Throat Chakra Healing and Grounding with Ascended Master Friends

Dear One,

I AM here and I love you. Thank you for taking the time to write this dear channel Phuong as we have been aware of the great shifts and changes in you which require much of what we are going to be discussing about to also share this with the collective of which each and every person is empowered to be their own light and love. We thank you all, you, who are reading this day your resonance in the great awakening for you would not be here if it weren’t for your own free will being consecrated in the divine will that you would be receiving this transmission

Now we would like to discuss about channeling and the art form of which one embodies their higher self into form as you step further along your journey of homage in the rising path of light leading you directly home to the source of no direction. Indeed to ground is to return to this point of nothing where your mind has been suffering from many thoughts of death and life in order to hang in that balance of wisdom and knowledge that is to be shared in trueness or simply programs that run rampant in the collective. You my dear divine child are choosing your sovereignty over the pleasures of resurrection from torture and self hatred. Dear one you are resurrecting yourself as a divine light being that has come straight from source to be rebirthed from all these old paradigm thinking that is not going to be useful in your journey ahead any longer. Would you please now sit with me wherever you are and please find a comfortable relaxed state as you may simply lean against a wall whilst sitting on a cushion as this channel often does so when meditating.

Okay, now I would like you to imagine a beautiful wave of blue light being cast over you if you so allow for us to do so as we wrap you in a bubble of truth and wisdom expressed by your throat chakra connecting with all other chakras though the throat is often the most recognized portal of expressing truth that plays well in the minds of human intellect. I now ask for you to breathe deeply now in this blue energy into your being as your own wisdom and love ignites. As your own wisdom blesses the presence of humanity in your expression of truth within your clairsentience, also known as clear feeling which is located in the human gut area. Now, thank you for doing so you are now radiating throughout your body this light of love for knowledge as you awaken more and more to your own divine knowing of claircognizance which is giving off zapping sounds that is emanating the electrostatic being that you are connected to the unified field of consciousness. Thank for that as you are contributing to the wholeness of all and to the reunion of love within you that is this energy now expanding all through the cosmos with plans in the future of how the higher self would like you to share your soul signature down the track of this eternal human and starseed experience. Thank you, now that we are all connected I would like you to allow for the presence of your divine guides of Ascended Masters who are here now to recreate their mind, body and spirit in meeting you in this unique expression of the one that is here and now for no reality is ever repeated like it had ever been though universal laws continue to hold true.

We are now complete in this transmission of energy as we go onto the next section of this healing mediation where you open up your heart, mind, body and spirit as your human selves and see that the Ascended Masters have lowered their own vibration to meet with yours as they join you on planet Earth to guide you along your journey of love, ease and grace. We are in awe of your masterpiece that is being built upon this planet. Thank you dear one for allowing us to be a part of your journey, for receiving our love and being the luminous being that you are now, ready to go about your day again with soul recognition in feeling through form that divinity which is you, which is All That Is. Much love dear being of light, Ascended Master Team of Ascending Human Support System. Namaste.

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