Mother Mary Speaks of Order

Beloved, I AM here and I love you. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to schedule some of your energy to relax and enjoy this time with me as Mother Mary channelling through this being. We would like to raise your awareness in understandings of our teachings to you through […]

Caught Up In Concepts

Dear One, I AM Archangel Michael here with you all to share a loving message as a reminder to ensure that you walk your personal journey of coming into your most refined authenticity. In spirituality as a collective term for what humanity entails as energy, universal law, frequency, vibration, love and forms or concepts that […]

Moment of Moses Message by Archangel Michael

Beloved, It is I Archangel Michael here with a message of love for each one of you reading this transmission. The times ahead are calling for you to fully express yourself as the magnificent being that you are. You are able to connect with those who are able to see the guiding light that you […]

Harvested One from the Confederation

I am currently reading the Ra Material and have come across the term ‘Harvest’. For a while I have felt this term could be used positively or negatively. From reading the Ra Material, I saw the beauty in that the divine is watching over our growth, evolution and will to serve our brothers and sisters. […]

Corruption Correction by Melchizedek

Dear One, We would like you to know that you are growing in your personal discernment as you have taken the time to turn inward so that you are aware of energy that is being received through you. We bless you, sensitive soul, at this time in honouring yourself as you have chosen the path […]

Power of One

Dear One, I am here and I would like to express my love to humanity at this time for we are on the brink of success as much as it seems to be on the cusp of the crackdown for all who are not in alignment with the building of New Earth and seek to […]

Quan Yin on the Reality of Form

Dear One, I am Quan Yin speaking through this channel at this time. I thank you for taking the time to care for yourself. I thank you for caring the earth vessel gifted to you by Mother Gaia herself. As we eat our sacred land in the form of food that has been processed by […]

El Morya Empowers Your Dreams

Dear One, I am here and I love you. This is El Morya speaking. I am a truther of heaven and earth as the time has come for us to awaken fully into divine knowing that many of you are already aware and so you are being called forth to share your message with all […]

Radiate Your Heart Space by Maitreya

Dear One, I AM Maitreya here with you once again to further message you about yesterday’s channeling in terms of all truths being true and that now we are moving on to the truth of your dreams and reality. There are times when we feel that we are not in alignment with our purpose but […]

All Truths Are True by Lord Maitreya

Dear One, I AM Maitreya here with you all, each one of you, during these times of the Kali Yuga coming to a close. We thank you for your patience in the ascension process and wish for you to hang on to your purposes before you fully release into the freedom from samsara. We speak […]

The Importance of Appreciating Yourself

In a time where we are learning so much more about ourselves as not only an individual but also a society, it can be discombobulating to feel all these external influences as well as a budding development within you ready to unfurl.  It is amazing what the evolutionary journey can reveal to a collective who […]

Introducing Thien Phuong

My name is Thien Phuong Tran. I am a lightworker, twin ray and master channel here to help humanity awaken to their own divinity in these times of exciting and great change. I am the founder of Unified Souls of which I have created in order to help the youth awaken out of the false […]

Kali Yuga Cycle Ends by Great White Brotherhood

Dear One, We are the Great White Brotherhood here to assist you in healing the collective toxicity in our spiritual concepts that are now outdated and in need of an upgrade. I would like to say thank you to all the lightworkers who have stepped into their power and that includes you who have stepped […]

Jesus Wants to Connect

Credits to the rightful owner of the Jesus Christ Sacred Heart art, I do not own this image Dear One, I AM here and I love you. Thank you for clicking on this post as of the modern times we would like to fully address the power of technology to form a unified field of […]

Trauma Bonding Exceptions

I want to talk about with you today trauma bonding. It is a vicious cycle that goes unseen as we tend to turn towards what is familiar and yet painful as can be the safety and comfort of the familiar can override our fears of the future that may not be predictable and more scary […]

Unconventional Healing Message

LET GO OF WORRY Trends exist in spirituality as it becomes more apparent in our awareness, thoughts forms are created and we must be careful not to let this hinder our dynamic journey of the soul. We are all sovereign beings, responsible for discerning our own realities. There is no order higher than the divine […]

Mother Gaia Speaks to Her Children

Dear One, I AM here and I adore and love you from the depths of my being. This is Mother Gaia speaking to each one of you reading this, my darling earth children you have come a long way to reach this point of awakening to who you are and I love all the lessons […]

Free Will, Now What?

When it comes to the self realisation that you are whole, complete and divine as you are, next comes the question of, “Okay, what is it that I would like to utilise this infinite energy for?” and, “If my brothers and sisters are here beside me on a powerful journey each, what is it that […]

Power of the Mind

Here we are in a Golden Age starting anew with exploration of the unknown as we gather our personal power to a world we forsee as one much healthier and less susceptible to the self sabotaging ways of the past. We leap forward in complete faith with love in our hearts opening a new paradigm […]

Near Death Experience

The room was DARK. Everything became even DARKER. I could see NOTHING. I could not even see myself, if I was even present as separate from the environment. I was having a near death experience. I do not want to start by mentioning about leaving high school as I do not want to seem STUCK […]

Jesus Loves Me by Jesus of the Christ

Hi dear One, I am here and I love you all, each and everyone of you. Thank you for taking your time in reading this message as much as I am truly grateful for your hard efforts in working through your ascension process whether you know of such process is evolving through you or not. […]

To Be Seen

I have done it. I have revealed to the world what I am and who I am here to become. It has been a liberating experience and there is no pain in my body for the moment until I am ready to deepen into my spirituality further. I am here and I love you for […]

Violet Flame Blessing for Sacred Sexuality

Dear Ones, We are here and we love you. This is the Great White Brotherhood back again to empower the femininehood of the world to stand up for their earnest truths that have yet to be transmuted from the shame and guilt of yesterday. By saying so, may we once and for all remove the […]

Through the Void Meditation from Mother Mary

Dear One, I am Mother Mary speaking with each one of you reading this at this time. Thank you for the warmth that you bring to the world in the way that you are preparing a great foundation for the young ones of the world to fully integrate the shining ones of the future in […]

Note to Self from Holy Spirit

Dear One, We are here and we love you. This has been a great day in revealing to you the importance of not ignoring your ignorance. So much of suffering upon the planet at this time is due to the ignorance that have yet to be faced with the courage within the non-acceptance we are […]

Hearts Break Open by Miriam

Dear One, We are here and we love you. Thank you for moving forward in life wherever there may be heartfelt relationship that no longer resonate you choose to leave behind. Thank-you for the mannerism of self worthiness so that all may prosper in the name of their own divinity. It is without a doubt […]

About Love by Great White Brotherhood

Dear One, I am here and I love you. We are the collective of the Great White Brotherhood once more and we are in awe of the promising year ahead for each one of you. Yes, we are not denying the difficult and challenging circumstances that continue to be in your daily life but we […]

Play With Source All Day by Sanat Kumara

Dear One, I am Lord Sanat Kumara here for you now as I am prospecting a wonderful year ahead for humanity and I wish to be of service to your soul evolution as you become more highly attuned to the cosmic forces moving and delivering love, peace, prosperity and joy throughout your daily life. It […]

Dove of Peace by Sanat Kumara

Dear One, I am Lord Sanat Kumara here with each one of you at Unified Souls. It is my big pleasure to fulfill the void of your sensitivities with resistance free service of your own personal soul power and purpose. What wonder there is to obey the power of the One I AM within you […]

Private Channeling Sessions

The session will begin with a warm welcome chat with me. Remember to bring with you a cup of water to drink to help with the flow of energy in your body during the session. Know that you are entering a safe, loving sanctuary upon arrival. I am a certified Master Orion Channel and a […]

Ocean Within a Drop by Green Tara

Dear One, This is Green Tara here with each one of you, thank-you very much for the kindness you share with others. For the healing work you work through on yourself you are tending to people from all of time space reality. We want you to be a karate kid in your approach to your […]

Blessed Be by Mother Isis

Dear One, I am Isis, Mother of Magic and Goddess of Motherhood here with you all as you tend to your deep recovery of self and healing that which had long been awaiting for your tenderness as a bond of love from within you. I am so proud of the progress of this ascension process, […]

Godspark Doubt Free

Greetings dear One, I am your sister Mary Magdalene on your journey of ascension beside the beloved Jesus of the Christ and Mother Mary also standing in solidarity with each one and all at this time. We have come this morning, day, evening to you in order to bring joy and hope along the busy […]

A New Merry Way

Dear One, I am here and I love you very dearly. Beloved I am Lord Sainyat here from a galaxy long ago present with the race of humanity with great humour as I watch above the development full of excitement, awe and relief as we develop and turn into the future of new leaders as […]

The Starchild Returns

Dear One, I am here and I love you. Indeed it is I Archangel Michael here with each one of you to share a message of guidance and love in the name of this sacred container called Keepers of the Rainbow Children. I am going to disclose with many of you who have a divine […]

Inner and Outer Expression

Greetings dear One, I am here and I love you. Thank-you for bringing me through so that I may speak a message of love for many on this message being read to share my wisdom and as a guardian and keeper of the light. I am about vitality and the purpose of healing work being […]

Golden Ascension Robe by Lady Portia

Dear One, I am here and I love you. Thank you for being willing to listen to the words we speak here and now in this synchronicity of your awareness. Thank you for finding this portal of which light codes for the young ones will be transferred through you as you allow this to happen. […]

Introductory Channeled Message

Dear One, We are here and we love you dearly. I am Archangel Michael together with Archangel Metatron feeling proud that we are able to channel a message through Phuong. Today we have gathered to present to you an introductory blog post from which Uni-Souls will establish a brilliant platform for the foundation of New […]

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