What Is Love? by El Morya

Dearest One,

I AM here and I love you. Once more we join in connection to the divine as beings across the multiple dimensions in which we speak. Thank you for the services you provide in order to close the gap of separation by filling it with the consciousness of oneness beyond all limiting beliefs that have been ingrained in the human psyche of the collective. Light you have brought to your family, community, nation, global family and beyond. This is to be commended for by the acknowledgement of love that is helping you to soothe any wounding of this path of grit and resilience. Rest now in your angelic wings that do not need to be recognised for you to proudly wear for we in the spiritual realm know the path you have walked to earn such order in your energy.

Now we speak of today’s message in encouraging you to divine your own truth through your daily life, not just with spiritual tools that you gather. Do not become distracted by these spiritual gifts as to forget that you yourself are spirit. Just like the human body is a vessel for which you deliver truth to humanity as the leaders of a brighter future, you are so much more than the pain which is actually communication from your vessel to your consciousness guiding you on your spiritual path. We see that many of you have felt lost embarking on this spiritual journey looking for all the tools but not truly engaging with the messages that these tools you have successfully divined for wisdom. We do not want to judge you by saying so for this trigger point is to allow your psyche to expand out of all the pressure of your societal conditioning. Believe in your truth and always be of service to what is truly resonating to your heart and inner being. Many are successful in their spiritual development while others are successful in engaging with spiritual things. There are those who are completely unaware of what spirituality is about but are very much living in their spirits. With that follows discernment as to understand what spirit truly is if it could so be defined as a vessel of wisdom.

Spirit as we would like to describe to you within this short message to cover all that Spirit could be defined as is simply the way we choose to love and the love that we attune to. “Then what is love?” We hear many of you ask as you delve into this intellectual conversation already engaging with the divine in a more personalised manner than to read about it and accept it with no sensing of how it feels for your inner being. Love then we describe is the force that presents a quality of life that is ever increasing in the qualities that are resonating with the highest, greatest potential of energy and light. Have we reduced this concept then too far if energy and light is all that is? Yes and no, again we do not want you to confuse your source as the creation derived from the source. We would like for you to simply allow that truth to reveal to you that truth in ways which support your enjoyment and freedom in life.

Feel the power of truly knowing who you are as one and all. You are an amazing human being and divine creation of Source expressing the potential of all you are and can be. We love you so much.

This has been El Morya. Be at peace now and always. Our channeling ends here for now.

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