Play With Source All Day by Sanat Kumara

Dear One,

I am Lord Sanat Kumara here for you now as I am prospecting a wonderful year ahead for humanity and I wish to be of service to your soul evolution as you become more highly attuned to the cosmic forces moving and delivering love, peace, prosperity and joy throughout your daily life. It has been quite some time that we as your Team of the Highest Light wish to bestow upon you the truth of your divine light to operate in all aspects of life for it is now your time to shine for you are the guardians of the galaxy as you take care of the Star Children who are our bright future in human consciousness. We are pleased with the amount of community that has unified love bonds throughout the Earth and in particular we thank your contribution of light and love as you are willing to share your pride in human nature that is not all as dull and torn apart as you have been made to believe. It is wonderful to be a human being and to witness this essential evolutionary state for our ascension of planet Gaia, we have always been faithful and excited to be with humanity in the developmental stages on Earth. I Sanat Kumara am pleased to show you a vision across the veil where a city of light and waterfalls await the inhabitance of an Enlightened Society. You may see that there are elemental beings tending to the landscapes and fairies sending rains of sparkle throughout the land as Avalon, the land of femininehood in our appreciation of nature on Earth is welcoming you to visit these fields in meditation. This has been where we have always belonged and always have carried in our hearts with a wanting of greater realms of magic in our lives living as One with the Source light. Humanity has come far to a point in time where it is safe to be ourselves for a greater consciousness to embrace these realms of magic and play. For you are not here to work and play is not an act of irresponsibility. It is required that we learn to appreciate the dedication of energy we provide in service to the world around and within that it be aligned to our soul purpose, passion and perspective.

I Sanat Kumara am now looking forward to how you choose to explore your world in self discovery knowing that you are utterly magical in nature for it now brings great flow into your evolutionary process. I am now complete.

Sanat Kumara

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