Hearts Break Open by Miriam

Dear One,

We are here and we love you. Thank you for moving forward in life wherever there may be heartfelt relationship that no longer resonate you choose to leave behind. Thank-you for the mannerism of self worthiness so that all may prosper in the name of their own divinity. It is without a doubt that earth is shifting and so are the humans in co-existence as part of the Earth. We want to assure you all that any changes that have overcome you with emotion at this time is to be surrendered for the sake of heaven on earth for ALL. We are but one and we are many in expression of this ALL for one to be self realized interdependently. It is gracious to truly understand true love for the benefit of all. For true love is the pure consciousness of All-That-Is which is love beyond the mind, beyond understanding. To be truthful to oneself, one must not lie to others and this could mean we leave behind vibrational mismatch as enjoyable as it has been to connect with these delightful beings of love and light. We evolve and cast away any stagnation for it takes two to tango and with any heartbreak that comes, let it be this inspiring evidence of love that had once been there and how your heart is opening even wider having fully felt what it is that you have experienced enjoying one another’s presence.

Together we are always connected, even with those who are ostracized from public communities. And even the ones who need our help most in the realms of unity consciousness feeling separated from God in the mind for so long and do not know how they shall return. Peace is within you all. This stability of our heart, mind, body and spirit is to be felt fully so that we can say it is our consciousness experiencing the consciousness that which we seek to explore and integrate in self awareness.

Together we can build a new world order in embracing humanity, our own humanity, in our Christed consciousness to embody by example, of Source extension, our Christed soul as a unified soul as below so above.

We are one and we are many. Love is all that we have got and there is plenty. Wish upon not to seek outside for you within your Christed self arise.

We are now complete.

Miriam of the Order of Magdalene

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