12 Dimensions Meditation with Maitreya and Shiva

Dear One,

We are here and we love you. I am Lord Shiva and I am Maitreya here with you now wondering what it is that is causing you to feel how small you are, you are such a brilliant being of light and yet we see that you have identified yourself with your own physical vessel which is causing you to be restricted and yet comfortable because of the belief that indeed it is normal to feel this way as according to the governing of earth in the past paradigm. We are pleased that you have reached this realisation within yourself and wish for you take that leap of faith and go even further than you have before as you realise there is a whole wide world out there for you to explore beyond yourself where you will find more of yourself. We understand that during these times of lockdown one is told to stay at home and keep yourself ‘safe’ in order to hold yourself back from further danger. Do you see how this manipulation can wreak havoc in the succession of your raising vibration and ascension process? We are asking these questions not to condescend but to appreciate your intelligence in knowing better and wanting more from life than what you feel is the most appropriate action to take with all that is happening right now. If we were placed in your earth shoes we would simply explore the signs and synchronicities that are available to the collective in order to connect to the stars that bit more as you find yourself soul searching and realise that indeed you are the light of the world. We would like to set out some visualisations with you at this time since you have come thus far and we would like to help you ease into the big wide world regardless of what the dominion is seeking to promote as the best decision made for you as a sovereign being beyond standards of co-dependency out of alignment with Source consciousness.

You are a being of light. See yourself as this 12th dimensional being who has descended into the 11th dimension where there are parts of you that are inserting pockets of wisdom into the collective of the 10th dimension which appears as rays of the rainbow light from the white light of the 12th. Enter now to the 9th dimensions as the rays of light split into finer filaments of light that is able to untangle and cluster into a conscious intention for more specific purposes. Then you enter the 8th dimension and see that the filament of light is indeed made of a wave and a particle which is travelling everywhere all at once at any given moment. Then 7th dimension comes and you are met with Jesus, Lord Buddha and many others of the enlightened consciousness of the love in planetary living that is transcendent of the illusions that may still be present in the lower identities or your divinity. Enter now the 6th dimension and you see there is dark and light infused together in pyramids of the divine feminine and the divine masculine which is rotating to a point of understanding the unity within polarity and that it is this principle which has brought about change across dimensions. 5th dimensional living, some if not all who are reading this is surely at the vibration of as you realise the love and the origin from high above is indeed with you all along in the remembrance through the power of visualisation. We will end the descension process here as you understand that you are indeed one with all life across the spectrum of duality and transcendence of duality. You are light and love always.

This has been Shiva and Maitreya, we are in honour of your loving services to the world and wish you all the best in the way forward with all that you are dreaming up as your heaven on earth from the soul within and without. Blessings dear one. I AM now complete.

Lord Shiva and Maitreya. Love to you ALL.

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