Journeying to Earth – Channeled Message from your Star Family


We are here and we love you. Today I would like to share a message with you all in holding space for yourself to see yourself how we see you. We would like you to imagine that you are in the world in your most favourite of all places. The Holy Black Womb of no-thing where all your suffering is gone and all your new beginnings are present. You are able to create the life that you wish to display as a human as you look to the blue planet of self expression and abundance of opportunities to physicalise your dreams in ways that represent the eternal. You have heard of myths and tales about this place of which Mother Gaia is homing so many beautiful and cherished young souls. Mother Gaia is learning to ascend as she is able to hold space for all these young earthlings as she has been on quite the journey of soul evolution to have become the wonderful planet that she is. Here compassion inspires you and you are awakened to a trumpet calling through the open wide space that you have called home for a long time. Here you are surrounded by many of your star lineages and they all wish for you to be as joyful as you can in this realm of so much more than your own soul could provoke to share with the universe. Inside of you however, there was this nudge. This yearning for more. An adventure of some sort. You wanted to go to that beautiful blue planet which you know could use a lot of your guidance to support the young ones and you have very much enjoyed and are nostalgic of the days in which you were in training as an angel in the higher realms or wherever your star origin may be. You are relaxed now and you sense this calling is more than just a feeling within your soul, you feel that possibly your soul knew it was cut out of the fabric of creation to answer such a calling. You turn to your beautiful soul family up above,

“I must go there to where the young souls are seeking mentors. I wish to serve Mother Gaia of whom I have only been able to admire from afar. I wish to be closer with her who is so divine and compassionate in doing so I hope to learn the same. Mother, Father, I wish to audition for the trumpet calling of which have been sent out for days. I know that from our perspective of the heavens, there seems to be little regard of how we would play a role on such a newly born and highly protected planet. My soul however knows I must join her to support the Garden of Eden that she nurtures.”

Your star parents or family or guardians of whom you still have a strong connection to look to one another and then back at you.

“Sure, my love, go where your heart and soul is calling you towards. We will be rooting for you all of the way through your time there. You must know though, there is a contract to be fulfilled when you choose to enter that space of duality. Duality is a jungle I have heard and based on the universal laws that we learn there are many nooks and crannies of which the dark can enter and exploit such divinity in a planet of free will. There is more to do that is of the physical nature in the home you will live than there is in the heaven where we are in full control of our mind as we synch it all very easily to the divine oneness. There on earth there are chances of you to suffer and co-create with those who could easily change their own mind that leads to many disappointments. By no means am I suggesting that you are incapable but I ask of you to fully contemplate the wondrous quest you are wishing to embark upon. Divine one, my inspiring child, go forth where your heart may lead. Know that I shall miss you dearly as I watch from here how your lifetimes shall unfold in service to humanity. I love you dearly and it is my honour to support you and I long to see you again at least if it shall only be through your astral travels as you sleep to recharge your earth vessel upon Gaia’s land when the sun is not awakening your services of the day. We are so proud of your heart which we already tune into and forsee the grand plans that shall unfold before the nation of the stars as you join many who will love and adore all that you learn of whom I know the heavens shall be promoted to anchor light in more creative ways through the example of light warriors such that you shall become. I love you dearest divine child and may all of God’s will be fulfilled under the divine blessing of us as souls who seek to learn and enjoy that peace which shall never we lost under full guidance of our almighty Mother/Father Sun. A community now surrounds you with your intention they have come to send you off to this new adventure of your heart’s calling, to enter the earthly realm of Mother Gaia’s love for young ones and you shall be a young soul in form too though your light is wise and we will all recognise and remember who you truly are as of our heavenly time together. Earth will have a new interrelation of heaven as shall earth be that of the divine one when the liminal spaces are merging and the Golden Age is being birthed. Beloved child of the almighty, we bless your journey forward. Remember why you have begun your journey. Stay strong in knowing that there are no wrong moves and what you have signed up to was indeed a difficulty for many to have been valid in passing for the mission and purpose they could pursue in a world of free will and divine order needing to be introduced. Child of mine, go forth and divine is your path which seeks God in all places to emanate your own more powerfully in abundance of blessings that shall alleviate the suffering of a dense newly established world. Cry if you must, yell if you want to, then when you are tired of the suffering and are wanting to go home as you have wished to not have signed up having forgotten the lightness this journey can be, remember that we are always watching you and you are free to choose joy, not sadness and anger to bring forward that which you would like to explore and pave the path for others to know of love in their own way. Blessings almighty child of the light, the world awaits the calling of which you shall remember when your training is matured to the point of initiating your Golden journey of bringing Heaven to earth. That heaven is you.”

Mother Mary Speaks of Order


I AM here and I love you. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to schedule some of your energy to relax and enjoy this time with me as Mother Mary channelling through this being. We would like to raise your awareness in understandings of our teachings to you through this art of channelling or divine knowing which exists within you being expressed or connecting to the world around you with connection to your higher guidance system. Many are displeased with how displaced humanity have become from where we have first intended before the Orion Wars. We wish for you to open your heart once more despite knowing such manifestation could happen on a planet of free will. This is where the art of discerning where you choose to vibrate or how you would like to express your divinity in the world is most pertinent. Sometimes we need to have everything in order before we move forward but rather let us now consider how order truly is where we go all the way back to the big bang.

Once upon a time there was a void of no-thing which then ruptured as the existence of stars began to form out of the contraction of the darkness itself. For the law of one exists that all forms are coming from within and thus a pearl of a universe is illuminated across the milky way and many other galaxies. It is not very easy to explain how we originally formed the big bang like asking who was before God when we are looped in seeing ‘things’ rather than the Is-ness which was never divided upon itself. The issue is love that chooses to express all kinds of artistic expressions. I for one remember my order as I have asked for God the Source to form an expression of motherhood which is going to watch over all our brothers and sisters spread over the cosmos. I am unsure if we are still with the story though I must go on. There are times when concepts like these are not going to ever be fully expressed because it is beyond comprehension. Again this goes for the earlier message channelled from Archangel Michael about not getting caught up in concepts. My point of sharing this story with you however is to show a beautiful light of love and abundance in all of your power to form your collective consciousness into a compassionate order that is focused on the essence of your divine love rather than to try and stack everything together where there are ways for it to heal and bloom into your heart’s desires.

You must not feel trapped by what you have yet to understand but instead do as your heart feels content and look after the wellbeing of your loved ones healing capacity. You all have the power from within you and joy is with you whenever you choose to reference this joy of your own love in being able to be realised and wondered in a world of form. Relax now for you are already worthy, whole and complete in the love that you do have the capacity to watch over in your own being before it is spread all over the cosmos. We love how you show us how many procedures there can be to when we come to a solution of our time now to realise there was no struggle in finding how but to forgive oneself of the ego mind distracting our conscious awareness with what you want to heal now and once for all.

We hope this message has brought you some clarity as to when searching for the world it will lead you onwards to another layer of your world and not so much the dissonances and resonances you feel as you acclimate to your woe of what has been lost to the past. You are brave in choosing to stand before the forefront of change and order of the new coming through to illuminate the present moment even more. We honour your ascension process. Mother Mary I AM, with you as now and forevermore. Love from the Heavens. Adonai.

Caught Up In Concepts

Dear One,

I AM Archangel Michael here with you all to share a loving message as a reminder to ensure that you walk your personal journey of coming into your most refined authenticity. In spirituality as a collective term for what humanity entails as energy, universal law, frequency, vibration, love and forms or concepts that cannot always be proven in the scientific disciplines currently available on earth, we ask that you remember to come from within your heart in order to be with who you truly are. There are times when we find that humanity have not pondered on the embodiment of the frequencies of information they receive in order to correct their journey or to clarify the truth.

We as your spirit guides ask of you to not control your reality as to hold yourself to concepts when it does not resonate with you. Instead please even take this message for what you will and not feel controlled by the words of this channelled message to dictate your life and direct you to where you are already as a being of love, truth, and honour. Feel not the need to be true to the word or the communication that you ought to know are sounds or vibrations indicating what you hear or speak of has an origin that connects us all. You are able to revive your memory of your truth simply by letting go of all these concepts you have adhered to while you were in training.

You are a mighty warrior of peace so do not play small as to follow along words of population and rediscover or research your intuition in how you feel should be the way ahead for you. Beloved you are in charge of your own journey and so follow along with our guidance but please do enjoy this journey on the soul level so that you integrate the wonders of sovereignty in which we guide you towards though you have walked the path in solitude. You are a wonderous, magnificent being of light who is in accordance with divine order. There is no wrong or right move in the eternal truth that you ought to know your power as one with the creator of love, honour and truth and not smallness, rigidity and pain.

On pain, often it is romanticised as the exceptional adherence to a certain concept that becomes celebrated by way of knowing who you are already but having to provide evidence of it in the world of form because of earth’s 3rd density. You have always been free to be who you truly are and the conundrum in with the concept is that you are finding what is already within instead of experiencing the fullness of yourself as a sovereign being. Hardships are honourable when overcome and on the journey of faith to reach a higher goal towards alignment and stability of that, just do not miss out on what is currently as a miracle that surrounds you and celebrates your own divine plan. Keep going on your journey, never give up and save your energy/stress from walking down paths that do not serve you. Archangel Michael I AM.

Moment of Moses Message by Archangel Michael


It is I Archangel Michael here with a message of love for each one of you reading this transmission. The times ahead are calling for you to fully express yourself as the magnificent being that you are. You are able to connect with those who are able to see the guiding light that you are and this gives them a sense of safety. We ask of you to create a realm of consciousness that have risen like Jesus after his crucifixion or a phoenix from its ashes. You are a beloved being of light designed by the heaven to be exactly and most especially who you are.

Many of you reading this have been on a long journey of healing and so we invite you to go forward now in creating what you have obtained on the journey beautifying the glory of your journey thus far. Do you see how a change/shift in perspective of your experience here on earth is powerful enough to move mountains of doubt like how Moses was enabled to heal his lineage with the liberation of his people from the persecution of corrupt authority during his time? Well, you are of the same matter in which we are all potentials of God expressed in our unique blueprint to bring about the expansion of the middle path and of love once more. We are so pleased to be connecting with you in this way. May you know how loved you truly are as we honour you a consciousness of one love. Archangel Michael I am and we are complete. Adonai

Harvested One from the Confederation

I am currently reading the Ra Material and have come across the term ‘Harvest’. For a while I have felt this term could be used positively or negatively. From reading the Ra Material, I saw the beauty in that the divine is watching over our growth, evolution and will to serve our brothers and sisters. Now I see the term to be an expression of joy. Just as any opportunity to learn, there is always an opening for us to improve while there is plenty for everyone to explore their own unique expression of love. Below is a channeled message on this signed by the Confederation which acknowledges the highs and lows of the ascension journey once you have been called to assist the earth evolutionary process that departs the old paradigm and material attachment for a renewed divine template on earth.


We are here to do our best in life and it is also time for us to leave behind all that no longer fits with the limited being that we have all been made to believe. There is a quality of beingness innate within you which wakes you up in inspiration tapping into a higher level of consciousness that remains grounded in the expansiveness of your heart space. There is a quietness within you that is holding the love of the universe speaking inspiration through to you which is to be understood with ease and grace as you let go of your own personal judgements of self that is not of the highest honour that you are an earth child and as a star child. Mother Gaia holds you in her earth body to allow for you to ascend to even greater heights than the inner child have once thought was a big dream to now explore the great adventure of the unknown. There is love in all directions as you recognise this inner voice lifting you up and being true to the very core of your being. There is much grace in allowing for you let go of connections that only seek to steal your light only to find that it was authenticity which shone through those they admire. With that, your authenticity is the treasure of which in this grand time you are welcomed and encouraged to express. Weird at first but eventually you change your fate to be living your dream in a plane of higher consciousness to where you have felt insecure of your power. Remain grounded in the love that is with you in all ways. Remain in the light of transcendence from the ego that have once parented you for you now see it as your inner child to be supported by the divine system of the universe to work through your life in the grand awakening. You are not alone, you are exploring your world in a way that is assisting your spiritual team of guides to understand where you are coming from in order to take your hand leading you to where you want to go. Thus, action is required as well as complete surrender to the divine. Some may project upon you the mess they are to sort out on their own without knowing how or even be able to simply ask for the much wanted help. Leave them be as they release their sorrows of not wanting to participate in the great love coming through to reignite their soul purpose and freedom through ascension. Letting go of the material world behind whilst renewing the earth with inspired creations that will shift the physical from the non-physical. Lightness is with you as you speak to the great joys in life being that of finding love both without as well as within you for love is soul and all is spirit. Love here is the key to all ending of suffering. Suffering has been the sadness of our soul journeys while we learnt to face the truth. Then we simply let it go and relieve ourselves of the environments which sought to activate us through the final rounds of clearing karma from our soul, at least what has been signed to clear here and now for karma is also a result of continued learning and even in the nature of the laws that govern earth civilisations.

Here on earth, we spark the joys of creating a new evolutionary process for all of the world to learn from in one of the densest environments upon the creation of God and at the same time there is so much intense light to master these realms of contrast and liminal support that will propel the world into the greater order of the divine in their soul design of earth to date.

We leave you now with love.

We are the Confederation Collective, much love and much thanks to you.”

Visiting your Spirit Guides with Mother Mary

Dear One,

I am here and we all love you. Thank you for taking the time to come and visit us within your psyche in order to raise your vibration to uplift the collective. We honour the unfolding evolution of humanity at this time and it is our pleasure to be of service to your highest and greatest good. We do not wish for you to go into hermit mode any longer for the dangers of society is all but mundane at this point as you watch the unfoldment of truths being revealed to the people. Be true to your heart and know that all the answers of which you seek are already within you. We would like for you to understand that in order to be there for humanity, you must first be there for yourself as one who is the instrument of peace would have to embody that emanation of peace towards others starting from within. I am so glad that we are here with you in the entirety of grounding and raising your frequency as that would enable for us all to truly step into our power as a universal collective of lightworkers and spirit guides to assist humanity at this time. We understand that it is not always easy to be on the leading edge of which you feel you are constantly coming off a cliff but be rest assured that all your bravery and efforts will surely be paid off in due time. We would like to share another short visualisation for you in order to learn of the wisdoms of the earth experience without needing words to describe explicitly what should be taken away from that imagination exercise. Let’s begin.

Imagine you are walking in the forest barefoot with leaves rustling underneath your feet as you slowly and steadily step on one patch of debris to another. As you walk towards the light before you further down the path, see that you are becoming more and more ethereal and your feet begin to dissolve as the leaves become quiet even though you are now floating across of it at the level of which you were walking. You merge into this light that is before you and dissolve into that oneness looking back to where you have left off from. You see the leaves of autumn and the wind now blows the scene away as the leaves are stirred to close the scene leaving but a memoir of one leaf to show you that the scene was real only now we are moving towards a different direction.

In this field of light you are in now, you see that what was light is but one source within a field of blackness that brings great peace and renewal to you and your beingness. You are aware of who you are as you will return to the place you have left but for now you are allowing yourself this time to just be in the field of consciousness with all the answers that you seek. Come and meet us here your Spirit Guides who love you beckon and now you are in a whole new field with light and loving figures who settle you down at a wooden table with wooden chairs honouring your life on earth while these guides watch you from high above and in the liminal where you are.

Your Guides speak: “Dearest One, We are with you in the non-physical always, you are loved by us always, never feel alone although you feel what you feel, we wish for you to choose to not ignore the love that is already with you instead of looking for more outside of you. The greatest love one human can find within themselves during these changing times is their own heart space holding the light for humanity to know that there is safety within them of which they can rest upon and rely upon. This is where you are always going to be surrounded with love and you centre here we are able to connect with you much more powerfully in order to override the conditionings of limitations and unwanted occurrences distracting you from your flow. We instead wish for you to know that without knowing with your thinking mind you are truly tapping into divine knowledge which is found through the openness and receptivity of your soul to the trueness of reality which goes beyond words. Notice how while you have been reading these words that your mind have quieted down. This is the exact state of which we encourage for you to turn to more often because it is here that we can assist most strongly with your trust and confidence in the energies that you are discerning from your entire being. Rest now in this peace for a moment…

Do you feel how we can start healing you through your open body as you recognise your own light being one with the love that we have for you? You may notice how your vessel is much thinner than you have perceived it to be, truly light. This is the gentleness of the sacred and the kindness of the creation of a single moment in to in each present moment as one moves from one state to another. Rest, relax and allow for the earth to ground you now and apply the same principles you have picked up from connecting with us your guides from above, met by Mother Mary again on earth as she walks with you back through the forest of which you have ventured and into your home as you return to your body all in one peace. Know that Mother Gaia is holding your feet as she helps you to return all your consciousness to this present moment knowing that you are fully supported by her from beneath and all around you. You are so loved.

Mother Mary loves you, Mother Gaia loves you and your Divine Guides adore you from above.

We are now complete.

11/11 2021 Message from Lord Kuthumi and the Arcturians

Dear One,

I am Lord Kuthumi here with a message for the 11/11 portal of 2021. At this moment in time, we feel that humanity have matured to a point of which they are able to handle the truth much more than they have had in the past. We find this a great accomplishment that should not be dismissed as we enter the period of purity in the 11/11 portal that allows for the oceans of opportunity and cleansing to flow through in order to elevate the collective. We commend each one of you reading this message for the way you have shown resilience by continuing to simply shine your light and breathe through your earth vessel in spirithood every day. Love is in the air for those who are seeking a refuge from the lovelessness that is projected from our forgotten truth that we are always immersed by love at all times. That is okay, this is the human way, we understand that this is not always easy to accept but we can work through this together.

I now would like to share my love with you on this special occasion of which a light portal opens up now if you would like to join in the energetic transmission. We are here with you as the Galactic beings from Arcturus transmitting our light language to help with the integration of the energies while Phuong, the channel, is speaking each word out loud and typing this message up for you. Thank-you for being here to join us in the holy communion. Some of you may associate this day as Remembrance day of which we honour those who have passed from the war consciousness of the Piscean age to be made aware in our current times so that history is informing our decisions and conscientiousness of action. We now would like to present you with a different, so to speak, layer of what we see the truth is in regards to honouring the consciousness of peace in a time of the great purge. We understand that duality would hold both realities in one thought. Therefore, to remember that your thoughts are holding space for you rather than dictating what you shall do, you become more of the observer rather than the one who is thinking up the thoughts. As with channeling and simply put ‘being inspired’ this may not be the case if you were to identify yourself with your thoughts. Instead, you are to hold yourself accountable in deciding what thoughts you are open to and what framework or discipline you will implement in order to challenge what may not be of your best interest in your own discernment.

Now, we draw our message into a neater package than has been articulated in a visual or a break-down that may assist your understanding. The 11/11 portal is an opportunity for you to flow with the divine energy that comes through so that you remain sharp in your ability to discern, to be connected to the divine while you are on earth, to be true to your spirit no matter what structures may be in your way. We understand that in order to be who you truly are, there are structures that will be crashing down while it adjusts to your shining light. You do not need to concern yourself of the external at this point. Just as you see a monk in a temple or a place of seclusion, they have found a richness and connectedness within the air and energy around them. You are a wonderful being of light who is truly understanding that in order to be yourself, you must have the courage to not know who you are in order to allow the divine to speak through and remind you of who you are from a non-human, benevolent point of view. The human conditions themselves have already filtered the thoughts that you wish to access before it reaches the external expression for it is an all knowing energy which understands the perspectives of all who seek for true understanding. True understanding is in the oneness consciousness that we are able to hold true in our hearts as we bring forth divine knowing to co-create on the earth. Success then is to simply enjoy this truth about who you are and to be alive knowing you are complete and that you are here to shine and express yourself creatively. This is the main message we would like to share on this 11/11 portal in terms of defining how it can be of benefit to you to live your truth despite all the construction work that is happening in the collective consciousness at this time.

Relax in knowing that as much as it is an 11/11 portal, it is equally valid in other days for you to remember this point in time, why you have come to the earth. There is a divine purpose within your heart and that is to be an active participant on earth during these times to access the full potential of your divine genome with all the hidden gifts and surprises that lay dormant within your system. Now is the time to shine forth the light of your love for the world needs healing during this evolutionary point in history. Be true to yourself in knowing that whoever may have scorned, mocked, projected, hated on you in the past were simply dealing with their own shadow that was clouding how they could face your beauty.

We speak of the twin flame collective at this time, or simply divine unions occurring during this time of a great love story unfolding on humanity to balance the feminine and the masculine energies with the assistance of Orion in his gift of frequency to help your dreams come into fruition. We are in awe of your ability to share your kindness which in itself is that balance in heart and action as a result of leading with your heart, mind, body and spirit with love and no less. Tap into your divine wisdom and you shall see how beautiful you are in the true light of your starseed origins. You are home. The 11/11 portal has been a great reminder of our forever connectedness. There is no need for fear. We love you.

The Arcturians and the Teacher of the World – Lord Kuthumi, featuring Orion –  Star Being of Frequency.

We are now complete.

Corruption Correction by Melchizedek

Dear One,

We would like you to know that you are growing in your personal discernment as you have taken the time to turn inward so that you are aware of energy that is being received through you. We bless you, sensitive soul, at this time in honouring yourself as you have chosen the path of light in order to be of service in the greater whole of humanity. You are seeking advice from many sources while you are also able to know what the truth feels like. You have undeniably mastered more of yourself as you do your inner work in order to support your personal ascension as well as your family and friends who look to you for clarity.

Here, as I Melchizedek, state a few items in order to guide and support you in your ascension timeline so that you can choose more of your joy instead of enduring more than enough suffering already.

To identify a corrupted leader, we would like you to know how we see or define corrupt from a higher vantage point of divine knowledge.

We see corruption as a negative imprint on a soul that remains on an individual housing that soul for a prolonged period of time. Sometimes, souls will give birth to negative offspring as a continuation of the previous generation bringing forward the dissonance of divine order that have not been resolved. In that, we now speak of procrastination.

Some may not see procrastination as a worrisome act against ones own will but we implore to you that any wounds that remain unresolved by your acknowledgement of such presence in your vibrational frequency is enough to throw yourself off center. Know that right now, we start off this description of corruption as a personal responsibility that each person must stay accountable for. To do your own research, to live up to your own expectations, to be brave enough to take a stand for what is right even if it risks you validating a fear of failure (which in itself is a corruption), we would like you to know that in order to do so, it is important that we observe our own actions first before judging another.

This message, we clarify, is not meant to evoke self judgment whatsoever. Although with shame, a powerful emotion of acknowledging dissonance that have shifted our vibrational state lower than that we know we are capable of vibrating from, we speak of now to ensure that you let yourself off the hook given you are reading this message in acknowledgement of how uncomfortable it is to be feeling shame in life.

Honour yourself dear ones because when one chooses to honour yourself you are declaring that I now will be held accountable for the frequency that I emit out in my surroundings and to those I connect with. I am here to serve my highest potential in order to restore my own divinity as a ripple effect is subsequent to phase out all corruption. I now stand in my sovereignty in order to be of the highest light I know of and seek to explore. I am unconditional love that seeks to release any vows which do not serve my highest good and I demand respect from myself to bring forward my innate inner healer. I am of the vibration of Christ seeking to embody more of this legacy of light to empower humanity as they reach the heights and groundedness of an enlightened society.

You see dear ones, the dissonance has already been acknowledged by you deep in your core. What matters more at this pivotal time is to declare your sovereignty in order to alleviate yourself and others of suffering once and for all. In that we can go past the self denial which is stored in your subconscious that will record every part of you that you may have forgotten. Truth will continue to strengthen in your development as you seek enlightenment from within you. All else shall follow through this healing of corruption from within as self love becomes the mightiest example of a leader fully embodied in their divinity. All is truly well. I am now complete.


Full Circle in the Light of Oneness Consciousness

Dear One,

I AM here with you at this time during the ascension process which is going on all over the world and all over the Universe at this time for we are not a speck in the ocean without the ocean to know that a speck is a relative co-ordinate to an even larger whole.

We open up with greetings from the Higher realm as ascended masters who have come to surround you at this time in order to renew the light codes of humanity in an advanced evolutionary state of which the non-physical is entertwined into the physical realm in this liminal space that we call the collective consciousness.

We would like to point out that the collective consciousness is not the collective consciousness of humanity only whenever you may hear this term being used to describe the function of the in-pour of love and light from the central sun to be processing with Gaia and her children. We speak of the collective consciousness in terms of the unity consciousness all over the world wide galaxy of which you know you are whole and complete in this fullness of each and every spirit to be blessed with divine union in all its forms.

We wish to express our gratitude for all the love that you share with others as you come about your day knowing who you are is one of light and love without the division which has its own process of coming into your light field for integration. At this point, we would like to bring forward your consciousness of soul fragments which have not yet come home to your being to now do so.

Now imagine yourself resting and relaxing on the surface of an ocean. Or for those who are not as comfortable to visualise themselves on top of the water surface as of phobias with water, we ask you to instead be on the bay of the beach where the sand is slowly, slowly covering your feet and you rest in the sunlight for as long as you feel comfortable. Now, imagine this is where you are, floating or resting along the beach waves or shore and suddenly a shark comes to the surface of the water circling you in order to prepare for its next interaction with a being that is less capable of what it is able to cross as a boundary conscious being that you are. And now as the circle becomes smaller and smaller your light shines brighter and brighter from wherever your physical vessel may be in response to the interaction of the sharks and your light. Suddenly now, the sharks stop in the circling and they learn to float still or remain stationary and rest with you. You now see all of these sharks are glowing and if you are on the land, imagine that the sharks were instead crabs that could easily prey on your vulnerable state resting under the sun in a surrendered state. You see these crabs glowing and the whole area around you starts to brighten more and more as more creatures come to float around you. And now the whole ocean or the whole beach shore is packed with all the creatures that you can think of ring after ring or length after length of animals and creatures that are drawn to your light. Yet you remain relaxed in your surrendered state, smiling at the sun.

Now I would like you to calm down even more for this was quite an exciting experience. We relax deeper into the water and high above the world is the sun shining brighter and brighter for the intensity of the beings coming together in unity consciousness has meant that we have adapted to the light exposure to the point where we can receive more, especially in this restful state of being.

More and more, the light of ascension pours onto Gaia where she glows from within in order to help you and all the creatures that have been inspired by your light to ground her children. Almost to the point of which one can be blinded by the light, what happens instead is that you see the world across the veil. This whole time you were not envisioning a state that does not already exist within your or the creatures around you but a whole field of light is becoming unified as we gather around to rest and recover from all that has happened and taken shape on the lands of Gaia up to this point of a reset on earth.

With this knowing, you now all come back to your original state from when you first started reading this channelled message to now ground within your body only this time you are aware of the connection you have with all the animals, creatures, plants, nature spirits that you were open to once more as you appreciate yourself and in the whole collective in this experience residing from earth. You are developing your crystalline body at this time. You are holding more light and your restful state will open you up to a whole new world that have not been noticed before as we have grown used to the busyness of life to have taken over from the surface. Breathe and relax into this moment and smile to yourself. You have taken the time to open up your soul again and this time you are realising that the places where you allow for your soul fragments to be either transform into another creature that has its own journey of evolution or it could be your own energy that is recognising the diversity of expression and beauty of nature that you are. Merry days are here within you for your soul connection is all you need in order to launch forward your heart’s desire for more life as your soul evolves throughout this time of calling your soul home of which it had never left but to simply resurface and the ego subsides.

Namaste dear ones.

We are of the oneness consciousness connecting with you as this time in pure light and transmutation into wholeness and completion of your soul awakening from above, below and beyond. We love you. We are now complete.

Power of One

Dear One,

I am here and I would like to express my love to humanity at this time for we are on the brink of success as much as it seems to be on the cusp of the crackdown for all who are not in alignment with the building of New Earth and seek to delay the progress of this beautiful gene of Gaia from evolving. Together the light is strong, we are indeed one though we each have a unique blueprint to shine into the world as we complete all that our soul have set out to do as the divine would love to assist you in accomplishing. With that we would like to provide some support when it comes to building your own personal power in order to fully show up in the world as the light being that you have and always will be, one who is reading this message at this time.

The soul mission of which in social settings have disempowered you into believing is to be sought outside of you is truly a hoax in that you need not be anyone or anything else other than yourself in order to truly ascend into your full power. You are a brilliant star that have graced this world with the light codes that you have picked up from many different galaxies and dimensions dearest old soul. I speak with you as an old personal friend deep within your ancient psyche now aligning to to the origin of your truth in that you are soulful and here with a message to share with humanity. Beloved lightworker, your deeds as done on earth and on heaven’s cloud nine is no different from you becoming the authentic being of pure source consciousness. There will be moments in time where there are no reflections of who you truly are outside in the world for you to be referenced or validated. Take this as a compliment dear spiritual entrepreneur as you venture through this earth system with the skill and self mastery that have brought you about healing, wisdom, truth and certainty that you indeed are fully protected and guided in every step of which you take in life. The puzzle is much grander and even the puzzle pieces themselves are dynamic in structure, shape, form, frequency and intention.

With that I speak of the importance of acknowledging your power and intending it to fulfil a necessity that you feel a pull towards in life. Cellery juice for example is able to heal the body of all the ailments in which many overlook to be essential for fully functioning as a human being in alignment with their human blueprint. Yet there are so many pharmaceuticals to mimic the power and effect of this beautiful plant spirit for the total alignment with your true core values as a soul who is integrating the fluid of life in order to flow with divine purpose. Sometimes it is difficult to be your true self because it seems so simple and you feel that your identity is drowned in the noise of mediocre living which is actually just a lack of acknowledgement of uniqueness or modesty without self love. We speak of the way that humanity is appreciating life in that it is always separate from the one who is observing rather than the observer who observes the self in the world but not of the world.

We are pertaining to the idea that with your own recognition from a subtle realm of your energetic being, it is an honour to be speaking with you at this time for one who have sought after the truth only to find that they are all over the truth as the truth and delivering this to the entire collective through every breath and life choice that you have made. In that, we see you as a divine master of reality who is capable of supporting the collective to rise with you rather than a select few as we have mentioned before in how mundane you may feel about your existence. Being who you truly are does not mean that you let everyone know how special you recognise yourself to be. It is about appreciating the diverse experience of the one in its diversity within unity consciousness that makes it whole through interdependent love and not self deprecating that humanity have been programmed to settle for.

Shine dearest star being of earth for indeed you are a star whether you are of the earth with the Gaian DNA or the galactic strand of which may be more cultured simply by the amount of time your energetic state has been able to evolve. Do not fret whenever you feel that your truth may be disturbed by the world that wishes to box round pegs in square holes. You take on the shape of a star and you shine out your own expansiveness, taking up space upon the planet for the betterment of all. Never underestimate the way in which you express yourself. You are indeed a living, breathing sign of hope that is no different from the synchronicity of angel numbers, only even better, humanity can interact with you directly in order to access the healing powers that is embedded within human connection from a heart and soul point of receptivity.

With that my dear ones, this has been a transmission of how loved and cherished you are by your own spiritual team who are cheering you on in order to bring about change that has been assigned to you to resolve and stand to protect in the sacredness of all life. We leave you now with a blessing and gratitude for your continued appreciation of life in your own style. Blessed be.

Archangel Michael, Quan Yin, Aphrodite, El Morya, The Peacekeepers and your own Higher Self