Kali Yuga Cycle Ends by Great White Brotherhood

Dear One,

We are the Great White Brotherhood here to assist you in healing the collective toxicity in our spiritual concepts that are now outdated and in need of an upgrade. I would like to say thank you to all the lightworkers who have stepped into their power and that includes you who have stepped into deeper states of suffering on behalf of humanity in order to discover and be the light of which you have come to be. Do not worry about the stress and the strife that is still playing out, choose to head into warmer waters in this ascension process as you become healthy and heal all the scars and scathings from which you have traversed the matrix in order to pave a path for the ones ready to follow in your footsteps and become their own heroes. Servicemen and servicewomen of the planet, it is now time to be free of the old paradigm where we have schismatically separated the divine feminine and divine masculine energy to now allow oneself to relax into the union of both energies in the order of twin rays where we have learned to balance the two energies in order to understand it while the dualistic nature of this planet is still playing out for us to study it for our next plan of creative projects in the Universe.

We live in a great time of learning, inspiration, healing and beyond that which we have thought we were or were not capable of, we love that we are seeing more of the collective stand up in their own sovereignty to do what they love and love what they do. The struggles are there for a reason, for you have looked to find a way to hurt yourself for so long that it has become a pattern which may or may not be holding you as victims to circumstance. Dear one, please note that this is not the case for many of you who are reading this who are aware that you have travelled this path in order to do the very thing that you had feared the most as you have begun this journey. Do not regret all that has passed and played out as it was the possibility that have unfolded for you to observe your true needs, desires and relationships which serve you in your higher, greater vision. Time to forgive it all and lay to rest the old dark age. Humanity has completed a grand cycle of the Kali Yuga and we are ready to advance forward which will call forth even more light and love to spread in the name of Shamballah’s return to the surface world for Earth have always been Golden.

We end this transmission today which our expression of love towards all your creative art and study projects in your daily lives of discovering more about your humanness and divinity. It is great and fun, utterly to be the divine in human form embracing God as the beauty of your soul is being reflected back to you. We are now complete.

Great White Brotherhood and the Order of Magdalenas featured in our Tonglen blessings

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