Caught Up In Concepts

Dear One,

I AM Archangel Michael here with you all to share a loving message as a reminder to ensure that you walk your personal journey of coming into your most refined authenticity. In spirituality as a collective term for what humanity entails as energy, universal law, frequency, vibration, love and forms or concepts that cannot always be proven in the scientific disciplines currently available on earth, we ask that you remember to come from within your heart in order to be with who you truly are. There are times when we find that humanity have not pondered on the embodiment of the frequencies of information they receive in order to correct their journey or to clarify the truth.

We as your spirit guides ask of you to not control your reality as to hold yourself to concepts when it does not resonate with you. Instead please even take this message for what you will and not feel controlled by the words of this channelled message to dictate your life and direct you to where you are already as a being of love, truth, and honour. Feel not the need to be true to the word or the communication that you ought to know are sounds or vibrations indicating what you hear or speak of has an origin that connects us all. You are able to revive your memory of your truth simply by letting go of all these concepts you have adhered to while you were in training.

You are a mighty warrior of peace so do not play small as to follow along words of population and rediscover or research your intuition in how you feel should be the way ahead for you. Beloved you are in charge of your own journey and so follow along with our guidance but please do enjoy this journey on the soul level so that you integrate the wonders of sovereignty in which we guide you towards though you have walked the path in solitude. You are a wonderous, magnificent being of light who is in accordance with divine order. There is no wrong or right move in the eternal truth that you ought to know your power as one with the creator of love, honour and truth and not smallness, rigidity and pain.

On pain, often it is romanticised as the exceptional adherence to a certain concept that becomes celebrated by way of knowing who you are already but having to provide evidence of it in the world of form because of earth’s 3rd density. You have always been free to be who you truly are and the conundrum in with the concept is that you are finding what is already within instead of experiencing the fullness of yourself as a sovereign being. Hardships are honourable when overcome and on the journey of faith to reach a higher goal towards alignment and stability of that, just do not miss out on what is currently as a miracle that surrounds you and celebrates your own divine plan. Keep going on your journey, never give up and save your energy/stress from walking down paths that do not serve you. Archangel Michael I AM.

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