El Morya Empowers Your Dreams

Dear One,

I am here and I love you. This is El Morya speaking. I am a truther of heaven and earth as the time has come for us to awaken fully into divine knowing that many of you are already aware and so you are being called forth to share your message with all people who are finding answers in the world. Dear one, you are gifted in you golden armour of God to be true to yourself in amidst of a time where the conscience of society is being questioned and redesigned. We ask that you continue to be there for others who are not able to make a fully informed decision based of the messages that are with you and are not openly shared with others. This may come in forms of simply the human experience that is often shunned from being expressed. Another example is that your deepest fears are still with you even if you have awakened, even if you are aware of the illusion that this conditioning is. Otherwise, there would be a myriad of truths that can be perceived in many different angles and resonance. Are you waiting for the right time to share your gifts, talents, truths, feelings, dreams? Well dear one that is why I have come through today. It is to share my truth with you that I see the potential you carry to move mountains, to invent electricity for global functioning, and also to be of service in your deepest pains to hold the brightest light. I see strength in you and I call forth your courage from within your heart to go on and live your reality of a heart’s desire because God wants you to live a fulfilling life. God has been gifted by his own creation and that is you who is his child (note, we state ‘his’ as a general reference in the English language).

Today I have watched over the collective and have seen many more matrix structures fall down. From high up here, all of it is breaking apart as the foundations built on fear were bound to return to divine order. In that, do you realise that your eternal soul is graciously flowing through the matrix just simply by you, warrior of light, being here and standing in your discerned objective truth? Brilliant gathering of the light I also see as we move through the ascension process and as more of us recognise the divine light of oneself and all around, there is joy to be shared that a new reality will be overlaying the rubble that returns to earth as she has been the source of support in the free will of her children. Being who you truly are is a testament of a time where we are all being tested of our strength as a collective. Take it as a practice run that have simulated time and time again and it is now that we are taking that final exam which no matter how you choose to write and fulfil the outcome the fact that you have sat the exam is a beautiful commitment to your own success. A willingness to proceed will only bring you closer to your heart as you follow through with the directions that it is calling you forth to. We speak of the divine knowing in this way where your heart is able to see through all the possible realities that you can tune into and it is love that you shall find in all ways that are possible to imagine and envision. I as El Morya ask of you dear dreamer to expand your consciousness knowing that you have what it takes and that you indeed are blessed with divine knowing all along. Do not doubt yourself any longer for we treasure you and want the best life for you honouring your free will to choose and be sovereign as a human being.

El Morya I AM will now end this message here. Know that all is within you and you are all that is.

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