Rise Family Rise by Jesus of the Christ and Order of the Magdalena

Dear One,

I am here and I love you. I am Jesus of the Christ wanting to speak with you all a kind loving message from my heart to yours about the upcoming years ahead and what it may entail in an energetic sense.

It is not every day that Phuong, this channel, collects these specific information for the collective so it is also a challenge for her to accept what I am about to let you all know.

Phuong is a light warrior of the Order of Magdalena and is here to assist in the ascension of the Phoenix children who have returned to the planet one by one. Indeed we are birthing a golden age of miracles where these children of whom you as we are speaking to the collective of lightworkers known as Keepers of the Light will enjoy the procession of these beings as you yourself are preparing to lead these people. We love you in every way possible in order for you to truly love yourself as a sovereign being who need not be reliant on their greater self to do what is right within your heart you already know. We are with honour and gratitude ready for the Keepers of the Light to be with you in a way that is meant to be a sanctuary for these incoming descendents of your Earth.

These children do not need to be protected, they do not need to be raised or nurtured in the way it was necessary in the spiritual immaturity and with that, immaturity in all aspects of life, to be of the utmost concern. It is in being open hearted and open minded about what these children will bring through. We are now ready to heal the lightworkers in honouring themselves as spiritual beings who are fully awake from their slumber of just human identification or that being human is any less than divine.

Parenthood is a sensitive topic to discuss in a time of enslavement that was restricting the divine role of one who was supposed to uplift another outside of them as a sovereign being when sovereignty had not been fully grasped over aeons of subjugation. We now speak for the rise of humanity in your day that is lit up by your own spiritual team who is here to awaken you to your family of not only on earth but also to your cosmic heritage.

We are ready when you are to disclose ourself to your need and assistance to open the way to heaven on earth as you vibrate to that new reality which you thought was out of reach.

Together we are one and the light is bright no matter where in the creation of Mother/Father God you are truly looked after and simply, your goal on the planet is to focus your mind to that which you would like to experience in your joy, in your bliss, in your peace, in your love and more shall come to you as you focus your attention to receive so. Your mind is very powerful at this time in making decisions that will mark an entry point for light and love to fill up your divine vessel and literally hold a part of New Earth as energy co-creating such a reality.

Power up my family, you are here to be a wayshower for so much more than your own limited beliefs tell you should be. Knock it off and know who you are with pride as a child of the most high.

We love you, Jesus and the Order of Magdalena.

We are now complete.

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