibrational reality you bring forward to others would do for the ocean of energy across all realms, dimensions and worlds and yet it all begins as a mountain is built by a grain of sand and soil. But that alone, grit alone, cannot change and transform without the acceptance of the greater force of air, fire, earth and water which not only creates but also shapes by sharpening away what is not of the intention. Clearing away the matter of infinity is like washing water with water. You may see any particles within to clear and dissolve into equilibrium but they are of the essence in its own right to expand and be defined by the entirety that has ebbed and flowed with the atoms being rearranged. One cannot stand as a divided being. There are times when we need to surrender to your own wholeness as with focus to only this particulate within the ocean, we would be forgetting the ecosystem that gives it purpose and meaning.

Sometimes there are cracks and leaks within the Universe but what is it really a crack or a leak of other than our perception of what is and what isn’t? See duality is not a matter of opposites but a compartmentalization and omission, a restrictive fencing for your conceptual thinking – ‘your’ as in the human paradigm that is dissolving away. It takes courage to break free from what one has always known but it takes disastrous tsunamis of destruction when it comes on for too long as a complex of confusion without trust. Complex PTSD, note Phuong is not a doctor and so please do not hold her responsible for any medical credibility of your own interpretation about such – but what I do wish to present to you is the energy that this complexity is that if we simply relax into our beingness, energy would be resourced rather than constricted allowing Divine solutions to fall fresh upon your mind as the source energy blesses you time and time again. Be free beloved being of truth, you are beyond great for there is no word that would move beyond a concept of how you feel as the Godspark or the thunder bolt of Heaven that you are. I am complete. Thank you dearest, I now retreat.

Green Tara

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