Journey Through the Trees

Dearest Beings of Love and High Vibrations,

We are here in awe of the light that is taking hold over the darkness that is being stirred up in the world despite the way it may seem in the earthly perspective. A lot of you have been feeling worn out by the heavy processes to be had in order to acclimate to this higher vibration. Sometimes we believe that the darkness of the world is causing the pain of your ascension process however we invite you to consider that maybe it is the light that is showing up in a significant way that is wanting to pierce through all inhibitions so that you may soar as a being of divine acknowledgment.

We understand that we cannot fully convey to you the extent of which you are loved from above given the space of which you visualise our presence and understand the universe with accordance to the limitations of earth physics. We do however, wish to explain to you that we are all in this together in the energetic reality of which Gaia and the earthly way is not an inhibition but rather a focus of which your souls are bringing purpose and love to the forefront of your human evolution. Below is a short journey which will take you through the woods of understanding the trees and forest as one in the same.

You find yourself lying on the forest floor, it feels cold and you are seeking to find the meaning and purpose of your spirit amidst all the trees which seem to point to the divine no matter what the wind brings to them. You see the colours of which the trees telepathically communicate to one another and it shines out a collaborative message to the world around it. You find that one of those packets of energy wants to reach you specifically. You hold this ball of energy in between your hands and you sit up in order to understand what the message is by adjusting to the frequency of this forest truth.

Opening up your hands you open up a whole vision of which you recognise is the library of your soul. You step through the portal of which you find yourself in a whole other world yet you know your physical vessel lays rest in the forest. Your physical reality is lighter and you can float across the air of which there is no end to where the forest floor was beneath your body in the physical reality. You ride this wave of love and care-free way of being and you decide to explore the world around the Hall of Records rather than venture though the records of your journey as you are wanting to savour this moment in freedom and bliss within this space.

You choose to go deep through the layers of clouds as you seek to find where the earth in this universe is as to see it from another perspective. You see that the earth is in need of great healing as you see dark clouds surround the planet of earth during this time. You see the trees in the forest of which you have learned to see from another perspective. The telepathic communication between the trees opens up further tapping into the atmospheric stratosphere where it is rippled across the globe. You are amazed of how you may have a part to play in this divine orchestration amongst the trees.

Now you see yourself in a completely different perspective as you realise that your physical avatar lays rest on the forest floor while you are able to travel across the globe to understand the significance of the healing that lightworkers are bringing to humanity. Nature is supporting all of us profoundly on the planet just simply by being. You are learning about your multi-dimensionality and it is assisting the world at large what detail is intended through your actions in your everyday life. Even resting gives off healing power to the collective. You are safe, it is a blessing to have you on this planet during these times, you are appreciated beyond measure and our commitment as your spiritual guidance team is all encompassing for we are one. Ground among these trees you rest and watch from the forest floor as you descend to earth once more for your ongoing success. Blessed be among these trees of life. Namaste.

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