Moment of Moses Message by Archangel Michael


It is I Archangel Michael here with a message of love for each one of you reading this transmission. The times ahead are calling for you to fully express yourself as the magnificent being that you are. You are able to connect with those who are able to see the guiding light that you are and this gives them a sense of safety. We ask of you to create a realm of consciousness that have risen like Jesus after his crucifixion or a phoenix from its ashes. You are a beloved being of light designed by the heaven to be exactly and most especially who you are.

Many of you reading this have been on a long journey of healing and so we invite you to go forward now in creating what you have obtained on the journey beautifying the glory of your journey thus far. Do you see how a change/shift in perspective of your experience here on earth is powerful enough to move mountains of doubt like how Moses was enabled to heal his lineage with the liberation of his people from the persecution of corrupt authority during his time? Well, you are of the same matter in which we are all potentials of God expressed in our unique blueprint to bring about the expansion of the middle path and of love once more. We are so pleased to be connecting with you in this way. May you know how loved you truly are as we honour you a consciousness of one love. Archangel Michael I am and we are complete. Adonai

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