Visiting your Spirit Guides with Mother Mary

Dear One,

I am here and we all love you. Thank you for taking the time to come and visit us within your psyche in order to raise your vibration to uplift the collective. We honour the unfolding evolution of humanity at this time and it is our pleasure to be of service to your highest and greatest good. We do not wish for you to go into hermit mode any longer for the dangers of society is all but mundane at this point as you watch the unfoldment of truths being revealed to the people. Be true to your heart and know that all the answers of which you seek are already within you. We would like for you to understand that in order to be there for humanity, you must first be there for yourself as one who is the instrument of peace would have to embody that emanation of peace towards others starting from within. I am so glad that we are here with you in the entirety of grounding and raising your frequency as that would enable for us all to truly step into our power as a universal collective of lightworkers and spirit guides to assist humanity at this time. We understand that it is not always easy to be on the leading edge of which you feel you are constantly coming off a cliff but be rest assured that all your bravery and efforts will surely be paid off in due time. We would like to share another short visualisation for you in order to learn of the wisdoms of the earth experience without needing words to describe explicitly what should be taken away from that imagination exercise. Let’s begin.

Imagine you are walking in the forest barefoot with leaves rustling underneath your feet as you slowly and steadily step on one patch of debris to another. As you walk towards the light before you further down the path, see that you are becoming more and more ethereal and your feet begin to dissolve as the leaves become quiet even though you are now floating across of it at the level of which you were walking. You merge into this light that is before you and dissolve into that oneness looking back to where you have left off from. You see the leaves of autumn and the wind now blows the scene away as the leaves are stirred to close the scene leaving but a memoir of one leaf to show you that the scene was real only now we are moving towards a different direction.

In this field of light you are in now, you see that what was light is but one source within a field of blackness that brings great peace and renewal to you and your beingness. You are aware of who you are as you will return to the place you have left but for now you are allowing yourself this time to just be in the field of consciousness with all the answers that you seek. Come and meet us here your Spirit Guides who love you beckon and now you are in a whole new field with light and loving figures who settle you down at a wooden table with wooden chairs honouring your life on earth while these guides watch you from high above and in the liminal where you are.

Your Guides speak: “Dearest One, We are with you in the non-physical always, you are loved by us always, never feel alone although you feel what you feel, we wish for you to choose to not ignore the love that is already with you instead of looking for more outside of you. The greatest love one human can find within themselves during these changing times is their own heart space holding the light for humanity to know that there is safety within them of which they can rest upon and rely upon. This is where you are always going to be surrounded with love and you centre here we are able to connect with you much more powerfully in order to override the conditionings of limitations and unwanted occurrences distracting you from your flow. We instead wish for you to know that without knowing with your thinking mind you are truly tapping into divine knowledge which is found through the openness and receptivity of your soul to the trueness of reality which goes beyond words. Notice how while you have been reading these words that your mind have quieted down. This is the exact state of which we encourage for you to turn to more often because it is here that we can assist most strongly with your trust and confidence in the energies that you are discerning from your entire being. Rest now in this peace for a moment…

Do you feel how we can start healing you through your open body as you recognise your own light being one with the love that we have for you? You may notice how your vessel is much thinner than you have perceived it to be, truly light. This is the gentleness of the sacred and the kindness of the creation of a single moment in to in each present moment as one moves from one state to another. Rest, relax and allow for the earth to ground you now and apply the same principles you have picked up from connecting with us your guides from above, met by Mother Mary again on earth as she walks with you back through the forest of which you have ventured and into your home as you return to your body all in one peace. Know that Mother Gaia is holding your feet as she helps you to return all your consciousness to this present moment knowing that you are fully supported by her from beneath and all around you. You are so loved.

Mother Mary loves you, Mother Gaia loves you and your Divine Guides adore you from above.

We are now complete.

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