Unconventional Healing Message


Trends exist in spirituality as it becomes more apparent in our awareness, thoughts forms are created and we must be careful not to let this hinder our dynamic journey of the soul. We are all sovereign beings, responsible for discerning our own realities. There is no order higher than the divine and you are that divinity itself casting out the things you want and do not want in your life.

Do not be misled by sweets words which is heart-warming for a moment but can only be present temporarily for you are the heat and fire of a soul that blazes out into the world through your heart. To a point of sanity where nothing bothers you anymore as full acceptance of what is and a realisation of what power you have to live and be free in your right as a divine being, you have adjusted yourself to a freedom consciousness.

The rest is experimentation, playing with duality as a program we have chosen as a collective to now transmute as we have longed for the spaces in between that is reminding us of the dynamic free flowing nature of freedom. Structure is purposeful, structure guides us and it accelerates a direction of energy to flow towards that which we intend to manifest. It is a part of the all and all cannot be excluded from all. That is love.

The pain we feel in this human experience is a game of sensation which we want less of in order to move forward where we want to be with our own game of intention, creation and manifestation. Conventionality is then a guidance and not the be all, end all.

This is universal law, a dynamic, non-rigid guideline for us all to strive and free ourselves into the fulfilment of our intention. The rigidity of which we have associated with the word law based on our understanding of duality upon the planet is fixed in ideas of what we want and do not want.

We have not been wanted to remember our dynamic nature and so the structures hold us down instead of allying with our heart’s channelled energy. This is the divine truth of our fluidity in genderism and sacred sexuality, a free flowing process of evolution. Any static state is an appreciation of what has been which we preserve with continued focus and energy. But it need not worry us to know and remember that all things renew themselves as energy continues to transform.

Energy continues to be itself no matter what condition is has wedged itself into. All is a hologram that is much lighter as you do know this. You are a creative being. Semantics do not replace the wisdom of your heart which speaks of vibration beyond what can be voiced through your voice of human understanding. Divine knowing exists within you that is unheard of but still in the silence that calms you during meditation.

Break free of your mental prison from finding what is already within you and beating yourself up when you are not satisfied with the world or circumstance you have focused your intention towards. This is forgiveness.

All is truly well. Judgement is only temporary. Peace can be found in the stillness.

One thought on “Unconventional Healing Message

  1. Wonderful and inspiring!! And yes discernment is so important as is our ability to view perceived reality from the many perspectives offered to us. Not allowing distortions of that reality to quench the fire within! All beautiful thank you!!


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