Ascension Update for 2021 by Archangel Michael and Kuthumi

Dearest One,

I am Lord Kuthumi speaking to this collective at Unified Souls as we gather our people of the Shamballah remembrance to go after our passion and dreams of our soul since the beginning of time being that of serving the greater creation. I want to thank you for being here for me to deliver this message through Phuong for you to be provided guidance and assistance on your soul journey as we enter a new month of January not too long now. A new beginning of peace shall for now be incubated and stored for relinquishment of weeds, weapons, and forces of destruction for what is no longer serving to the Holy Communion within and without. Sometimes they can be all too serious and there will be times where your emotional trauma had been minimized to a rate of which you don’t realise you are being tortured every single moment of your life. As much as I for one would like to speak about the result of birthing a Golden Age, I must confess my love for all who are without validation for what inner conflict is racketing from inside out from your Holy Spirit to wake us all up to answer the call of realism transcendent of realisations in fear consciousness but of surrender into love. I for now would like to thank you all for being the light warriors during this inner battle for the light and ultimately, know that we are all after the One, the only love that will sustain a whole Universe and make up all of us. It is my honour to be of service to you all and I now step back for Archangel Michael to step forward now.

Dear Ones,

I am Archangel Michael and have an announcement to make about 2021. Please be seated in a comfortable, relaxed position as you will be receiving an activation and replenishment of your energetic body as you tune into the frequencies around you now if you so choose to receive these light codes. I want to firstly congratulate you all of a big success for traversing through the great time of initiation on the planet as each one of you had chosen to wake up to the truth of your divinity in ways you would have never wondered upon and yet you find yourself in the unique position you are in having surrendered fully now to the workings of the Universe which is for you and humanity on your team always. It takes time now to build over the towers and structures of spiritual technology that you had once known of your temples of consciousness for the wellbeing of an entire human race. But now it is time to allow your spiritual musculature to flex and lift off the burdens you have trained very hard from to realise and remember that all that is required for your strength in training is the beauty of your presence and awakeness upon the planet thriving on behalf of your humankind so that they may too choose to follow upon your path until they are able to travel their own. For the current state of the world is confusion lost and unbound by the grace that they yearn to receive once more but have forgotten in their hopelessness of love and true kindness in their vibrational realities. Be brave, my love in being confident in your heart, mind, body and Holy Spirit to a state of being that will not let your consciousness back down with defeat and distaste in the places you have not wanted to go to in order to know how bright your light shines. Use your throat chakra and speak the truth for the world wants to be heard with someone who cares about humanity such as you. I want you to know that I as Archangel Michael has served as a world leader in lightworker ascension processes along with the keycode species to be looked after during their darkest of times to raise in vibrations for eternal youth of time. For that is the world we know about with expansive consciousness that allows for growth and cares for all areas of hurt, pain and suffering.

So far now my darlings. I hope through knowing how needed you are at this time in honouring your soul purpose and mission whatever may have been planned before you arrived (back) on Earth. I hope to empower you more with this beautiful crown of ascension placed upon your head. Feel and see the divine light from your earthliness of your human journey recharge in inspiration, Christhood and empowerment of love to strike a chord with the heavens that clouds perceived are now shifted respectfully out of the field of light that now reaches down like that of God’s grace and gentle touch to tap on this crown blessing it with the love that will remind you of your soul integrity in being here at this time while all that seems to have been lost is now becoming possible in your cognition to recreate or move along to a new place for Earth to keep living as you live for Earth and vice versa. Thank you for being alive at this time oh radiant one. We are now complete in our transmission of light and notice how there is no going back as you have raised your level of consciousness to a higher state of mind as Christ embodiments during this winter solstice approaching the first and second coming of Christ in your Holy form healing all your journey right here and right now refreshed to a new day. And so it is. Feel now this light ground and integrate into the earth through your body out of your feet and directly surrounding the Earth core that of Source of light and love for self awareness of creation.

Archangel Michael and Kuthumi, here for you all with love.

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