Liberation by Self Acceptance by Ascended Masters, Jesus Christ and Melchizedek

Dear One,

I AM here and I love you. We are the collective of Ascended Masters coming to your aid on the human world of consciousness and delivery from your confusion as of the timeliness of this message with the Ascension of Jesus many thousands of years ago. I now step forward as Ascended Master Jesus who have come to speak specifically the time of now in the changing aura of Mother Gaia which indicates the activation of the Golden Age is very much alive inside the hearts of humanity. We thank you for your time dropping us a visit here at Unified Souls for it is a great time to be alive and to connect to the bridges of Heaven and Earth. It is a reality coming true for each and everyone of you with dreams that are about to come into fruition very, very easily simply with your intent of believing in oneself that I AM a Miracle and I AM God Consciousness in form who is able to share my light with the world in the aid of all who seek my guidance and assistance no matter where they are for separation consciousness is but an illusion. This is especially true in this time of cyberconnection which is manifested as the deliverance we speak of from the disasters of negative thinking and hopelessness of awe in the great divine intervention which only needed your invocation to take hold of your attention amidst all distractions in this old paradigm of crazy noise. Now today I want to try and express this joy for you to follow your heart in the resurrection of your own self as a creator of the divine creation that which you are serving with total sacredness of who you truly are. Dear One, I am in awe of your self healing powers for I see you as young souls upon the planet to become the Ascended Masters of all these future unfoldments of beauty and service to mankind, womankind and kindred spirit to speak their truth.

I AM here as Melchizedek grateful for your time of choosing to be here on the planet during awakening. There is no room now to carry all those old habits of keeping your true self evaded from the world. I am not speaking of you to go out and tell the word that you are light and love and word it in a way that is to be an example of humanity in its liberation from evil. Evil has been a time to shed light in the deep unconscious of which humanity is taking precaution now to be of discernment with their own choices and the world you as a collective want to create collectively together. I speak now of the truth in all your being as light and love which is expressed in many different ways beyond the conformity of religious doctrine however even such has been a blessing to have your awareness looking to heaven. I now though, would like you to place your hand over you heart and feel that Heaven is within you. Some of you may need some help with clearing the shackles around your beingness with your trust in who you truly are having been disconnected for so long. Others of you are feeling the bliss and Holiness of the love within you that takes up space in the world to hold the love for others to recognize their own self-worth and abundance to do the same. It is all in harmony with one another and there is no need to cry about all that you have grieved. Loss is but an illusion as we are eternal beings who are everchanging and are ever renewing the glory in consciousness of the oneness we have come to tend to as the Garden of Eden awakens again from your deep state of rest and fortitude in awareness of your Holy one even in amidst this slumber. Think of all this beauty that has been generated from a place of which you have grown out from. Think of the future that is available with all these explorations that you implore to try and have a go at life. Trauma bonding from the false parental programming to the reprogramming of self to be one’s own divine mother, divine father and divine inner child is breaking now to be refreshed with a joyous time in complete unity with oneself.

We thank you for this day of sharing the good news with us who is reading this message your ability to go and call home as the gratitude of life in awe of the shining ones who are having yet to come and reveal themselves in their complete, upgraded version of self in the human form as a new order of love and healing abilities abound before we dive into deep knowledge once more. Keep the vibration high and frequencies flowing with grace and ease. We thank you and are now complete in this message delivery today. Love, Melchizedek, Lord Jesus of the Christ and all Ascended Masters who are now here to assist you alongside your journey with even greater awe than we had once thought of who you shall become in this Enlightened society coming into fruition. Namaste.

One thought on “Liberation by Self Acceptance by Ascended Masters, Jesus Christ and Melchizedek

  1. This is beautiful and perfect for Easter!! Sorry I couldn’t comment, it has locked me out again.

    Happy Easter!!! ❤️❤️❤️


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