Through the Void Meditation from Mother Mary

Dear One,

I am Mother Mary speaking with each one of you reading this at this time. Thank you for the warmth that you bring to the world in the way that you are preparing a great foundation for the young ones of the world to fully integrate the shining ones of the future in humanity’s ascension. We are here and yes we are complete in the way of God in adhering to the perfectionism of synchronicity and kindness in the world but what we do ask is that you could enjoy more of what you are working towards by being fully aware of the true nature that resides within you to peacefully adjust to the tomorrow’s beginnings ahead of time. You are always working so hard on yourself and never have you taken the time to just be in a long while. I am not asking for you to excuse any laziness as a form of self pity in which humanity has been programmed to rest in but rather I am here to allow you to be reminded of your own somatic experience in the pleasure of life where you rest in peace to literally experience the restfulness that is before you in the awakening of which you have evolved over aeons or rather restore the missing gap of which there was conflict in the universe in order to understand that it is indeed here that you rest right where you are. This is the awakening where you make sure no one is accepted in your auric field other than truth, wisdom, allowing for all distortion and resolve to uncover and unfold so you may awaken more fully as you the channel of lights for the world. I sometimes notice that you are not always attuned to your own vibration in the thoughts of feeling not of yourself. But let me assure you that with any work that is conducted within the grace and adoration of life for you kind spirit it is perfect in absolution. It is amazing how simple it all is that we tend to not look any deeper into the eternal simplicity of life and know that all is not of love when it is not in alignment with separation consciousness. Sometimes it takes a fall before you can stand up and be yourself because only then will you appreciate and value that peacefulness of being who you are as I AM. We often through this channel speak of the ways to reside in your sovereignty without any conditions and in such way of a lifestyle you are indeed priming yourself to self love where you then transmute the self as love itself. It is not a matter of wording but the level of increasing depth within you as you speak and honour your truth in light formlessness. Making sense is not always necessary when it comes to understanding true nature. Order and chaos are part of the aspects from a similar coin to the yin and yang energies whereby earth is heavenscent and heaven is learning so much from the people of earth as well as the nations above watching over this planetary trajectory. Judgement may hurt when you let it but rest assured there is healing capability in all parts of the universe whereby forgiveness becomes then unnecessary because we are all doing the best we are in each and every moment in the process of evolution. Today I will organize the thoughts of which you are allowing me to transmute on your behalf. When was the last time that you have felt unseen or unexplored? Let me take you by the hand and let us go deeper into this scene of which you have felt unseen. Let me explore the explorer of which you explore as the universe within and without. Sometimes it takes this repetition in the holy trinity to reach that height and level of which you want to overcome a fear and as of this channel many doubts have taken place so bear with us dear ones of the imposter syndrome that you are exactly what you are looking for and what you want wants you as much. Now standing in this void of an ovum in which you were first being prepared in the divine feminine Christ leadership, I want you to feel the delicateness of the cellular membrane around you and how your energy is being exchanged from within and without of the cellular membrane and the world that is communicating with you in all forms and directions. Feel that light that you are as awareness is this egg of which you bega(i)n to be the holy dark womb of the no-thing itself. I want you to escape into the void from the world known and unknown fearlessly only to dive deeper into the darkness with your own free will and light at that. Now deeper and deeper you go, I AM Mother Mary keeping you safe as you flow deeper within your own being in the original cell of which you were birthed into form as a Christed being. Now here we have arrived at an inner temple of which you are being greeted by the great masters of whom are ready to lead you to home on the planning table of which you have made plans in your journey onto earth or Mother Gaia’s grace shall we call it in this conscious state. Very good. Now I want you to walk up the staircase that you are seeing with the ascended masters standing beside you and yes it looks very dark and gloomy but you know you are safe with the grace of your divine cell housing you as the sanctuary you have had familiarity with since the new earth age had begun to spiral awaken a whole race of cells just like you. Notice how you are formlessness in awareness and that this formlessness is able to house much light without needing to be anything else but this light. Okay now I would like you as you have reached to the edge of the staircase standing in the dark hall of faith now leap off the edge and fall down deep into the void of no-thing. You are now having taken the brave step of losing your mind in comprehending the depth of which you are safe to explore and are now free falling into the light sky all around you. You may see yourself spread out with webbed light across each limb to stabilize the void of which you explore. Now flying across to the other end of the spectrum from which you are exploring the dark void you now see an inner temple again off the distance of which looks similar to the one where you first met up with your team by now you are standing at the front of the entrance again and we want you as we applaud you to now take this trip again into the void or spaciousness shall we call it now into the light. You are now blinded by this light and that in itself may feel frightening in the intensity and power of which you are falling into but then you realise that the dark void was and has been much more comfortable to traverse through. You are now passing through all of the steps and stairs along your way but are now taking the shortcut in which you as light are travelling at the same speed for that is what you are. Now rest and relax in this ongoing state of stability in the light and intensity with a growing understanding of your trouble in truly appreciating who you are because to a level you have been accustomed to travels through the dark for aeons. All is love in its own divine expression but now can you fully feel the power of your light traversing through your awareness as love that is unforgivable for there is no right or wrong in each spectrum of the layers in consciousness that you alternate between. Dear child you have just now traveled through the access point of your zeropoint from the black hole to the star that resides within you as consciousness. You are so beautiful and it has been great for me to have been your beloved Mother Mary tour guiding you through the magical vistas of your beingness. I thank you and now we return to your daily life to explore that tapestry of the light and dark fields of consciousness in which works together in the totality of the yin and yang in order to truly heal you as this uncomplicated complex creature or creation creator being that you are. We love you so much. Mother Mary here now, Brave one, I AM now complete. Namaste.

Mother Mary, hearts to you.

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