Harvested One from the Confederation

I am currently reading the Ra Material and have come across the term ‘Harvest’. For a while I have felt this term could be used positively or negatively. From reading the Ra Material, I saw the beauty in that the divine is watching over our growth, evolution and will to serve our brothers and sisters. Now I see the term to be an expression of joy. Just as any opportunity to learn, there is always an opening for us to improve while there is plenty for everyone to explore their own unique expression of love. Below is a channeled message on this signed by the Confederation which acknowledges the highs and lows of the ascension journey once you have been called to assist the earth evolutionary process that departs the old paradigm and material attachment for a renewed divine template on earth.


We are here to do our best in life and it is also time for us to leave behind all that no longer fits with the limited being that we have all been made to believe. There is a quality of beingness innate within you which wakes you up in inspiration tapping into a higher level of consciousness that remains grounded in the expansiveness of your heart space. There is a quietness within you that is holding the love of the universe speaking inspiration through to you which is to be understood with ease and grace as you let go of your own personal judgements of self that is not of the highest honour that you are an earth child and as a star child. Mother Gaia holds you in her earth body to allow for you to ascend to even greater heights than the inner child have once thought was a big dream to now explore the great adventure of the unknown. There is love in all directions as you recognise this inner voice lifting you up and being true to the very core of your being. There is much grace in allowing for you let go of connections that only seek to steal your light only to find that it was authenticity which shone through those they admire. With that, your authenticity is the treasure of which in this grand time you are welcomed and encouraged to express. Weird at first but eventually you change your fate to be living your dream in a plane of higher consciousness to where you have felt insecure of your power. Remain grounded in the love that is with you in all ways. Remain in the light of transcendence from the ego that have once parented you for you now see it as your inner child to be supported by the divine system of the universe to work through your life in the grand awakening. You are not alone, you are exploring your world in a way that is assisting your spiritual team of guides to understand where you are coming from in order to take your hand leading you to where you want to go. Thus, action is required as well as complete surrender to the divine. Some may project upon you the mess they are to sort out on their own without knowing how or even be able to simply ask for the much wanted help. Leave them be as they release their sorrows of not wanting to participate in the great love coming through to reignite their soul purpose and freedom through ascension. Letting go of the material world behind whilst renewing the earth with inspired creations that will shift the physical from the non-physical. Lightness is with you as you speak to the great joys in life being that of finding love both without as well as within you for love is soul and all is spirit. Love here is the key to all ending of suffering. Suffering has been the sadness of our soul journeys while we learnt to face the truth. Then we simply let it go and relieve ourselves of the environments which sought to activate us through the final rounds of clearing karma from our soul, at least what has been signed to clear here and now for karma is also a result of continued learning and even in the nature of the laws that govern earth civilisations.

Here on earth, we spark the joys of creating a new evolutionary process for all of the world to learn from in one of the densest environments upon the creation of God and at the same time there is so much intense light to master these realms of contrast and liminal support that will propel the world into the greater order of the divine in their soul design of earth to date.

We leave you now with love.

We are the Confederation Collective, much love and much thanks to you.”

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