Golden Keys of Love from the Order of Magdalena

Dear One,

We are here and we love you. We are the Order of the Magdalena coming to you this day to share a message of love, guidance, hope and wisdom in order to bestow upon the planet your will to bless and grace the Earth ascension with your much loved and requested light in service to Humanity at this time. It is all a play when we realise that with all that is happening upon your world all turns towards love and light in the end and it is this continual turning to the love and light that it may also be taken for granted as a fall back while you explore the items and focal points other than love within the illusion of humanity’s upbringing by the negative ETs which have ruled the planet and their time is now up. We do not want to scare you in any way but to know that these words can be received by you with love as well as delivered from love that would indeed again tie the concrete assurance of this love you sought after outside of yourself. You are able to find truth when you look outside the stations of reality and know that home is where you feel most welcome to be who you truly are. We often like to incorporate the Tonglen teachings within our transmissions so bear with us whenever you feel that the messages can be stirring of the wounded children within to reinforce the level of trust you have cultivated in assuring the many beings of development in love to know that you are safe and sound.

We would like to share a gift with you today bringing about joy in your existence cultivating foundations of truth, honesty, earnestness, love, protection and endurance for what truly matters. From the heart we place within your hearts a powerful key of life and light for you to hold. It is a precious gift of heaven reminding you that we are always welcome in the Kingdom or Queendom of God and Goddess. We just need to take full responsibility like when you were entrusted with holding onto your own keys as your independence became entrusted interdependently with those people within your home. These keys, although they have been given to you specifically, sometimes we might hold onto them very tightly as though it will be thrown away or stolen when an intruder of our hearts either as we let them in or they pressure you to take down your boundaries to keepsake in their bellies. Yes, indeed we are speaking of the ones who choose not to connect with their ability to flow from the heart but instead flow through life in the guilt that they carry and these keys that have been provided to them have seemed as they deemed themselves to be not enough as the Kingdom of Heaven was too far reaching at the stage of development they were in. Now you may be asking why we are sharing with you these stories about the reluctance to access the Golden Keys to your love and light to explore and play in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth but we also acknowledge the wider perspective in caring with love and healing to those children who have forgotten their way home to the heart of you and have their own set of keys without knowing where the door to integration is. I now shine a lantern on all of these inner children of your great beingness and may they all run home now with their adorable laughter of young children and smiles as radiant as the sun to flow towards the pillar of light that you are. Feel an internal hug from within you as you now connect up your lower three chakras of safety, pleasure and joy to love with your whole being in divine communion with the central sun of the heart within the Universe. Maypole chants and dances are floating ribbons from every inner child of you dancing around now as the grand key of conscious awareness in exploration of the forgotten and unknown for a while. We are loving the smile you have emanating from within out into the world as you too are the lantern of a key that shines so brightly to know that just by referring to these symbols you know that you can never be lost again. And that desire for you to explore the unknown and try new things becomes a wonder and awe of a self-parented child who then becomes your best of friend and family within you holding you up and cheering you on as we each go on our own journeys of ascension with the intricate tapestry of colourful ribbons that are woven together in a sheet that relaxes you as it wraps around your body. Feel the warmth of this homecoming for you have received more of who you are and may you feel love and joy exploring a new day under this beautiful palace of awareness and creativity. Blessed be. We are the Order of the Magdalenes. Much love now and forevermore. We are now complete.

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