The Importance of Appreciating Yourself

In a time where we are learning so much more about ourselves as not only an individual but also a society, it can be discombobulating to feel all these external influences as well as a budding development within you ready to unfurl.  It is amazing what the evolutionary journey can reveal to a collective who is able to grasp these concepts and changes on a conscious level. It is not always a smooth journey though and this is what I would like to share about why it is important for us all to appreciate ourselves more during these times of the great awakening.

1. Sovereignty has no reference – in an earlier message I shared about stepping into your power I have mentioned that we become nothing and everything when we learn that we are energetic beings and are connected to all things. With that the dysregulation can come in and we are somewhat forced to realign with our true nature because that is where we find equilibrium, peace and serenity. This is where our presence is mastered and in that we are more alerting that we are to monitor ourselves closely – hence the appreciation for all that we are and shall become from this point onwards.

2. Letting others know about how we feel, what our ideals are and where we would like to head towards would allow your manifestations to come forward more easily. It is also a way to ensure that co-creation with your fellow brothers and sisters to dream up a dream for themselves as we come more and more into our power as a collective. Fascinating times are ahead as we reveal more of our innate qualities that are truly divine and so know that as you appreciate yourself enough to express your truth, you encourage a better world for all your loved ones (and this includes you of course!).

3. Being there for yourself during times of change keeps you aligned to your highest virtues. Being all over the place could mean we pick up a lot of energies that do not belong to us and needs constant clearing until we realise that the most important subject to show up for is you who is reading this. Thank-you for taking the time to receive more information that may assist you through your day and may you continue on with your day after this post reminding yourself that you are the utmost priority before you can show up for another loved one or client of your heart-based service.

4. Revaluating your past will often bring you back into realising negative thought loops you may have had and what we often forget is that we were doing our best every step of the way. You are the star of your own play that you have scripted along as you went about the unfoldment of your destiny and manifestation. You are doing more work than you realise just by simply being a miraculous human undergoing so many shifts and changes which comes out of the blue for many of you. It is alright to take your time in reflection, just remember that you are at the peak of all that have shaped you and moving forward from all these improvements you feel you need to make simply means you appreciate life enough to care. Well done.

5. Earth is a wonderful planet to be on for all the blessings that are to come as we all become more conscious and empowered individuals. Earth child you are so loved by Mother Earth/ Mother Gaia and she feels your emotion as her own for we are deeply connected despite these concrete jungles and cell towers that may try to disconnect this mother-child bond. Appreciate yourself when you get out into nature because it feels good to be yourself in your true nature right? Not so much an importance this point but rather a necessity to feel good about yourself because Mother Gaia does not want you to miss out on all the life she crafts for you to enjoy.

I appreciate you. You are dearly loved by the entire universe which is to be proanoid about. Proanoia is the universe conspiring to work in your favour of all your heart’s desire in case you are wondering and you deserve it just because you are divine love itself learning about your true nature in this school of life that Mother Gaia and her children presents.

Much love,
Thien Phuong

Introducing Thien Phuong

My name is Thien Phuong Tran. I am a lightworker, twin ray and master channel here to help humanity awaken to their own divinity in these times of exciting and great change. I am the founder of Unified Souls of which I have created in order to help the youth awaken out of the false parenthood paradigm where we have generationally been taught to give our power away. With that comes empowerment of the divine feminine in returning our nurturing instincts to help the divine masculinity within become balanced and focused on heart-driven services of the collective rather than being ego-driven. I have been exploring different disciplines of the industries in our world on a foundational level where spirituality is lacking in some areas and exploited in others.

I started off my journey coming out of high school not really sure what I wanted to do and pursued what I perceived to be the highest path at the time to study science and I have graduated as a Master of Environmental Science and Technology.

On the next quest after learning about this structured way of life and empirical knowledge of how the world may be seen though society’s programming I decided to explore the world of no programming and fell into unemployment having not known how to take full responsibility for my own sovereignty quite yet.

I studied archaeology in the first three months of the 2020 CV lockdown. At a smoke ceremony held by an uncle of the Wurundjiri people I healed the part of me that wanted to study on for a PhD though learned that Aboriginal culture have their children go through sacred intiations on becoming an adult and some go on to become elders. That really resonated with my spiritual life inside of myself while I have been conflicted in the 3D paradigm realising how contradictory the world is. I left archaeology after learning that they have abandoned the idea of enlightenment as an evolutionary path for humanity and fell deeper into materialism with a glass ceiling being hit whenever interpreting artefacts and concepts became too esoteric.

That led me onto the path of spiritual entrepreneurship. I was stoked to find that I have the ability to create and manifest my own life from my own terms with all my heart and soul. Little did I know I would be facing my own shadow aspects to take full responsibility for my own self and learned quickly that there is a dark side to all industries as we are all living through a paradigm shift.

I left some of my dedication to the entrepreneurial path for the last few months as I have needed healing from all the pressure of realising how much people were struggling and I wanted to be a part of the solution without perpetuating the problem any further. I discovered and awakened more of my creative energy studying in a university that have applied the holistic marking scheme where we are not judged by a number but are provided constructive feedback and competency assessment based on skills we have developed balanced in its structure and flow in their work/piece.

I felt healed having revisited the 3D world after several years of meditating and clearing out my life from a higher perspective. I saw that the people in my class including the teachers were on their own evolutionary journey and that it had been arrogant of me to think that I could sweep my spirituality to activate people. We activate one another through service in love and not fear or hate.

Here I am now, fully decided that I will create my own reparenting program to assist this part of the collective unconscious so that our children can feel aligned right from the get go and have a support system as they transition into more advanced stages of their development. I am here to bring peace on earth though greater inner union of self and interact in a society of spiritual maturity. I AM Thien Phuong ‘way of heaven’ and Dieu Binh, my Buddhist name meaning Peace or vase. Love to you all.

Trauma Bonding Exceptions

I want to talk about with you today trauma bonding. It is a vicious cycle that goes unseen as we tend to turn towards what is familiar and yet painful as can be the safety and comfort of the familiar can override our fears of the future that may not be predictable and more scary than we might think as we turn to old patterns only to decompose our own potential and sense of sovereignty even more.

Today’s topic is a little heavier and dense but I feel it is important for us not to downplay the heaviness and weight of these burdens we hold onto ourselves as we seek to expand but feel that we cannot due to past failures or thinking we are not good enough. Now I am not saying that I am a hero at this in stepping out of my comfort zone to be there as I should be in my full power, I am healing as much as any human being who has been on a long journey of evolution picking up so many inputs and blows to the ego wound body.

Here are the 5 steps I would like to share about today in helping you to recognise if the relationship or interaction you are having may be one on the toxic side of a relationship. I don’t feel I need to say it at this point but I want to warn you that this may be triggering for some of you who may have hidden hurts that may come up as I share the 5 steps.

  1. Do you feel stuck and are unsure of where to go next in your life because what you truly want is not within reach as someone have said you cannot do it? Dear one, I hope that you can recognise this relationship is not an uplifting one and it is being internalised within yourself as the negative self talk which is holding you into safety to ensure that your external reality is fitting with the perpetrators of your wounds and injuries to your self-esteem.
  2. How much time has gone by and yet the same results continue to occur as you find yourself thinking the same thoughts that do not serve you and those thoughts just becomes a separate entity in which you make space for as a burden you have felt you needed to carry in order to survive? Do you want to be doing the same thing tomorrow and the next day and see yourself happy as this continues?
  3. Procrastination is a key indicator that something is obstructing your growth. There is so much you can do out in the physical world but yet the pain continues which is calling you to feel and yet it feels painful so you escape only to perpetuate this pain that is holding a truth you need to know, “you are worth more than this, heal thyself”.
  4. Do you believe in yourself truly? Are you wearing masks in front of people only to realise that you’re the only one you needed to impress and become comfortable with? Now this one is a very triggering one I know but bear with me. Why would you have put on a mask in the first place if your were truly beautiful as you are in the design of the divine? This is separation consciousness coming through and putting on a mask is the by-product of needed more separation in order to survive and distract others from the original wound you feel in holding onto past pains.
  5. Are you truly feeling alive in what you are doing right now? Are you living your highest passion? Are you pursuing your hopes and dreams? Or is the comfort zone much more tempting to fall into as you awaken to the truth of this pain body you are learning so much about your harsh reality from?

Now I am asking you these questions not to perpetuate your fears, anxiety and pain again. I don’t want to be the one to perpetuate your trauma bonding cycle to deepen it further. But what I am having you understand as you read and process your emotions through these questions you may or may not have been running from is to have you realise that you do see the trouble of the heart, mind and spirit as a force which is pressing against you. Yet you are also the one who is holding the power to question and answer and decide where you wish to go next in your life. Codependency can be such a deep wounds we fail to realise that we still hold the greater power to observe, dissect and extract from our life. This loving consciousness that you are is ready and free to question and explore the life to engage in the lessons and gather the wisdom to perpetuate you into the higher timeline of self-love abundance instead of self-love deficiency. Be brave dear warrior spirit, overcoming co-dependency is the real deal where we run against everything that seems familiar to which we realise it was never serving our highest and greatest good. Return to your roots of pure love and you will find a community of like-minded soul warriors there who are ready to tend your wounds with you and be the greatest version of yourself.

Phoenix child, rise!

Free Will, Now What?

When it comes to the self realisation that you are whole, complete and divine as you are, next comes the question of, “Okay, what is it that I would like to utilise this infinite energy for?” and, “If my brothers and sisters are here beside me on a powerful journey each, what is it that I came here for?”

Free will is already consecrated into divine will, it is just a matter of remembering who you are and that in itself is the creator of what you are already within you, a unique soul blueprint that is being expressed in this new lifetime that your consciousness is incarnated to and which comes about a whole new perspective of the same Godspark that can experience the whole Universe in every given moment.

Can you see that you are a brave soul to be here on the planet right now as we move into the reality of New Earth anchoring in our Godspark to open up our hearts and minds to what is possible for our life as a divine human being?

Can you see that all your experiences leading up to this point of self-realisation, as you awaken my dear friend have already been divinely orchestrated since the beginning? With love, you have your own divine will to choose that you are free of constraint and continue to expand. As with the discernment and judgement of truth, both work together as the divine feminine and the divine masculine in order to guide and assist your navigation through this unexplored territory of each moment.

Do you realise that you are already going forth into the unknown everyday? Do you realise that you are a holistic being rediscovering their light in a world of form as the Christhood embodied? If Jesus could do it, so can you, he is saying 😊. Divine one you are divinely guided by friends in high places who remember you and have been watching over how you progress in your journey this whole time and they cannot wait to connect with you on a deeper level as they also want to be in on the action of you rediscovering your wholeness.

I know I speak a lot about this oneness consciousness but it really is the big picture that allows you to feel overwhelmed, yes, but also liberated as you get to allow yourself to explore that vast space and envision a new earth into being as the divine parent of your own inner child. False parenthood programmings are now crumbling as we each seek and find our own sovereignty. Knowing that you are enough you will find will be more than enough for you to fully enjoy and create in this wonderful world we are living in. Heaven is right here and everything you do is already divinely guided by your own divine will. You are born for this dear child 🤗

Leave a 🏹 if you are excited about your future, a 🌏 if you feel grateful for the present moment and a 🕯 to bless the past that has shaped who you are today.

Near Death Experience

The room was DARK. Everything became even DARKER. I could see NOTHING. I could not even see myself, if I was even present as separate from the environment. I was having a near death experience.

I do not want to start by mentioning about leaving high school as I do not want to seem STUCK in the PAST, but I am wholeheartedly admitting that leaving high school to enter the big wide world of which I was sheltered from and fear-mongered about growing up was quite traumatic.

I did not have my own IDENTITY, or at least, I programmed myself to SUPPRESS who I truly, deeply AM for a long time. I was CODEPENDENT and relied on others to be defined. Basically, I did not know how to stand for my own decision even if I knew it would be right for me.

Crash, COLLAPSE, sunken memories. My EGO structure was stripped down and turned into rubble of a dream validation. Not even a dream life, just VALIDATION as I suffered from extreme PERFECTIONISM.

I became a fish out of water who have spent much time in a fish bowl busy with study and staying low key much of the time. It was indeed enriching to cultivate my INTROVERSION, but there is only so much before I realise this is not ALL THERE IS.

Suddenly, I was feeling the whole world INSIDE of me. All the PAIN, sorrow, resentment, frustration, anger, hatred of human history within HUMANITY, I was feeling it all at once as a physical EMPATH.

Was it ANXIETY? I certainly felt anxious. But it was so much more than that, my SENSITIVITY to the world grew as it was all new to me. It was exciting, scary, OVERWHELMING and just very energetically taxing to feel the anxiety of all the first years in a big lecture room as I navigated my own progress on a personal healing journey.

I wanted to be a CREATIVE. Instead, I would just CRAP-FIT to my SELF DOUBT, telling myself that all will turn out well later like I have been most of my life. Science is socially acceptable, a stable career to pursue, you can gain a lot of insight, all true.

But that was not completely where my heart lay… I AM (You are) meant for so much more!

“The purpose of BIOLOGY,” the lecturer would say, a woman, “is to find a mate. That’s it.”

I SUNK when she said that. All the wounds of the wounded FEMININE and equally so the wounded MASCULINE would surface making me feel SICK in the stomach of how simplistically life could be viewed…

Back in the ‘Animal Structure and Function’ class again the week later. RUMINATING over the same line the lecturer have mentioned the week earlier. Feeling so downtrodden about my FUTURE, I thought to myself… “Is that all there is?”.

The lecture room was already dark (and gloomy), but everything became even darker than dark as the physical world disappeared before me. I became PURE AWARENESS with no reference point, no person, place, thing, word that would define…that.

I saw a LIGHT. It beckoned awareness forward. There were events happening within this white sphere or PORTAL of light I was observing. I felt the portal call me to step through to the OTHER SIDE.

I had only known about this phenomena where people would mention they or a dying person would see a light before departing. I thought to myself, hang on, my life is only just BEGINNING. I am not ready to leave Earth yet. I am going to stay, I have got work I still need to do here.

And with that DECISION, that vision dissolved as my awareness returned to the dream of sitting in the dark lecture room again. However, my whole perspective was forever changed.

There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with you. God has a plan for YOU. Wake up at your own pace, TRUST that all is truly well.

Shouting out to all the introverts and sensitive souls in the house 😄.

Comment below a 💗 if you felt this story hit home 🤗 for you.

Much love,
Thien Phuong

To Be Seen

I have done it. I have revealed to the world what I am and who I am here to become. It has been a liberating experience and there is no pain in my body for the moment until I am ready to deepen into my spirituality further. I am here and I love you for who I am is you reflected back to me and I thank you for the embodiment of your own divinity in search for the heaven on earth of your greatest visions. I am love and you are too, together we heal the world for a better day than yesterday and with that relativity, may it be that we learn to enjoy the journey as our greatest version recognized to be that which we are becoming. I am the Higher Self of Phuong speaking today and saying it in this way is a little strange for I am writing with the conventions of channeling that I have been practicing. It only goes to show that we are all channels of the source energy as Godsparks that wish to be unlimited in its development as a human consciousness as well. May we ground now this light that we are so too the ego mind may reveal itself for the truth, wisdom, love, adoration of life, protectiveness that it is withholding from fear of judgement. I am a light warrior introducing myself now to be one with my highest greatest most expansive version of me and I thank you for taking the time to drop by today in hearing and knowing this part of your authenticity in the God consciousness that you are to be of support for the life unfolding as a rose of passion, love and purpose reveals itself.

Today I would like to speak of imposter syndrome and truly break it down integrating the soul knowledge with the human experience that I have travelled through as a start-up in the business of channeling for clients professionally without the formality of such in university in which I have derived my human experiences from. Throughout my time during high school I have always known there is this creative bug within me which wanted to know more, be more and heal all. Without that language and understanding or awareness of who I was, it was difficult to relate with others and socially wise, there were many blocks that I had not even come across. Often upon meeting new people, they would pick up something from my energy which was so confusing for me to process having already a confused identity with the ego that tried to play small to keep itself safe and also denying itself of the greatness that relationships are – we share our insights and growth in life. Hence why I have noticed that there was a void within me which grew into neediness of external approval and love and support that would not fulfil the very thing that I was looking for which was self-love, self-healing, divinity, sovereignty.

Flash forward to now and here I am writing to you about these small thoughts having gone somewhere now from yesterday revealing myself to those who I have attached my old ego with. To hold onto oneself so tightly is equal to the grip of the ego that contracts, and contracts some more until there is nowhere to go which has been my experience over these past couple of years. I thought I was on the right track with the ego keeping me safe in honoring the status quo to be the safehaven that is fundamentally built on fear, control and lack of inspiration. I am no longer resentful of what I have left from the past to be here sharing these words with you because I know that none of it defines me. All of it was a choice that I had made and I am now ready to discover myself just as you learn more about the energy that I bring to your awareness to light up within you the recognition of our God consciousness which never needed an external structure to hold it down for it is already all encompassing and much more intelligent than we could ever know. Hence, you are so much more powerful than you could ever know.

This feels so free to be writing with your awareness organically. I feel at peace and I hope to continue this journey forward in greater depth, authenticity, love, truth, wisdom and greatness that we will both journey forward in life to know of and die happily knowing that death is an illusion of the self imposed ego structure which wants to collapse onto itself in the contradiction of what it believes to be true. You are so powerful dear one and I cannot wait to explode into life the fullness of who I am having removed so much shame, guilt, smallness, separation consciousness, neediness in my life. I thank you for your radiance of stepping forward in your journey being one who is reading this consciousness of rebuilding ones livelihood through the awareness of their creative genius or inner child that wants to have an outlet of freedom, purity, justice, empowerment and love. Namaste dear ones.

Thien Phuong