Dove of Peace by Sanat Kumara

Dear One,

I am Lord Sanat Kumara here with each one of you at Unified Souls. It is my big pleasure to fulfill the void of your sensitivities with resistance free service of your own personal soul power and purpose. What wonder there is to obey the power of the One I AM within you sourcing power from your heart centre such like a diamond clear cut with intentfulness in each moment of love. What wonder it is to be here beside you on your journey of peacefulness and beloved I am here with the divine in my heart to share peace for all and the One almighty source we are all a part of.

One day your will power is being called forth beyond the horizon of your current understanding as you are being called forth into warriorship of Shamballah. What wonder will peace of your mind be as your end of days is really only a relinquishment of who you have pretended to be for so long yearning for seemingly mire oaths or vows of poverty to an unclear authority. Would you rather now turn inward to source your personal power as a light bearer for society from your sovereign power? Or will you sit with the eastern sun as you cry for no more than your pain of being held back in your yearn to call home your path of enlightenment and desire to unleash the roaring tide of divine expression? Beloved one, peace is with you as you cry all your tears out from the viewpoint of this setting sun world. Release yourself from Self denial of the wildflower that you have been wanting to fully feel. Release yourself from the overseeing Divine Mother/Father gazing upon you anticipating of your return of power in their love for you as you – a fine creator and creation too. Beloved we are always opening up our heart, mind, body and spirit for you to feel free of the restrictive lifestyle that need not be the way of your approach to enlightenment full of power play when truly choice is always on your team in this ball game between your self and Higher self. Play your game according to the rules of your heart and know that it is one of fairness, fandom and fate of positive thinking in your playfulness of innocence deep within never ceasing its glow of motivation. Dearly beloved we have hoped this message has brought you clarity from doubts you may be having very strongly at this moment in time for you are being called forth to show up bigger and better than ever before beyond the life you knew about from your Earth studies under the veil of consciousness. Dear child, beloved grace of light and love, I Sanat Kumara pray for your assertion to remove all vows of impoverished living and set free your heart’s desire to be free like a dove of peace that is one with the white light of this Holy fire within you. I am now complete. Thank-you.

Sanat Kumara

2 thoughts on “Dove of Peace by Sanat Kumara

    • Thank you powellx2outlookcom ❤️ for all your kind comments. I am glad you enjoyed the message. Sanat Kumara came through strongly, speaking as he looked out to the distance from the shore much like the one in the featured image.


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