Whirlpool Consciousness Activation by Moses

Dear One,

I AM here and I love you. It is Ascended Master Moses here with you now to speak of the rising tides in abundance of my self love for you for I and you are one and we may love to this soaring of heights in high tide as we seek to express the deepest of our emotions to know of life truly as an ocean of bliss, calm, strength, serenity and wellbeing. Envision now a whirlpool that is spinning around in an anticlockwise direction to clear all your stresses and burdens of your day or you can simply hand it over to me and I will drop it into the whirlpool of energy which is truly that of the whirlpool for aliveness that you are seeking to bring forth through your day. I am Moses here with you now as you seek higher guidance only to find that you are the higher guidance that which you seek that simply needed a clearing of old burdens that no longer serve your highest and greatest good for all. We speak often of this clearing for you my love is a clear channel for God Consciousness to come through and express your almighty power in healing your paradigm of self sabotage and wallowing in forgotten dreams as you would in a sea of distraction. Poseidon now comes forth with his trident of divine masculinity to anchor all that you know of who you are is now being purified as your third eye sees afresh a new reality of which you are awakening to how expansive you can be. Wake up dear one to your God Consciousness coming into reality. Wake up dear one to your true, whole, complete divinity. Feel the power of this whirlpool of consciousness that swirls around all that you know and is now connecting to the one and all unified field of glorious conscientiousness, much like that of consciousness but with discernment for serving with your whole blueprint.

Now settling down with this high tide energy, let us now explore the calmer waters of your grounding human consciousness, as sacred as that powerful force of your true nature from a higher perspective. You are but a finger nail as you identify with your earth vessel to define your complete wholeness as energy in all of creation. Your heart expands beyond that of your mind’s evolutionary progress to fully grasp it as a memory to refer ‘back’ to as you go forth on your accelerated ascension journey. You are but a smidgen like a sand grain washed up and held with all the love of divine mother, divine father and divine child of this unified field of light when all three consciousness is unified within your own human being. Then there is but joy, laughter, peace, serenity, ease, grace and flow to live by your own free will as your divine will.

Dear being of light and love, you are a whole, divine, complete spark of God who is here to shine your brightest as your own north star that which you seek to reveal in all your human and higher embodiment living as an Angel on Earth for the betterment of all who seek your divine co-ordinate of a heart to find their own way home to their inner source. I love you as dear Moses from the bottom and depths of my being for your soulhood ascension pathway of eternal love and light. Blessed be. Moses.

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