About Me

Hi Amazing Soul~

I feel great JOY in being able to connect with you here at Unified Souls. My name is Thien Phuong, I AM a certified Master Orion Channel, an intuitive empath, oracle card reader and universal friend.

The intention I have for Unified Souls is to form a sanctuary of guardians to support children who are building their own foundation as future leaders of New Earth in this emerging Golden Age. One of my favourite quotes is, “It takes a village to raise a child”. Through our collective healing and empowerment of the inner children, embodying spiritual maturity, we can PLAY our divine role as sovereign creators and heart centered protectors in this legacy of light.

My prayer for New Earth is for Mother Gaia to be in full health again. May ALL children of Earth be free, safe and encouraged to express their creative power with an understanding of universal laws. May a protective sanctuary be held for what Earth was originally intended for, to celebrate the love of Source.