Power of the Mind

Here we are in a Golden Age starting anew with exploration of the unknown as we gather our personal power to a world we forsee as one much healthier and less susceptible to the self sabotaging ways of the past. We leap forward in complete faith with love in our hearts opening a new paradigm as holders of the New Earth itself. We allow for the way of the world in the old paradigm to go through all of its closing processes as we come out of the Piscean Age and into the Aquarian Time on the planet with a wave of frequency for the betterment of non-dualism.

Beware of the times ahead this which will too have its closing chapter at some point but not with it being necessary to struggle and battle with old wounded thinking but one of greatness shedding the old to renew its energetic nature of divine intelligence. Sacred as can be we are living under the guise of the Pink Full Moon celebration as of late to be a portal of drunkenness creativity as we all sway to the high vibration of New Earth and love from the Ancient Ones returning home to the original divine plan of this planet to learn fully what their creation is intended for in a place of physical matter and extreme polarisation with a remembrance of the beginning and end as one.

We are living in the time of Aquarius free in its flow of your energetic vibration of high altitude yet grounded to the planet as a mountain grows in height and rises up to meet the heavens. You are a rising sun from the west as the time of the great eastern sun has set simultaneously. Here we begin a new era on the planet as wayshowers come to the forfront with torches lit up looking in the caves and caverns for those who have yet to know that the coast is now clear. The psychic war has been won. The children will reign in their throne of the full embodiment in their Christhood to be of creation contributing to the expansion of Earth Mother Gaia.

Looking after the land, we are now ready to conquer our fears of being apart from this remembrance of our own divine parent. Our mind is now sovereign and free of all potential hazards as we clear away the residue wave after wave. We have freed ourself but the play continues on in our mind like it was only yesterday that we have created that new beginning with hopelessness. Be brave my one and live your truth as a wayshower who lives in the moment, who dives deep into the abyss only to find you are full of life to explore the wonders of the primordial force of nature. Live now wild ones, for you are the ones to remind the children who are here and coming to be all they can be as you have learned of your Youniverse within.

Brave children, you were born free.

Love from the Ascended Masters of Gaia and Astral Travellors of New Earth. We are now complete.

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