Jesus Wants to Connect

Credits to the rightful owner of the Jesus Christ Sacred Heart art, I do not own this image

Dear One,

I AM here and I love you. Thank you for clicking on this post as of the modern times we would like to fully address the power of technology to form a unified field of consciousness that is much more tangible than it is intangible. Of course, being able to ascend, we vibrate at a higher level. We execute our manifestations at a greater pace and live to truly see the power of eternal love no matter how far and wide the world must seem to be illusory display of our presence and limited by time and space.

You are the divine I AM all that is as I AM you who art in heaven as on Earth. I Jesus of the Christ come forward today in order to address social media and online technology as an advancement of our human evolution thus far for which can go on even further if we would like it be. With that, your discernment of truth is being called forth to be exercised in a way that serves the wholeness you seek within you. Deep it may seem that I would carry so much light forward into the arena of social media enterprises to connect with you but I have no limit to how far and wide my love could reach you to know that you are ascending, that you are safe no matter which crack or crevasse you may hide yourself. You are a participant as you are on earth during this ascension process happening all around the galaxy as we evolve in oneness. The gem of focus at the moment is dear beloved Mother Gaia in her healing grace of the new Era of Children as Phuong, this channel, likes to call it in her expertise of reprogramming the subconscious mind developed earlier on during childhood in the beta stages of development which downgrade in frequency as traumas occur in their next phases in life.

I want you to know though, that social media in its ability to hold steadfast your attention throughout the day is a coping mechanism for you to heal these internal, unseen, wounds that have formed and have been programmed into each one of you whether consciously or unconsciously your support system as a divine parent to your own inner child which you forgot the responsibility of as you entered this dense matrix of the human world.

I want you to know that all that you have set your intentions for will manifest. But it is now time to grow and bloom into the divine adults as sovereign, powerful lightworkers, earthseeds, starseeds to return home now to the divine I AM connection you have missed and longed for. Cry if you must to return to this peaceful place, do what you must to feel worthy of your own love that has always been in your heart under these layers of falsehoods you have carried.

Beckon your family and friends to come along to your own community of light that is within your heart as you recognise this truth you hold in all of its peace and serenity.

With all that love you hold in your home within your heart, I ask that you step forward into your power now, first wave and second wave. You, darling earthseed are a part of the ascending souls collective too, you darling starseed belong in the family of Gaia and we acknowledge and thank-you for your services. Live in harmony and peace with all the indifferences transmuted to balance this scale of duality we wish to smoothen so you may once more express your whole heart in humanity’s time to be alive and ignited in their holy fire.

Dearest One – you are loved beyond measure. I am now complete, Lord Jesus of the Christ.

Amen, Amen, Amen

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