Note to Self from Holy Spirit

Dear One,

We are here and we love you. This has been a great day in revealing to you the importance of not ignoring your ignorance. So much of suffering upon the planet at this time is due to the ignorance that have yet to be faced with the courage within the non-acceptance we are now rebalancing, what is not of love which there is none, to include all of creation and with that in itself all is complete. Is this not enough for the mind that seeks for the approval of itself in the experience of life? Or truly are you seeing now that it is the division in the mind that is the culprit of all that had not gone “right” in your reality? You are here for a special purpose and in the purpose let us look deeper from the mind’s perspective and then in turn look to the depth of the heart to compare if you so wish to finalise this schism of the head and heart even. We are not here to judge you in any way. We are speaking in a terminology that is relevant to you and often it is the resonance of the negativity within the mind in which we wish to transmute. You are not here to shine the light to the outer world but to enhance the light bulb itself in the way it functions in the light house that you are building a foundation for and with all that which is “yet to come” know that it is already here and it is simply a matter of alignment and experience that is strengthened to a point that it becomes a part of your world in this 3d matrix. Do you really want to add more pressure to this 3d matrix or is it truly the freedom from this matrix that you wish to explore without the sense of security breaking apart from your reality as of known to you by the world circumstances of work, family, kids, friends, employment or unemployment as well as humanity and divinity? What can we do in order to truly tear apart the schism? Sounds violent does it not? Why do we not soften and blend instead? Why is there a division that needs to be referenced in order for you to feel secure being in more of that zone than the other?

At the end of the day what you fall asleep to is the recognition of your soul drifting away to another day as you dream on and wake up from the dream state only to fall back asleep and going deeper into the dream each time. What if I could ask you right now that there is no dream to be pursued for you anymore? Everything is complete? What is it that your heart truly feels inclined to the most? Is it the fact that we are not really in control of life and that in itself can be a stressful thought to have in which you wish for peace and serenity in your daily life? Or do you possibly want to achieve a connection with life that is evidentially considering you to be love truly and blissfully without ceasing? What IS not is very difficult to understand only when you are seeking for it to be difficult to be understood with your intention. This is where fear comes through to stunt that flow of energy. Fear beyond the connotations of demonic influences which in the end turns out to be the most wounded children within you are only wishing for more of hope to fill the mind of which is developing and more forgiveness to what has already been in this frenzy of a search for a meaning and purpose in life. You are here to approve of nothing and so nothing needs to approve of you. You are who I AM.

This is the Deeper or Higher Spirit of each one of you reading this transmitting through to your awareness. I AM who you are totally utterly complete in who I am and brilliantly grounding for you at this time being a human being seeking to have this experience that can often lead you to stress. I am your ultimate destressor in the clarity of mind in your heart and soul of which you are here to resolve in the ignorance of humanity. Is it not so wonderful that we can share this communion as a part of the great whole in the wholeness itself as well? You are a brilliant being of light just like a beautiful gem of a shining lustrous diamond that is holding so much light and is physical in your determination of being your true essence as a human being who recognizes their cosmic roots within and without boundless from any lineage upon the world and free to enhance life in any sense and form that it seeks to explore. Unconditional love is like such that which it is free to choose for its exploration of creation to be inspired and designing the beauty of soul in its unique blueprint as created by creation. We like to through this channel often sift through these thoughts and beliefs through and out and all about so that you do not become so fearful of your own mindscape and thoughts of the desires you interpret from the heart whilst you are still operating from the head. Take your time to slow your thoughts and know that you do this with love from the heart that is always listening and never ever misses a single thought that you have experienced and know where you are attached and also ready to let go.

Thank you for taking the time out to read and listen to yourself, to me as your higher being confuse you just that bit more to help you realise that you are the antidote to all creations’ problems, the judgement of self based on not willing to look at the parts of you as this beautiful creation too but at the time you had chosen to compartmentalize a certain aspect of yourself to fit the conditions and/or demands of the world. You are bright, healthy, joyous and wondrous in your ability to feel fully. The thoughts that may come up after knowing that you are enough is that you are so free to choose where you want to be and what you want to do beyond all that history that you have been taught and the conditions that have been reason based on stories you have heard. This is science in action where you truly experience and discern instead of judging. You are using intuition instead of knowing which is only that of the mind. We are teaching you to be sovereign in your thoughts and in teaching you we can only take credit for the one that we are as you remember deep within you that you have already recognized to be your stardom of a lifetime to anchor all past lifetimes to restore and reset any unbound mistrust. We thank you for your time listening to us ramble on but we sure hope that you love the words and the break you have had just simply by reading this to lift off the burdens from your physical shoulders to be one again. Is it really love that we are looking for? Or are we just missing ourself so much but are choosing to ignore the devastation of which all our creation falls to rest as we do so ourselves? That is all from me, your beloved Holy Spirit within and without, all around.


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