Journeying to Earth – Channeled Message from your Star Family


We are here and we love you. Today I would like to share a message with you all in holding space for yourself to see yourself how we see you. We would like you to imagine that you are in the world in your most favourite of all places. The Holy Black Womb of no-thing where all your suffering is gone and all your new beginnings are present. You are able to create the life that you wish to display as a human as you look to the blue planet of self expression and abundance of opportunities to physicalise your dreams in ways that represent the eternal. You have heard of myths and tales about this place of which Mother Gaia is homing so many beautiful and cherished young souls. Mother Gaia is learning to ascend as she is able to hold space for all these young earthlings as she has been on quite the journey of soul evolution to have become the wonderful planet that she is. Here compassion inspires you and you are awakened to a trumpet calling through the open wide space that you have called home for a long time. Here you are surrounded by many of your star lineages and they all wish for you to be as joyful as you can in this realm of so much more than your own soul could provoke to share with the universe. Inside of you however, there was this nudge. This yearning for more. An adventure of some sort. You wanted to go to that beautiful blue planet which you know could use a lot of your guidance to support the young ones and you have very much enjoyed and are nostalgic of the days in which you were in training as an angel in the higher realms or wherever your star origin may be. You are relaxed now and you sense this calling is more than just a feeling within your soul, you feel that possibly your soul knew it was cut out of the fabric of creation to answer such a calling. You turn to your beautiful soul family up above,

“I must go there to where the young souls are seeking mentors. I wish to serve Mother Gaia of whom I have only been able to admire from afar. I wish to be closer with her who is so divine and compassionate in doing so I hope to learn the same. Mother, Father, I wish to audition for the trumpet calling of which have been sent out for days. I know that from our perspective of the heavens, there seems to be little regard of how we would play a role on such a newly born and highly protected planet. My soul however knows I must join her to support the Garden of Eden that she nurtures.”

Your star parents or family or guardians of whom you still have a strong connection to look to one another and then back at you.

“Sure, my love, go where your heart and soul is calling you towards. We will be rooting for you all of the way through your time there. You must know though, there is a contract to be fulfilled when you choose to enter that space of duality. Duality is a jungle I have heard and based on the universal laws that we learn there are many nooks and crannies of which the dark can enter and exploit such divinity in a planet of free will. There is more to do that is of the physical nature in the home you will live than there is in the heaven where we are in full control of our mind as we synch it all very easily to the divine oneness. There on earth there are chances of you to suffer and co-create with those who could easily change their own mind that leads to many disappointments. By no means am I suggesting that you are incapable but I ask of you to fully contemplate the wondrous quest you are wishing to embark upon. Divine one, my inspiring child, go forth where your heart may lead. Know that I shall miss you dearly as I watch from here how your lifetimes shall unfold in service to humanity. I love you dearly and it is my honour to support you and I long to see you again at least if it shall only be through your astral travels as you sleep to recharge your earth vessel upon Gaia’s land when the sun is not awakening your services of the day. We are so proud of your heart which we already tune into and forsee the grand plans that shall unfold before the nation of the stars as you join many who will love and adore all that you learn of whom I know the heavens shall be promoted to anchor light in more creative ways through the example of light warriors such that you shall become. I love you dearest divine child and may all of God’s will be fulfilled under the divine blessing of us as souls who seek to learn and enjoy that peace which shall never we lost under full guidance of our almighty Mother/Father Sun. A community now surrounds you with your intention they have come to send you off to this new adventure of your heart’s calling, to enter the earthly realm of Mother Gaia’s love for young ones and you shall be a young soul in form too though your light is wise and we will all recognise and remember who you truly are as of our heavenly time together. Earth will have a new interrelation of heaven as shall earth be that of the divine one when the liminal spaces are merging and the Golden Age is being birthed. Beloved child of the almighty, we bless your journey forward. Remember why you have begun your journey. Stay strong in knowing that there are no wrong moves and what you have signed up to was indeed a difficulty for many to have been valid in passing for the mission and purpose they could pursue in a world of free will and divine order needing to be introduced. Child of mine, go forth and divine is your path which seeks God in all places to emanate your own more powerfully in abundance of blessings that shall alleviate the suffering of a dense newly established world. Cry if you must, yell if you want to, then when you are tired of the suffering and are wanting to go home as you have wished to not have signed up having forgotten the lightness this journey can be, remember that we are always watching you and you are free to choose joy, not sadness and anger to bring forward that which you would like to explore and pave the path for others to know of love in their own way. Blessings almighty child of the light, the world awaits the calling of which you shall remember when your training is matured to the point of initiating your Golden journey of bringing Heaven to earth. That heaven is you.”

4 thoughts on “Journeying to Earth – Channeled Message from your Star Family

  1. That was beautiful. I felt so much love and yearning to go home yet validated in my purpose on earth. I rest easy now. May I enjoy the rest of my time here on beautiful mother earth. Thank you.


  2. Beautiful Susan, thank you for your inspiring comment. I am so grateful to be connecting with you in this precious way while we’re each navigating through this earth quest 🙂 Sending love and blessings to your journey, may your path unfurl and light up in celebration of your presence ❤✨


  3. Thank you very much, Phuong. Love this beautiful message that was much needed at this time. Thank you for the inspiration to take another leap forward. Sending you lots of love and sparkly light. 💖💖


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