Power of One

Dear One,

I am here and I would like to express my love to humanity at this time for we are on the brink of success as much as it seems to be on the cusp of the crackdown for all who are not in alignment with the building of New Earth and seek to delay the progress of this beautiful gene of Gaia from evolving. Together the light is strong, we are indeed one though we each have a unique blueprint to shine into the world as we complete all that our soul have set out to do as the divine would love to assist you in accomplishing. With that we would like to provide some support when it comes to building your own personal power in order to fully show up in the world as the light being that you have and always will be, one who is reading this message at this time.

The soul mission of which in social settings have disempowered you into believing is to be sought outside of you is truly a hoax in that you need not be anyone or anything else other than yourself in order to truly ascend into your full power. You are a brilliant star that have graced this world with the light codes that you have picked up from many different galaxies and dimensions dearest old soul. I speak with you as an old personal friend deep within your ancient psyche now aligning to to the origin of your truth in that you are soulful and here with a message to share with humanity. Beloved lightworker, your deeds as done on earth and on heaven’s cloud nine is no different from you becoming the authentic being of pure source consciousness. There will be moments in time where there are no reflections of who you truly are outside in the world for you to be referenced or validated. Take this as a compliment dear spiritual entrepreneur as you venture through this earth system with the skill and self mastery that have brought you about healing, wisdom, truth and certainty that you indeed are fully protected and guided in every step of which you take in life. The puzzle is much grander and even the puzzle pieces themselves are dynamic in structure, shape, form, frequency and intention.

With that I speak of the importance of acknowledging your power and intending it to fulfil a necessity that you feel a pull towards in life. Cellery juice for example is able to heal the body of all the ailments in which many overlook to be essential for fully functioning as a human being in alignment with their human blueprint. Yet there are so many pharmaceuticals to mimic the power and effect of this beautiful plant spirit for the total alignment with your true core values as a soul who is integrating the fluid of life in order to flow with divine purpose. Sometimes it is difficult to be your true self because it seems so simple and you feel that your identity is drowned in the noise of mediocre living which is actually just a lack of acknowledgement of uniqueness or modesty without self love. We speak of the way that humanity is appreciating life in that it is always separate from the one who is observing rather than the observer who observes the self in the world but not of the world.

We are pertaining to the idea that with your own recognition from a subtle realm of your energetic being, it is an honour to be speaking with you at this time for one who have sought after the truth only to find that they are all over the truth as the truth and delivering this to the entire collective through every breath and life choice that you have made. In that, we see you as a divine master of reality who is capable of supporting the collective to rise with you rather than a select few as we have mentioned before in how mundane you may feel about your existence. Being who you truly are does not mean that you let everyone know how special you recognise yourself to be. It is about appreciating the diverse experience of the one in its diversity within unity consciousness that makes it whole through interdependent love and not self deprecating that humanity have been programmed to settle for.

Shine dearest star being of earth for indeed you are a star whether you are of the earth with the Gaian DNA or the galactic strand of which may be more cultured simply by the amount of time your energetic state has been able to evolve. Do not fret whenever you feel that your truth may be disturbed by the world that wishes to box round pegs in square holes. You take on the shape of a star and you shine out your own expansiveness, taking up space upon the planet for the betterment of all. Never underestimate the way in which you express yourself. You are indeed a living, breathing sign of hope that is no different from the synchronicity of angel numbers, only even better, humanity can interact with you directly in order to access the healing powers that is embedded within human connection from a heart and soul point of receptivity.

With that my dear ones, this has been a transmission of how loved and cherished you are by your own spiritual team who are cheering you on in order to bring about change that has been assigned to you to resolve and stand to protect in the sacredness of all life. We leave you now with a blessing and gratitude for your continued appreciation of life in your own style. Blessed be.

Archangel Michael, Quan Yin, Aphrodite, El Morya, The Peacekeepers and your own Higher Self

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