Radiate Your Heart Space by Maitreya

Dear One,

I AM Maitreya here with you once again to further message you about yesterday’s channeling in terms of all truths being true and that now we are moving on to the truth of your dreams and reality. There are times when we feel that we are not in alignment with our purpose but the truth is that we are always embodying this purpose in our heart space with the guidance of the divine that is always leading us to the greatest and highest good of all unless that is you choose to go against this intuition by falling into lower vibrations that hinders your heart and soul from expanding. We are in awe of the way that human consciousness is developing and with that comes innovation from all aspects of timelines that are being designed by the choices of each person upon Gaia. We are able to assist at this time all that you seek to share with the world from the heart space as we invite all world leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, nurses, politicians of the ascended timelines and beings of truth expressing all that you wish to share from the soul. These are the times where we are redesigning the course of humanity in bringing order back into its original state of fullness, expressiveness and freedom to choose in every given moment without the suppression of an oppressed divine feminine. We also see this to affect the divine masculine from fully fulfilling their purpose as the divine feminine and divine masculine are to work together in divine order as to accommodate for the upliftment of new earth as we see new children of global and universal consciousness expansion. The times that you dear reader are in is quite an exciting time where there is great opportunity for you to master yourself more than ever before having that history of the duality in reality to push you further in understanding what is true to your heart as you strengthen your discernment. There is a way of moving through these timelines without needing to stress as much as you have done so in the past. We have spoken of the relaxedness in yesterday’s message being that of high vibration while so today we are calling forth your passion in life to express your truth in order to support yourself from a place of fulfilling one’s desires in life that is in alignment with love in this world.

We are here with you every step of the way wanting you for your own sake to let go of all that no longer resonates. You are who is reading this have come to this message because it is indeed your time to be there for yourself. We have mentioned that there is a shift occurring on the planet and we see this as a spiritual development from within the heart of people along with the energies that hold you in this wonderful co-creation. We bring this to the forefront in order to express the truth being that which has been manifested primarily from the heart space. Ego minds are generated through the blockages and plaque of energy that is formed from the heart space before it is brought to the brain in order to be processed. Opening up your heart can be a scary experience as much disillusionment can occur leading to a falling of the veil that brings you closer to the unknown. With this in mind, we are suggesting that you consider thinking in your rational compartment of the mental body the fact that every day you are facing the unknown within the familiarity of your mental conditioning. Expand dear ones from your heart space out to the front of yourself maybe in a mirror to see that indeed you appear more open hearted which radiates from your face and radiates as your torroidial field that wishes to go beyond your comfort zone so that you can remember your divine wholeness as one with the universe. Thank-you for being open to reading this message that has come through today. We honour your presence upon the planet at this time and may we continue to explore the unknown without feeling that the unknown is unfamiliar and should be kept in the shadows for you are the light of the world. Blessed be, I AM Maitreya here to support you by your side as you awaken to your own divine purpose beyond human consciousness without hesitating to be even more authentic in your journey of soulful discovery.

Lord Maitreya

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