All Truths Are True by Lord Maitreya

Dear One,

I AM Maitreya here with you all, each one of you, during these times of the Kali Yuga coming to a close. We thank you for your patience in the ascension process and wish for you to hang on to your purposes before you fully release into the freedom from samsara. We speak of not you holding onto ego and pain within your energetic system but the collective wounds that you are processing on behalf of all. We ask that you continue your blissful life as it is in heaven which is here on earth for you to fully appreciate and enjoy while serving your purpose. The beauty of purpose in these times of ascension is that you can be active players in your own manifestation of a reality that is serving to all people. It is not always about the self that wishes to be understood, appealing to the collective, in order to find a place of belonging in unity consciousness. It is also about objective ascension where we remember our multi-dimensional self as a way of moving through even the most limited spaces of consciousness to expand which is that of the yet to be manifested. Here you are being called to be active leaders in your proving of soul that goes beyond the beyond where validation is no longer relevant and instead much to be present for in the moment than at a past occurrence or future concern. You are being called forth dear lightworkers and starseeds as well as those who are awake and are able to provide the love that is always within you to ground the energies assisting Gaia to assist her earth children.

Truth is revealing to you that love can be multi-faceted in the face of duality. Ultimate love is the transcendence of duality whereby you are capable of holding the polarities so that it is in balance with the ALL which seeks to be replicated in all things. 13 dimensions of consciousness many of you may not be aware of but the final of the all is the Holy Black Womb of No-thing where it all began and all shall continue to begin as much as the manifested and finite will play out its role as energy before renewal. You are ascended masters who have returned to the earth in order to uplift the planet in not only the organisation of energies within you but also to search for expansion from opening up your awareness in the outer world while form is a relevant ingredient to the success of foundational development in reconciliation of histories that have played out. Just as forgiveness is a state of duality, we must go beyond that and remember our unity in not only being able to see there is a right and wrong but also that all truths are true in a world that is beyond reason, logic, rationality in the wisdom of the divinity found within and without. Often through this channel we enjoy channelling about oneness consciousness as she has taken the time to wash out all old programmings so that we are able to come through as directly from Source energy where you are capable of creating your own realities recognising that there is no limitation to you other than limitations you have ‘created’ from your soul plan or traumatic conditioning.

With that being said, we invite you to step forward more fully into your power as the truth that have come to shine its light in all crevasses of consciousness yet to be tapped into as divine potential. Negativity will continue to bring pain so long as we are not willing to face our own light as much as our own shadow which is being enabled to master your reality instead of expanding into wholeness within this world as you remember your true origin beyond the beyond. Our main take away that we wish for you to understand from this channelled message is that you are fully responsible for the life you wish to experience on this ascension timeline. Taking action has been frowned upon by those who have felt despair in the experiences they have entered with a gung-ho spirit and have gotten hurt. This safety that you seek is in the knowing that your concentration and presence is your self mastery. Staying awake in a world of pain and suffering will not bring about catastrophes of ignorance. We know that this message can be greatly activating for some of you reading this message, we do not wish to rip the carpet under your feet or chair/furniture. We only speak of the whole truth so that you know of the full support in even the most difficult of circumstances is still empowering you to honour your free will to choose yourself, your light, your love, your purpose, wholeness in its truest form. Be well my love as you understand that all of this as much as it seems true it is also a malleable illusion of which you have the power to transform. Courage is with you as I Lord Maitreya am here now as that future Buddha you have waited for is truly already here on earth once you realise oneness is here all along. Blessings beloved. You are guided and protected always.

Lord Maitreya.

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