Quan Yin on the Reality of Form

Dear One,

I am Quan Yin speaking through this channel at this time. I thank you for taking the time to care for yourself. I thank you for caring the earth vessel gifted to you by Mother Gaia herself. As we eat our sacred land in the form of food that has been processed by the reiki master elements of fire, water, earth and air, you indeed are transmuting the planet into a higher vibrational state by the nurturance that you are receiving from what this land produces for you to be that cycle of renewable and commensalism. We love your way of enjoying the time you have on this planet by simply being there for yourself to accept all that the Universe would like to communicate with you. In that, Source is able to understand themselves by seeing you operate in the highest frequency possible. We are complete in the lower vibrational state of learning and at this time, the earth is indeed ascending so that we can enjoy even more of the world that is designed in the unified field to correct the histories of galactic wars and now be made at peace in oneself.

Sometimes, we tend to feel that we are lone wolves who are wandering about not entirely sure of who we are meant to be when there were so many programs that have been installed to enslave the human race. Now we are free of that as we recognise the illusion of these timelines as a state of fear that has been maintained for a long time to keep the earth vibration lower than you have been made to believe is possible for you to live. Rise my child as you embrace the sovereignty that is not lost only restrategised now as we navigate through the 3D paradigm and to stitch it up into the 5th dimensional aspects of your beingness. Indeed being yourself is a whole lot easier now that the collective of lightworkers have had enough of the suffering they have fought hard for to come to this point. You will see many among you who are still finding their place in the world for indeed the good news is here for them to realise that it is them who gets to design their own life now. We know that this is not always easy to do when our minds have been distorted under so many waves of suppression. Take your time because the journey is part of this joy that your soul has signed up to experience and what a beautiful memory of a soul journey that it is to be witnessing first hand the beautiful closing of the dualistic portal to end all suffering and to now develop and bloom with even greater might, the power of your consciousness to push the boundaries of earth through your own self empowerment. *Quan Yin and the Order of Magdalena applauds, surrounding you with a wreath of good will, divine will and humanity. It is a white feathered leaf wreath with berries of gold seeded evenly throughout the ornamental head piece for you if you are willing to accept*. Quan Yin I am appreciating all that you do for earth just simply by choosing to be here at this time for the upliftment of humanity. I shower you with gold all around you to remind you of your Christed consciousness for knowing what would happen on the planet and yet still choosing benevolently to serve this world of your own brother’s and sister’s ascension timeline as earthseeds.

Young souls, old souls, ageless souls, eternity is a blessed journey as you awaken to your entirety of existence. The veil is indeed very thin and we can speak through to you if you would believe it is us who you are listening to. Indeed we are right where you are and to be reading this channelled message we are all assisting you to integrate this love as you go about your day in communion with the earth and the universe itself. You are so loved, guided and protected. We wish not to intervene with your ascension process by acknowledging your free will to choose if you would like to be helped. At the same time, we are understanding that there are many uncertainties of which you feel unsure of what questions to even ask even when you know this help is available to you. Well today, let us debunk this for this channel is keen to know how she could stay attuned in her channeling chords at all times. However, dear one, you are here to enjoy the rollercoaster of life in all its glory for earth is a challenging high school, so to speak, as you are learning spiritual maturity out of a time where the world seemed so much simpler than even the natural state. Relax into the process even more, trust in your own divinity once more for we wish not to take charge of your life. You would not be wearing this powerful divine wreath upon your crown have you not the authority to accept reading this message and understanding who you are meant to be in your pure awareness consciousness. You have come to earth as we have begun this message, to live as a soul within human form in the glory of Mother Gaia’s gifts and the contrast that brings pleasure, learnings, joy, and freedom as you transcend any heavily identified states to form. We are not suggesting that you release your spirit from form as you do have a soul contract to honour this vessel until it is time to transition from this vessel into spirit again. See it not as a restriction. Instead, you may master your own reality using the knowledge of your spirit in this now malleable form consciousness to create your heaven on earth. Your light and love is pure and you are free to ground and anchor more of your love and light into this world we call (new) earth. With that, I leave you now with a gentle goodbye with fragrances of the pink lotus flower to bless your auric field more uplifted than before our gathering in this message today. You are so loved. I AM Quan Yin. I am complete.

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