Rainbow Heart Song by Great White Brotherhood

Dear One,

I am here and I love you. Thank you for bringing me through so that I could extend my love from the last message I [Sanat Kumara] have transmitted through to you. We are as the Great White Brotherhood would love to share our love in the communion of world wisdom in such a manner that Earth is able to mature with as little ruckus as possible. Although note that what we see in Heaven/Higher realms may not be the same to you as you define ruckus. Nonetheless, we always honour the uniqueness of the human experience in developing a sense of reality out of the illusions that have been projected unto the people from long, long ago. Now it is time to embrace that joyous radiance within your heart in its protection of your divinity with white light cuddling your energetic system at this time. Feel the brotherly love that sparkles with a diamond frequency that awakens you to the strength and the softness of the unified rainbow light. See now the rainbow heart as your emotions, thoughts and feelings refract, shine and sing their heart song of great purpose in each wavelength, in each loving feature of this unification of soul as a symphony. We are there with you through all hardship and any celebration to share our loving support and frequency of our soft strength for you to carry our heart song within your loving embrace for life as we too celebrate our life alongside your aliveness. Passion is to be enlivened with your true colours in living that authentic purpose of your soul agreement at this time. Beyond is a limitless bountiful area of creative potential. I applaud you for being willing to reach forward and run wild in the endless possibilities of truly fulfilling your heart and holding your destiny with your palms to remind you of the map within your heart as we interact with Earth’s eco-ascension.

We are now complete.

The Great White Brotherhood

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