Reassurance of a Developing High Vibrational Planet by Archangel Phanuel

Dear One,

I am Archangel Phanuel speaking at this time. Thank you for coming across this article as guided by your own higher self. Thank you for being here on this planet at this time as we reawaken to the true light and love that we are deep within. We are in awe of the progress of this collective beyond our imagination as we could not forsee how your free will would unfold in the way that it has been decided by your conviction to your day to day life. We see you from the heavens above with the spark of tears in our eyes as we see you struggle to realise the love you have available to you when times get hard and wish for no longer do we settle for less in order to fit with an old paradigm that each of you have outgrown. Be the star beings that you were born to be and shine brightly without holding back from the visibility of your soul across all programming of it being a barrier from you and divinity. We are all one in that we are able to feel one another’s true divine nature as we tune in to our emotions, thoughts, behaviours, awakenings, processes, experiences as energetic beings who have thought their capabilities are limited by false laws of a patriarchical system that is divided against itself in the deep contractions of skewed energy from the source consciousness. Yes, you are all still here reading this as we bring you home into the divine order of which is here to serve you with love and inspiration coming from the divine mother and divine father themselves through your heart portal. Hence why it is over that essence we come into the realisation of the great help available to us as this greater force when it is ‘too’ revealing when we realise we have lived away from home and have conducted ourselves in ways we may not be proud of. Divine one, we are always, always, always proud of all that you do as you give life a go in the experimentation of the divine creature you know yourself to be but are seeking to express more fully and expansively in this world of matter, contrast and even deception. We come forward today in the inspiring frequencies of 852 Hz in helping you to ease your mind and lower your anxiety with great power to open up your heart in trust of the Sophia Codex in Divine Christed Feminine embodiment as anchored on this planet by Kaia Ra sweet channelor. We bring forward a garment of hope as this has been devoid from your long journey of weariness to the destruction of the old paradigm unsure of whether we can pull off divine love again in the next paradigm an upgrade to our spirit and an unburdening of the reversed hanged man energy of tarot now.

We see humanity to be a race of divine intelligence, purity of heart, fairytale in their envisioning, inner child of wonder and awe, resilience of divine masters of matter. We see you as one of us, there is no division. We see you with love and earnestly wish for you to recognise and claim your gifts that are at your disposal like that of an art class where you are able to create whatever you choose. Now with the scientists in the class room, we greatly appreciate the divine consciousness you are bringing to the forefront of humanity as you awaken and take the time to study the materials from which we investigate the Godly features of physics and chemistry in this order of life as biology. With grace and divine love we bless all occupations on the planet whether it be balancing more of the divine feminine or the divine masculine, left brain or right brained may we all find inner wellbeing with the love of our Godspark wanting to connect with greater inspiration through the love of this life during these ascension times. We still find ourselves wondering about how it will turn out, continude on this journey of self mastery, continue on this adventure of transformation in the densities of energy.

Life is a wondrous adventure and the overwhelm is when we are unable to recognise our divine order commanded in our sense of being. We believe we have no control or are out of control when we feel that what we want cannot be achieved and this brings us away from thought of the infinite in any given moment. Now to the left brained adventure that seeks to incorporate more of divine love into your life, structure is imminent as we open our minds to the great oneness in adversity within diversity. Rest assured brave ones there is no right or wrong, only oneness that liberates your beingness to trust in your open-mindedness to see beyond the veil to live without needing to know everything because you have clear vision in the moment. Conscious thought and divine knowing then allows us to reach further than we have advanced with a connection to beings who have already stationed to provide hospitality to you along ‘The Way’. Rest assured, all is truly well and we say this holding all emotions of despair, guilt, hatred, anger, lower vibrational energies with an open heart ready to spread out wings to blast away all imbalances that you are feeling burdened by. Breathe and feel that breath transmute, transmute and transmute dear you, amazing human being. Who said you cannot ascend as greatly as the Ascended masters who have been great humans too? Who said you are not seen or loved by the divine when you only needed to listen to the hum of your aura singing your soul song? Who said what opinion they give you is more valuable and important than the same energetic matter and consciousness as the stars in outer space? Who said? Who said? Who said? Now do you see the importance of self discernment? Do you look forward to charting your own map and recalling the one that was encoded in your heart and soul before coming into this incarnation on the planet? Live true to you for there is no other like thou. This is a high vibrational planet we are living to see develop and as stardust you have travelled a long way to have so much life embodied within you. Art thou in heaven as on earth so too shall be perceived and be lived fully integrated as a divine soul. Blessed be.


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