11/11 2021 Message from Lord Kuthumi and the Arcturians

Dear One,

I am Lord Kuthumi here with a message for the 11/11 portal of 2021. At this moment in time, we feel that humanity have matured to a point of which they are able to handle the truth much more than they have had in the past. We find this a great accomplishment that should not be dismissed as we enter the period of purity in the 11/11 portal that allows for the oceans of opportunity and cleansing to flow through in order to elevate the collective. We commend each one of you reading this message for the way you have shown resilience by continuing to simply shine your light and breathe through your earth vessel in spirithood every day. Love is in the air for those who are seeking a refuge from the lovelessness that is projected from our forgotten truth that we are always immersed by love at all times. That is okay, this is the human way, we understand that this is not always easy to accept but we can work through this together.

I now would like to share my love with you on this special occasion of which a light portal opens up now if you would like to join in the energetic transmission. We are here with you as the Galactic beings from Arcturus transmitting our light language to help with the integration of the energies while Phuong, the channel, is speaking each word out loud and typing this message up for you. Thank-you for being here to join us in the holy communion. Some of you may associate this day as Remembrance day of which we honour those who have passed from the war consciousness of the Piscean age to be made aware in our current times so that history is informing our decisions and conscientiousness of action. We now would like to present you with a different, so to speak, layer of what we see the truth is in regards to honouring the consciousness of peace in a time of the great purge. We understand that duality would hold both realities in one thought. Therefore, to remember that your thoughts are holding space for you rather than dictating what you shall do, you become more of the observer rather than the one who is thinking up the thoughts. As with channeling and simply put ‘being inspired’ this may not be the case if you were to identify yourself with your thoughts. Instead, you are to hold yourself accountable in deciding what thoughts you are open to and what framework or discipline you will implement in order to challenge what may not be of your best interest in your own discernment.

Now, we draw our message into a neater package than has been articulated in a visual or a break-down that may assist your understanding. The 11/11 portal is an opportunity for you to flow with the divine energy that comes through so that you remain sharp in your ability to discern, to be connected to the divine while you are on earth, to be true to your spirit no matter what structures may be in your way. We understand that in order to be who you truly are, there are structures that will be crashing down while it adjusts to your shining light. You do not need to concern yourself of the external at this point. Just as you see a monk in a temple or a place of seclusion, they have found a richness and connectedness within the air and energy around them. You are a wonderful being of light who is truly understanding that in order to be yourself, you must have the courage to not know who you are in order to allow the divine to speak through and remind you of who you are from a non-human, benevolent point of view. The human conditions themselves have already filtered the thoughts that you wish to access before it reaches the external expression for it is an all knowing energy which understands the perspectives of all who seek for true understanding. True understanding is in the oneness consciousness that we are able to hold true in our hearts as we bring forth divine knowing to co-create on the earth. Success then is to simply enjoy this truth about who you are and to be alive knowing you are complete and that you are here to shine and express yourself creatively. This is the main message we would like to share on this 11/11 portal in terms of defining how it can be of benefit to you to live your truth despite all the construction work that is happening in the collective consciousness at this time.

Relax in knowing that as much as it is an 11/11 portal, it is equally valid in other days for you to remember this point in time, why you have come to the earth. There is a divine purpose within your heart and that is to be an active participant on earth during these times to access the full potential of your divine genome with all the hidden gifts and surprises that lay dormant within your system. Now is the time to shine forth the light of your love for the world needs healing during this evolutionary point in history. Be true to yourself in knowing that whoever may have scorned, mocked, projected, hated on you in the past were simply dealing with their own shadow that was clouding how they could face your beauty.

We speak of the twin flame collective at this time, or simply divine unions occurring during this time of a great love story unfolding on humanity to balance the feminine and the masculine energies with the assistance of Orion in his gift of frequency to help your dreams come into fruition. We are in awe of your ability to share your kindness which in itself is that balance in heart and action as a result of leading with your heart, mind, body and spirit with love and no less. Tap into your divine wisdom and you shall see how beautiful you are in the true light of your starseed origins. You are home. The 11/11 portal has been a great reminder of our forever connectedness. There is no need for fear. We love you.

The Arcturians and the Teacher of the World – Lord Kuthumi, featuring Orion –  Star Being of Frequency.

We are now complete.

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