Corruption Correction by Melchizedek

Dear One,

We would like you to know that you are growing in your personal discernment as you have taken the time to turn inward so that you are aware of energy that is being received through you. We bless you, sensitive soul, at this time in honouring yourself as you have chosen the path of light in order to be of service in the greater whole of humanity. You are seeking advice from many sources while you are also able to know what the truth feels like. You have undeniably mastered more of yourself as you do your inner work in order to support your personal ascension as well as your family and friends who look to you for clarity.

Here, as I Melchizedek, state a few items in order to guide and support you in your ascension timeline so that you can choose more of your joy instead of enduring more than enough suffering already.

To identify a corrupted leader, we would like you to know how we see or define corrupt from a higher vantage point of divine knowledge.

We see corruption as a negative imprint on a soul that remains on an individual housing that soul for a prolonged period of time. Sometimes, souls will give birth to negative offspring as a continuation of the previous generation bringing forward the dissonance of divine order that have not been resolved. In that, we now speak of procrastination.

Some may not see procrastination as a worrisome act against ones own will but we implore to you that any wounds that remain unresolved by your acknowledgement of such presence in your vibrational frequency is enough to throw yourself off center. Know that right now, we start off this description of corruption as a personal responsibility that each person must stay accountable for. To do your own research, to live up to your own expectations, to be brave enough to take a stand for what is right even if it risks you validating a fear of failure (which in itself is a corruption), we would like you to know that in order to do so, it is important that we observe our own actions first before judging another.

This message, we clarify, is not meant to evoke self judgment whatsoever. Although with shame, a powerful emotion of acknowledging dissonance that have shifted our vibrational state lower than that we know we are capable of vibrating from, we speak of now to ensure that you let yourself off the hook given you are reading this message in acknowledgement of how uncomfortable it is to be feeling shame in life.

Honour yourself dear ones because when one chooses to honour yourself you are declaring that I now will be held accountable for the frequency that I emit out in my surroundings and to those I connect with. I am here to serve my highest potential in order to restore my own divinity as a ripple effect is subsequent to phase out all corruption. I now stand in my sovereignty in order to be of the highest light I know of and seek to explore. I am unconditional love that seeks to release any vows which do not serve my highest good and I demand respect from myself to bring forward my innate inner healer. I am of the vibration of Christ seeking to embody more of this legacy of light to empower humanity as they reach the heights and groundedness of an enlightened society.

You see dear ones, the dissonance has already been acknowledged by you deep in your core. What matters more at this pivotal time is to declare your sovereignty in order to alleviate yourself and others of suffering once and for all. In that we can go past the self denial which is stored in your subconscious that will record every part of you that you may have forgotten. Truth will continue to strengthen in your development as you seek enlightenment from within you. All else shall follow through this healing of corruption from within as self love becomes the mightiest example of a leader fully embodied in their divinity. All is truly well. I am now complete.


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