The Importance of Appreciating Yourself

In a time where we are learning so much more about ourselves as not only an individual but also a society, it can be discombobulating to feel all these external influences as well as a budding development within you ready to unfurl.  It is amazing what the evolutionary journey can reveal to a collective who is able to grasp these concepts and changes on a conscious level. It is not always a smooth journey though and this is what I would like to share about why it is important for us all to appreciate ourselves more during these times of the great awakening.

1. Sovereignty has no reference – in an earlier message I shared about stepping into your power I have mentioned that we become nothing and everything when we learn that we are energetic beings and are connected to all things. With that the dysregulation can come in and we are somewhat forced to realign with our true nature because that is where we find equilibrium, peace and serenity. This is where our presence is mastered and in that we are more alerting that we are to monitor ourselves closely – hence the appreciation for all that we are and shall become from this point onwards.

2. Letting others know about how we feel, what our ideals are and where we would like to head towards would allow your manifestations to come forward more easily. It is also a way to ensure that co-creation with your fellow brothers and sisters to dream up a dream for themselves as we come more and more into our power as a collective. Fascinating times are ahead as we reveal more of our innate qualities that are truly divine and so know that as you appreciate yourself enough to express your truth, you encourage a better world for all your loved ones (and this includes you of course!).

3. Being there for yourself during times of change keeps you aligned to your highest virtues. Being all over the place could mean we pick up a lot of energies that do not belong to us and needs constant clearing until we realise that the most important subject to show up for is you who is reading this. Thank-you for taking the time to receive more information that may assist you through your day and may you continue on with your day after this post reminding yourself that you are the utmost priority before you can show up for another loved one or client of your heart-based service.

4. Revaluating your past will often bring you back into realising negative thought loops you may have had and what we often forget is that we were doing our best every step of the way. You are the star of your own play that you have scripted along as you went about the unfoldment of your destiny and manifestation. You are doing more work than you realise just by simply being a miraculous human undergoing so many shifts and changes which comes out of the blue for many of you. It is alright to take your time in reflection, just remember that you are at the peak of all that have shaped you and moving forward from all these improvements you feel you need to make simply means you appreciate life enough to care. Well done.

5. Earth is a wonderful planet to be on for all the blessings that are to come as we all become more conscious and empowered individuals. Earth child you are so loved by Mother Earth/ Mother Gaia and she feels your emotion as her own for we are deeply connected despite these concrete jungles and cell towers that may try to disconnect this mother-child bond. Appreciate yourself when you get out into nature because it feels good to be yourself in your true nature right? Not so much an importance this point but rather a necessity to feel good about yourself because Mother Gaia does not want you to miss out on all the life she crafts for you to enjoy.

I appreciate you. You are dearly loved by the entire universe which is to be proanoid about. Proanoia is the universe conspiring to work in your favour of all your heart’s desire in case you are wondering and you deserve it just because you are divine love itself learning about your true nature in this school of life that Mother Gaia and her children presents.

Much love,
Thien Phuong

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