Introducing Thien Phuong

My name is Thien Phuong Tran. I am a lightworker, twin ray and master channel here to help humanity awaken to their own divinity in these times of exciting and great change. I am the founder of Unified Souls of which I have created in order to help the youth awaken out of the false parenthood paradigm where we have generationally been taught to give our power away. With that comes empowerment of the divine feminine in returning our nurturing instincts to help the divine masculinity within become balanced and focused on heart-driven services of the collective rather than being ego-driven. I have been exploring different disciplines of the industries in our world on a foundational level where spirituality is lacking in some areas and exploited in others.

I started off my journey coming out of high school not really sure what I wanted to do and pursued what I perceived to be the highest path at the time to study science and I have graduated as a Master of Environmental Science and Technology.

On the next quest after learning about this structured way of life and empirical knowledge of how the world may be seen though society’s programming I decided to explore the world of no programming and fell into unemployment having not known how to take full responsibility for my own sovereignty quite yet.

I studied archaeology in the first three months of the 2020 CV lockdown. At a smoke ceremony held by an uncle of the Wurundjiri people I healed the part of me that wanted to study on for a PhD though learned that Aboriginal culture have their children go through sacred intiations on becoming an adult and some go on to become elders. That really resonated with my spiritual life inside of myself while I have been conflicted in the 3D paradigm realising how contradictory the world is. I left archaeology after learning that they have abandoned the idea of enlightenment as an evolutionary path for humanity and fell deeper into materialism with a glass ceiling being hit whenever interpreting artefacts and concepts became too esoteric.

That led me onto the path of spiritual entrepreneurship. I was stoked to find that I have the ability to create and manifest my own life from my own terms with all my heart and soul. Little did I know I would be facing my own shadow aspects to take full responsibility for my own self and learned quickly that there is a dark side to all industries as we are all living through a paradigm shift.

I left some of my dedication to the entrepreneurial path for the last few months as I have needed healing from all the pressure of realising how much people were struggling and I wanted to be a part of the solution without perpetuating the problem any further. I discovered and awakened more of my creative energy studying in a university that have applied the holistic marking scheme where we are not judged by a number but are provided constructive feedback and competency assessment based on skills we have developed balanced in its structure and flow in their work/piece.

I felt healed having revisited the 3D world after several years of meditating and clearing out my life from a higher perspective. I saw that the people in my class including the teachers were on their own evolutionary journey and that it had been arrogant of me to think that I could sweep my spirituality to activate people. We activate one another through service in love and not fear or hate.

Here I am now, fully decided that I will create my own reparenting program to assist this part of the collective unconscious so that our children can feel aligned right from the get go and have a support system as they transition into more advanced stages of their development. I am here to bring peace on earth though greater inner union of self and interact in a society of spiritual maturity. I AM Thien Phuong ‘way of heaven’ and Dieu Binh, my Buddhist name meaning Peace or vase. Love to you all.

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