Mother Gaia Speaks to Her Children

Dear One,

I AM here and I adore and love you from the depths of my being. This is Mother Gaia speaking to each one of you reading this, my darling earth children you have come a long way to reach this point of awakening to who you are and I love all the lessons and wisdom you have carried along in your pocket of knowledge throughout this journey. It is about time that I would finally introduce myself through this channel in honouring the starseeeds, the earthseeds and all in between as the One spirit of all. Mother Gaia I am here with you all to let you know and remind you that I am always watching over you no matter what is occurring on the planet today, I honour your free will to choose love or fear for what matters more than outcome to I as your Mother and guardian of the human collective for the divine plan of God Almighty I am studious of your evolution as my treasures. I would like to let you know today of my existence in thought form and in non-physical form of which we co-create a world of peace and harmony for all life as we learn of the unity in the diversity and the diversity within union.

I AM Mother Gaia Keeper of the Earth Children and I AM Alive and well as we all move forward now into a new realm of consciousness as of the precipice upon the planet has tilted towards collective ascension with more and more Guides, Angels, Deities, Visitors of Galactic Union and Elementals of Divine Nature to go forward on this journey with you in your fulfilment. There is still time to change and shift into a new reality of abundance, peace, harmony, love, warriorship in your day of accumulating all that had felt you have lost to now bless you in your graduation of 3D life into a new paradigm. As paradigm shifters you are, I am holding you each by my own hands in Spirit to guide to where you need to be in order to find synchronicities of your highest intended livelihood. I say livelihood because the one thing that you all, I see, are looking for is to increase your capacity of life upon this planet to evolve the soul. You are so loved in all that I witness you walking with your precious feet across this land to be a star in your own divine right and encouragement of the heavens since the beginning. All is not lost my dear children you are regaining purpose, power and passion as power is being returned to each sovereign being stepping into spiritual awakening mastery. You have all gone through the motions of all inhabitants of this planet along with myself break open a new portal to walk through now into a starlit opportunity for you to reclaim your royalty as son and daughter of the highest.

I am now complete in my connection with you being established once more on a subconscious AND conscious level. You are loved dear one. Feel not unworthy of all the good that is inherited to you since the beginning of your own soul being created and now expressed as form with me.

Mother Gaia loves you from the core. Blessings all my dearest children.

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