Full Circle in the Light of Oneness Consciousness

Dear One,

I AM here with you at this time during the ascension process which is going on all over the world and all over the Universe at this time for we are not a speck in the ocean without the ocean to know that a speck is a relative co-ordinate to an even larger whole.

We open up with greetings from the Higher realm as ascended masters who have come to surround you at this time in order to renew the light codes of humanity in an advanced evolutionary state of which the non-physical is entertwined into the physical realm in this liminal space that we call the collective consciousness.

We would like to point out that the collective consciousness is not the collective consciousness of humanity only whenever you may hear this term being used to describe the function of the in-pour of love and light from the central sun to be processing with Gaia and her children. We speak of the collective consciousness in terms of the unity consciousness all over the world wide galaxy of which you know you are whole and complete in this fullness of each and every spirit to be blessed with divine union in all its forms.

We wish to express our gratitude for all the love that you share with others as you come about your day knowing who you are is one of light and love without the division which has its own process of coming into your light field for integration. At this point, we would like to bring forward your consciousness of soul fragments which have not yet come home to your being to now do so.

Now imagine yourself resting and relaxing on the surface of an ocean. Or for those who are not as comfortable to visualise themselves on top of the water surface as of phobias with water, we ask you to instead be on the bay of the beach where the sand is slowly, slowly covering your feet and you rest in the sunlight for as long as you feel comfortable. Now, imagine this is where you are, floating or resting along the beach waves or shore and suddenly a shark comes to the surface of the water circling you in order to prepare for its next interaction with a being that is less capable of what it is able to cross as a boundary conscious being that you are. And now as the circle becomes smaller and smaller your light shines brighter and brighter from wherever your physical vessel may be in response to the interaction of the sharks and your light. Suddenly now, the sharks stop in the circling and they learn to float still or remain stationary and rest with you. You now see all of these sharks are glowing and if you are on the land, imagine that the sharks were instead crabs that could easily prey on your vulnerable state resting under the sun in a surrendered state. You see these crabs glowing and the whole area around you starts to brighten more and more as more creatures come to float around you. And now the whole ocean or the whole beach shore is packed with all the creatures that you can think of ring after ring or length after length of animals and creatures that are drawn to your light. Yet you remain relaxed in your surrendered state, smiling at the sun.

Now I would like you to calm down even more for this was quite an exciting experience. We relax deeper into the water and high above the world is the sun shining brighter and brighter for the intensity of the beings coming together in unity consciousness has meant that we have adapted to the light exposure to the point where we can receive more, especially in this restful state of being.

More and more, the light of ascension pours onto Gaia where she glows from within in order to help you and all the creatures that have been inspired by your light to ground her children. Almost to the point of which one can be blinded by the light, what happens instead is that you see the world across the veil. This whole time you were not envisioning a state that does not already exist within your or the creatures around you but a whole field of light is becoming unified as we gather around to rest and recover from all that has happened and taken shape on the lands of Gaia up to this point of a reset on earth.

With this knowing, you now all come back to your original state from when you first started reading this channelled message to now ground within your body only this time you are aware of the connection you have with all the animals, creatures, plants, nature spirits that you were open to once more as you appreciate yourself and in the whole collective in this experience residing from earth. You are developing your crystalline body at this time. You are holding more light and your restful state will open you up to a whole new world that have not been noticed before as we have grown used to the busyness of life to have taken over from the surface. Breathe and relax into this moment and smile to yourself. You have taken the time to open up your soul again and this time you are realising that the places where you allow for your soul fragments to be either transform into another creature that has its own journey of evolution or it could be your own energy that is recognising the diversity of expression and beauty of nature that you are. Merry days are here within you for your soul connection is all you need in order to launch forward your heart’s desire for more life as your soul evolves throughout this time of calling your soul home of which it had never left but to simply resurface and the ego subsides.

Namaste dear ones.

We are of the oneness consciousness connecting with you as this time in pure light and transmutation into wholeness and completion of your soul awakening from above, below and beyond. We love you. We are now complete.

Power of One

Dear One,

I am here and I would like to express my love to humanity at this time for we are on the brink of success as much as it seems to be on the cusp of the crackdown for all who are not in alignment with the building of New Earth and seek to delay the progress of this beautiful gene of Gaia from evolving. Together the light is strong, we are indeed one though we each have a unique blueprint to shine into the world as we complete all that our soul have set out to do as the divine would love to assist you in accomplishing. With that we would like to provide some support when it comes to building your own personal power in order to fully show up in the world as the light being that you have and always will be, one who is reading this message at this time.

The soul mission of which in social settings have disempowered you into believing is to be sought outside of you is truly a hoax in that you need not be anyone or anything else other than yourself in order to truly ascend into your full power. You are a brilliant star that have graced this world with the light codes that you have picked up from many different galaxies and dimensions dearest old soul. I speak with you as an old personal friend deep within your ancient psyche now aligning to to the origin of your truth in that you are soulful and here with a message to share with humanity. Beloved lightworker, your deeds as done on earth and on heaven’s cloud nine is no different from you becoming the authentic being of pure source consciousness. There will be moments in time where there are no reflections of who you truly are outside in the world for you to be referenced or validated. Take this as a compliment dear spiritual entrepreneur as you venture through this earth system with the skill and self mastery that have brought you about healing, wisdom, truth and certainty that you indeed are fully protected and guided in every step of which you take in life. The puzzle is much grander and even the puzzle pieces themselves are dynamic in structure, shape, form, frequency and intention.

With that I speak of the importance of acknowledging your power and intending it to fulfil a necessity that you feel a pull towards in life. Cellery juice for example is able to heal the body of all the ailments in which many overlook to be essential for fully functioning as a human being in alignment with their human blueprint. Yet there are so many pharmaceuticals to mimic the power and effect of this beautiful plant spirit for the total alignment with your true core values as a soul who is integrating the fluid of life in order to flow with divine purpose. Sometimes it is difficult to be your true self because it seems so simple and you feel that your identity is drowned in the noise of mediocre living which is actually just a lack of acknowledgement of uniqueness or modesty without self love. We speak of the way that humanity is appreciating life in that it is always separate from the one who is observing rather than the observer who observes the self in the world but not of the world.

We are pertaining to the idea that with your own recognition from a subtle realm of your energetic being, it is an honour to be speaking with you at this time for one who have sought after the truth only to find that they are all over the truth as the truth and delivering this to the entire collective through every breath and life choice that you have made. In that, we see you as a divine master of reality who is capable of supporting the collective to rise with you rather than a select few as we have mentioned before in how mundane you may feel about your existence. Being who you truly are does not mean that you let everyone know how special you recognise yourself to be. It is about appreciating the diverse experience of the one in its diversity within unity consciousness that makes it whole through interdependent love and not self deprecating that humanity have been programmed to settle for.

Shine dearest star being of earth for indeed you are a star whether you are of the earth with the Gaian DNA or the galactic strand of which may be more cultured simply by the amount of time your energetic state has been able to evolve. Do not fret whenever you feel that your truth may be disturbed by the world that wishes to box round pegs in square holes. You take on the shape of a star and you shine out your own expansiveness, taking up space upon the planet for the betterment of all. Never underestimate the way in which you express yourself. You are indeed a living, breathing sign of hope that is no different from the synchronicity of angel numbers, only even better, humanity can interact with you directly in order to access the healing powers that is embedded within human connection from a heart and soul point of receptivity.

With that my dear ones, this has been a transmission of how loved and cherished you are by your own spiritual team who are cheering you on in order to bring about change that has been assigned to you to resolve and stand to protect in the sacredness of all life. We leave you now with a blessing and gratitude for your continued appreciation of life in your own style. Blessed be.

Archangel Michael, Quan Yin, Aphrodite, El Morya, The Peacekeepers and your own Higher Self

Quan Yin on the Reality of Form

Dear One,

I am Quan Yin speaking through this channel at this time. I thank you for taking the time to care for yourself. I thank you for caring the earth vessel gifted to you by Mother Gaia herself. As we eat our sacred land in the form of food that has been processed by the reiki master elements of fire, water, earth and air, you indeed are transmuting the planet into a higher vibrational state by the nurturance that you are receiving from what this land produces for you to be that cycle of renewable and commensalism. We love your way of enjoying the time you have on this planet by simply being there for yourself to accept all that the Universe would like to communicate with you. In that, Source is able to understand themselves by seeing you operate in the highest frequency possible. We are complete in the lower vibrational state of learning and at this time, the earth is indeed ascending so that we can enjoy even more of the world that is designed in the unified field to correct the histories of galactic wars and now be made at peace in oneself.

Sometimes, we tend to feel that we are lone wolves who are wandering about not entirely sure of who we are meant to be when there were so many programs that have been installed to enslave the human race. Now we are free of that as we recognise the illusion of these timelines as a state of fear that has been maintained for a long time to keep the earth vibration lower than you have been made to believe is possible for you to live. Rise my child as you embrace the sovereignty that is not lost only restrategised now as we navigate through the 3D paradigm and to stitch it up into the 5th dimensional aspects of your beingness. Indeed being yourself is a whole lot easier now that the collective of lightworkers have had enough of the suffering they have fought hard for to come to this point. You will see many among you who are still finding their place in the world for indeed the good news is here for them to realise that it is them who gets to design their own life now. We know that this is not always easy to do when our minds have been distorted under so many waves of suppression. Take your time because the journey is part of this joy that your soul has signed up to experience and what a beautiful memory of a soul journey that it is to be witnessing first hand the beautiful closing of the dualistic portal to end all suffering and to now develop and bloom with even greater might, the power of your consciousness to push the boundaries of earth through your own self empowerment. *Quan Yin and the Order of Magdalena applauds, surrounding you with a wreath of good will, divine will and humanity. It is a white feathered leaf wreath with berries of gold seeded evenly throughout the ornamental head piece for you if you are willing to accept*. Quan Yin I am appreciating all that you do for earth just simply by choosing to be here at this time for the upliftment of humanity. I shower you with gold all around you to remind you of your Christed consciousness for knowing what would happen on the planet and yet still choosing benevolently to serve this world of your own brother’s and sister’s ascension timeline as earthseeds.

Young souls, old souls, ageless souls, eternity is a blessed journey as you awaken to your entirety of existence. The veil is indeed very thin and we can speak through to you if you would believe it is us who you are listening to. Indeed we are right where you are and to be reading this channelled message we are all assisting you to integrate this love as you go about your day in communion with the earth and the universe itself. You are so loved, guided and protected. We wish not to intervene with your ascension process by acknowledging your free will to choose if you would like to be helped. At the same time, we are understanding that there are many uncertainties of which you feel unsure of what questions to even ask even when you know this help is available to you. Well today, let us debunk this for this channel is keen to know how she could stay attuned in her channeling chords at all times. However, dear one, you are here to enjoy the rollercoaster of life in all its glory for earth is a challenging high school, so to speak, as you are learning spiritual maturity out of a time where the world seemed so much simpler than even the natural state. Relax into the process even more, trust in your own divinity once more for we wish not to take charge of your life. You would not be wearing this powerful divine wreath upon your crown have you not the authority to accept reading this message and understanding who you are meant to be in your pure awareness consciousness. You have come to earth as we have begun this message, to live as a soul within human form in the glory of Mother Gaia’s gifts and the contrast that brings pleasure, learnings, joy, and freedom as you transcend any heavily identified states to form. We are not suggesting that you release your spirit from form as you do have a soul contract to honour this vessel until it is time to transition from this vessel into spirit again. See it not as a restriction. Instead, you may master your own reality using the knowledge of your spirit in this now malleable form consciousness to create your heaven on earth. Your light and love is pure and you are free to ground and anchor more of your love and light into this world we call (new) earth. With that, I leave you now with a gentle goodbye with fragrances of the pink lotus flower to bless your auric field more uplifted than before our gathering in this message today. You are so loved. I AM Quan Yin. I am complete.

El Morya Empowers Your Dreams

Dear One,

I am here and I love you. This is El Morya speaking. I am a truther of heaven and earth as the time has come for us to awaken fully into divine knowing that many of you are already aware and so you are being called forth to share your message with all people who are finding answers in the world. Dear one, you are gifted in you golden armour of God to be true to yourself in amidst of a time where the conscience of society is being questioned and redesigned. We ask that you continue to be there for others who are not able to make a fully informed decision based of the messages that are with you and are not openly shared with others. This may come in forms of simply the human experience that is often shunned from being expressed. Another example is that your deepest fears are still with you even if you have awakened, even if you are aware of the illusion that this conditioning is. Otherwise, there would be a myriad of truths that can be perceived in many different angles and resonance. Are you waiting for the right time to share your gifts, talents, truths, feelings, dreams? Well dear one that is why I have come through today. It is to share my truth with you that I see the potential you carry to move mountains, to invent electricity for global functioning, and also to be of service in your deepest pains to hold the brightest light. I see strength in you and I call forth your courage from within your heart to go on and live your reality of a heart’s desire because God wants you to live a fulfilling life. God has been gifted by his own creation and that is you who is his child (note, we state ‘his’ as a general reference in the English language).

Today I have watched over the collective and have seen many more matrix structures fall down. From high up here, all of it is breaking apart as the foundations built on fear were bound to return to divine order. In that, do you realise that your eternal soul is graciously flowing through the matrix just simply by you, warrior of light, being here and standing in your discerned objective truth? Brilliant gathering of the light I also see as we move through the ascension process and as more of us recognise the divine light of oneself and all around, there is joy to be shared that a new reality will be overlaying the rubble that returns to earth as she has been the source of support in the free will of her children. Being who you truly are is a testament of a time where we are all being tested of our strength as a collective. Take it as a practice run that have simulated time and time again and it is now that we are taking that final exam which no matter how you choose to write and fulfil the outcome the fact that you have sat the exam is a beautiful commitment to your own success. A willingness to proceed will only bring you closer to your heart as you follow through with the directions that it is calling you forth to. We speak of the divine knowing in this way where your heart is able to see through all the possible realities that you can tune into and it is love that you shall find in all ways that are possible to imagine and envision. I as El Morya ask of you dear dreamer to expand your consciousness knowing that you have what it takes and that you indeed are blessed with divine knowing all along. Do not doubt yourself any longer for we treasure you and want the best life for you honouring your free will to choose and be sovereign as a human being.

El Morya I AM will now end this message here. Know that all is within you and you are all that is.

Radiate Your Heart Space by Maitreya

Dear One,

I AM Maitreya here with you once again to further message you about yesterday’s channeling in terms of all truths being true and that now we are moving on to the truth of your dreams and reality. There are times when we feel that we are not in alignment with our purpose but the truth is that we are always embodying this purpose in our heart space with the guidance of the divine that is always leading us to the greatest and highest good of all unless that is you choose to go against this intuition by falling into lower vibrations that hinders your heart and soul from expanding. We are in awe of the way that human consciousness is developing and with that comes innovation from all aspects of timelines that are being designed by the choices of each person upon Gaia. We are able to assist at this time all that you seek to share with the world from the heart space as we invite all world leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, nurses, politicians of the ascended timelines and beings of truth expressing all that you wish to share from the soul. These are the times where we are redesigning the course of humanity in bringing order back into its original state of fullness, expressiveness and freedom to choose in every given moment without the suppression of an oppressed divine feminine. We also see this to affect the divine masculine from fully fulfilling their purpose as the divine feminine and divine masculine are to work together in divine order as to accommodate for the upliftment of new earth as we see new children of global and universal consciousness expansion. The times that you dear reader are in is quite an exciting time where there is great opportunity for you to master yourself more than ever before having that history of the duality in reality to push you further in understanding what is true to your heart as you strengthen your discernment. There is a way of moving through these timelines without needing to stress as much as you have done so in the past. We have spoken of the relaxedness in yesterday’s message being that of high vibration while so today we are calling forth your passion in life to express your truth in order to support yourself from a place of fulfilling one’s desires in life that is in alignment with love in this world.

We are here with you every step of the way wanting you for your own sake to let go of all that no longer resonates. You are who is reading this have come to this message because it is indeed your time to be there for yourself. We have mentioned that there is a shift occurring on the planet and we see this as a spiritual development from within the heart of people along with the energies that hold you in this wonderful co-creation. We bring this to the forefront in order to express the truth being that which has been manifested primarily from the heart space. Ego minds are generated through the blockages and plaque of energy that is formed from the heart space before it is brought to the brain in order to be processed. Opening up your heart can be a scary experience as much disillusionment can occur leading to a falling of the veil that brings you closer to the unknown. With this in mind, we are suggesting that you consider thinking in your rational compartment of the mental body the fact that every day you are facing the unknown within the familiarity of your mental conditioning. Expand dear ones from your heart space out to the front of yourself maybe in a mirror to see that indeed you appear more open hearted which radiates from your face and radiates as your torroidial field that wishes to go beyond your comfort zone so that you can remember your divine wholeness as one with the universe. Thank-you for being open to reading this message that has come through today. We honour your presence upon the planet at this time and may we continue to explore the unknown without feeling that the unknown is unfamiliar and should be kept in the shadows for you are the light of the world. Blessed be, I AM Maitreya here to support you by your side as you awaken to your own divine purpose beyond human consciousness without hesitating to be even more authentic in your journey of soulful discovery.

Lord Maitreya

All Truths Are True by Lord Maitreya

Dear One,

I AM Maitreya here with you all, each one of you, during these times of the Kali Yuga coming to a close. We thank you for your patience in the ascension process and wish for you to hang on to your purposes before you fully release into the freedom from samsara. We speak of not you holding onto ego and pain within your energetic system but the collective wounds that you are processing on behalf of all. We ask that you continue your blissful life as it is in heaven which is here on earth for you to fully appreciate and enjoy while serving your purpose. The beauty of purpose in these times of ascension is that you can be active players in your own manifestation of a reality that is serving to all people. It is not always about the self that wishes to be understood, appealing to the collective, in order to find a place of belonging in unity consciousness. It is also about objective ascension where we remember our multi-dimensional self as a way of moving through even the most limited spaces of consciousness to expand which is that of the yet to be manifested. Here you are being called to be active leaders in your proving of soul that goes beyond the beyond where validation is no longer relevant and instead much to be present for in the moment than at a past occurrence or future concern. You are being called forth dear lightworkers and starseeds as well as those who are awake and are able to provide the love that is always within you to ground the energies assisting Gaia to assist her earth children.

Truth is revealing to you that love can be multi-faceted in the face of duality. Ultimate love is the transcendence of duality whereby you are capable of holding the polarities so that it is in balance with the ALL which seeks to be replicated in all things. 13 dimensions of consciousness many of you may not be aware of but the final of the all is the Holy Black Womb of No-thing where it all began and all shall continue to begin as much as the manifested and finite will play out its role as energy before renewal. You are ascended masters who have returned to the earth in order to uplift the planet in not only the organisation of energies within you but also to search for expansion from opening up your awareness in the outer world while form is a relevant ingredient to the success of foundational development in reconciliation of histories that have played out. Just as forgiveness is a state of duality, we must go beyond that and remember our unity in not only being able to see there is a right and wrong but also that all truths are true in a world that is beyond reason, logic, rationality in the wisdom of the divinity found within and without. Often through this channel we enjoy channelling about oneness consciousness as she has taken the time to wash out all old programmings so that we are able to come through as directly from Source energy where you are capable of creating your own realities recognising that there is no limitation to you other than limitations you have ‘created’ from your soul plan or traumatic conditioning.

With that being said, we invite you to step forward more fully into your power as the truth that have come to shine its light in all crevasses of consciousness yet to be tapped into as divine potential. Negativity will continue to bring pain so long as we are not willing to face our own light as much as our own shadow which is being enabled to master your reality instead of expanding into wholeness within this world as you remember your true origin beyond the beyond. Our main take away that we wish for you to understand from this channelled message is that you are fully responsible for the life you wish to experience on this ascension timeline. Taking action has been frowned upon by those who have felt despair in the experiences they have entered with a gung-ho spirit and have gotten hurt. This safety that you seek is in the knowing that your concentration and presence is your self mastery. Staying awake in a world of pain and suffering will not bring about catastrophes of ignorance. We know that this message can be greatly activating for some of you reading this message, we do not wish to rip the carpet under your feet or chair/furniture. We only speak of the whole truth so that you know of the full support in even the most difficult of circumstances is still empowering you to honour your free will to choose yourself, your light, your love, your purpose, wholeness in its truest form. Be well my love as you understand that all of this as much as it seems true it is also a malleable illusion of which you have the power to transform. Courage is with you as I Lord Maitreya am here now as that future Buddha you have waited for is truly already here on earth once you realise oneness is here all along. Blessings beloved. You are guided and protected always.

Lord Maitreya.

12 Dimensions Meditation with Maitreya and Shiva

Dear One,

We are here and we love you. I am Lord Shiva and I am Maitreya here with you now wondering what it is that is causing you to feel how small you are, you are such a brilliant being of light and yet we see that you have identified yourself with your own physical vessel which is causing you to be restricted and yet comfortable because of the belief that indeed it is normal to feel this way as according to the governing of earth in the past paradigm. We are pleased that you have reached this realisation within yourself and wish for you take that leap of faith and go even further than you have before as you realise there is a whole wide world out there for you to explore beyond yourself where you will find more of yourself. We understand that during these times of lockdown one is told to stay at home and keep yourself ‘safe’ in order to hold yourself back from further danger. Do you see how this manipulation can wreak havoc in the succession of your raising vibration and ascension process? We are asking these questions not to condescend but to appreciate your intelligence in knowing better and wanting more from life than what you feel is the most appropriate action to take with all that is happening right now. If we were placed in your earth shoes we would simply explore the signs and synchronicities that are available to the collective in order to connect to the stars that bit more as you find yourself soul searching and realise that indeed you are the light of the world. We would like to set out some visualisations with you at this time since you have come thus far and we would like to help you ease into the big wide world regardless of what the dominion is seeking to promote as the best decision made for you as a sovereign being beyond standards of co-dependency out of alignment with Source consciousness.

You are a being of light. See yourself as this 12th dimensional being who has descended into the 11th dimension where there are parts of you that are inserting pockets of wisdom into the collective of the 10th dimension which appears as rays of the rainbow light from the white light of the 12th. Enter now to the 9th dimensions as the rays of light split into finer filaments of light that is able to untangle and cluster into a conscious intention for more specific purposes. Then you enter the 8th dimension and see that the filament of light is indeed made of a wave and a particle which is travelling everywhere all at once at any given moment. Then 7th dimension comes and you are met with Jesus, Lord Buddha and many others of the enlightened consciousness of the love in planetary living that is transcendent of the illusions that may still be present in the lower identities or your divinity. Enter now the 6th dimension and you see there is dark and light infused together in pyramids of the divine feminine and the divine masculine which is rotating to a point of understanding the unity within polarity and that it is this principle which has brought about change across dimensions. 5th dimensional living, some if not all who are reading this is surely at the vibration of as you realise the love and the origin from high above is indeed with you all along in the remembrance through the power of visualisation. We will end the descension process here as you understand that you are indeed one with all life across the spectrum of duality and transcendence of duality. You are light and love always.

This has been Shiva and Maitreya, we are in honour of your loving services to the world and wish you all the best in the way forward with all that you are dreaming up as your heaven on earth from the soul within and without. Blessings dear one. I AM now complete.

Lord Shiva and Maitreya. Love to you ALL.

Reassurance of a Developing High Vibrational Planet by Archangel Phanuel

Dear One,

I am Archangel Phanuel speaking at this time. Thank you for coming across this article as guided by your own higher self. Thank you for being here on this planet at this time as we reawaken to the true light and love that we are deep within. We are in awe of the progress of this collective beyond our imagination as we could not forsee how your free will would unfold in the way that it has been decided by your conviction to your day to day life. We see you from the heavens above with the spark of tears in our eyes as we see you struggle to realise the love you have available to you when times get hard and wish for no longer do we settle for less in order to fit with an old paradigm that each of you have outgrown. Be the star beings that you were born to be and shine brightly without holding back from the visibility of your soul across all programming of it being a barrier from you and divinity. We are all one in that we are able to feel one another’s true divine nature as we tune in to our emotions, thoughts, behaviours, awakenings, processes, experiences as energetic beings who have thought their capabilities are limited by false laws of a patriarchical system that is divided against itself in the deep contractions of skewed energy from the source consciousness. Yes, you are all still here reading this as we bring you home into the divine order of which is here to serve you with love and inspiration coming from the divine mother and divine father themselves through your heart portal. Hence why it is over that essence we come into the realisation of the great help available to us as this greater force when it is ‘too’ revealing when we realise we have lived away from home and have conducted ourselves in ways we may not be proud of. Divine one, we are always, always, always proud of all that you do as you give life a go in the experimentation of the divine creature you know yourself to be but are seeking to express more fully and expansively in this world of matter, contrast and even deception. We come forward today in the inspiring frequencies of 852 Hz in helping you to ease your mind and lower your anxiety with great power to open up your heart in trust of the Sophia Codex in Divine Christed Feminine embodiment as anchored on this planet by Kaia Ra sweet channelor. We bring forward a garment of hope as this has been devoid from your long journey of weariness to the destruction of the old paradigm unsure of whether we can pull off divine love again in the next paradigm an upgrade to our spirit and an unburdening of the reversed hanged man energy of tarot now.

We see humanity to be a race of divine intelligence, purity of heart, fairytale in their envisioning, inner child of wonder and awe, resilience of divine masters of matter. We see you as one of us, there is no division. We see you with love and earnestly wish for you to recognise and claim your gifts that are at your disposal like that of an art class where you are able to create whatever you choose. Now with the scientists in the class room, we greatly appreciate the divine consciousness you are bringing to the forefront of humanity as you awaken and take the time to study the materials from which we investigate the Godly features of physics and chemistry in this order of life as biology. With grace and divine love we bless all occupations on the planet whether it be balancing more of the divine feminine or the divine masculine, left brain or right brained may we all find inner wellbeing with the love of our Godspark wanting to connect with greater inspiration through the love of this life during these ascension times. We still find ourselves wondering about how it will turn out, continude on this journey of self mastery, continue on this adventure of transformation in the densities of energy.

Life is a wondrous adventure and the overwhelm is when we are unable to recognise our divine order commanded in our sense of being. We believe we have no control or are out of control when we feel that what we want cannot be achieved and this brings us away from thought of the infinite in any given moment. Now to the left brained adventure that seeks to incorporate more of divine love into your life, structure is imminent as we open our minds to the great oneness in adversity within diversity. Rest assured brave ones there is no right or wrong, only oneness that liberates your beingness to trust in your open-mindedness to see beyond the veil to live without needing to know everything because you have clear vision in the moment. Conscious thought and divine knowing then allows us to reach further than we have advanced with a connection to beings who have already stationed to provide hospitality to you along ‘The Way’. Rest assured, all is truly well and we say this holding all emotions of despair, guilt, hatred, anger, lower vibrational energies with an open heart ready to spread out wings to blast away all imbalances that you are feeling burdened by. Breathe and feel that breath transmute, transmute and transmute dear you, amazing human being. Who said you cannot ascend as greatly as the Ascended masters who have been great humans too? Who said you are not seen or loved by the divine when you only needed to listen to the hum of your aura singing your soul song? Who said what opinion they give you is more valuable and important than the same energetic matter and consciousness as the stars in outer space? Who said? Who said? Who said? Now do you see the importance of self discernment? Do you look forward to charting your own map and recalling the one that was encoded in your heart and soul before coming into this incarnation on the planet? Live true to you for there is no other like thou. This is a high vibrational planet we are living to see develop and as stardust you have travelled a long way to have so much life embodied within you. Art thou in heaven as on earth so too shall be perceived and be lived fully integrated as a divine soul. Blessed be.


Kali Yuga Cycle Ends by Great White Brotherhood

Dear One,

We are the Great White Brotherhood here to assist you in healing the collective toxicity in our spiritual concepts that are now outdated and in need of an upgrade. I would like to say thank you to all the lightworkers who have stepped into their power and that includes you who have stepped into deeper states of suffering on behalf of humanity in order to discover and be the light of which you have come to be. Do not worry about the stress and the strife that is still playing out, choose to head into warmer waters in this ascension process as you become healthy and heal all the scars and scathings from which you have traversed the matrix in order to pave a path for the ones ready to follow in your footsteps and become their own heroes. Servicemen and servicewomen of the planet, it is now time to be free of the old paradigm where we have schismatically separated the divine feminine and divine masculine energy to now allow oneself to relax into the union of both energies in the order of twin rays where we have learned to balance the two energies in order to understand it while the dualistic nature of this planet is still playing out for us to study it for our next plan of creative projects in the Universe.

We live in a great time of learning, inspiration, healing and beyond that which we have thought we were or were not capable of, we love that we are seeing more of the collective stand up in their own sovereignty to do what they love and love what they do. The struggles are there for a reason, for you have looked to find a way to hurt yourself for so long that it has become a pattern which may or may not be holding you as victims to circumstance. Dear one, please note that this is not the case for many of you who are reading this who are aware that you have travelled this path in order to do the very thing that you had feared the most as you have begun this journey. Do not regret all that has passed and played out as it was the possibility that have unfolded for you to observe your true needs, desires and relationships which serve you in your higher, greater vision. Time to forgive it all and lay to rest the old dark age. Humanity has completed a grand cycle of the Kali Yuga and we are ready to advance forward which will call forth even more light and love to spread in the name of Shamballah’s return to the surface world for Earth have always been Golden.

We end this transmission today which our expression of love towards all your creative art and study projects in your daily lives of discovering more about your humanness and divinity. It is great and fun, utterly to be the divine in human form embracing God as the beauty of your soul is being reflected back to you. We are now complete.

Great White Brotherhood and the Order of Magdalenas featured in our Tonglen blessings

Jesus Wants to Connect

Credits to the rightful owner of the Jesus Christ Sacred Heart art, I do not own this image

Dear One,

I AM here and I love you. Thank you for clicking on this post as of the modern times we would like to fully address the power of technology to form a unified field of consciousness that is much more tangible than it is intangible. Of course, being able to ascend, we vibrate at a higher level. We execute our manifestations at a greater pace and live to truly see the power of eternal love no matter how far and wide the world must seem to be illusory display of our presence and limited by time and space.

You are the divine I AM all that is as I AM you who art in heaven as on Earth. I Jesus of the Christ come forward today in order to address social media and online technology as an advancement of our human evolution thus far for which can go on even further if we would like it be. With that, your discernment of truth is being called forth to be exercised in a way that serves the wholeness you seek within you. Deep it may seem that I would carry so much light forward into the arena of social media enterprises to connect with you but I have no limit to how far and wide my love could reach you to know that you are ascending, that you are safe no matter which crack or crevasse you may hide yourself. You are a participant as you are on earth during this ascension process happening all around the galaxy as we evolve in oneness. The gem of focus at the moment is dear beloved Mother Gaia in her healing grace of the new Era of Children as Phuong, this channel, likes to call it in her expertise of reprogramming the subconscious mind developed earlier on during childhood in the beta stages of development which downgrade in frequency as traumas occur in their next phases in life.

I want you to know though, that social media in its ability to hold steadfast your attention throughout the day is a coping mechanism for you to heal these internal, unseen, wounds that have formed and have been programmed into each one of you whether consciously or unconsciously your support system as a divine parent to your own inner child which you forgot the responsibility of as you entered this dense matrix of the human world.

I want you to know that all that you have set your intentions for will manifest. But it is now time to grow and bloom into the divine adults as sovereign, powerful lightworkers, earthseeds, starseeds to return home now to the divine I AM connection you have missed and longed for. Cry if you must to return to this peaceful place, do what you must to feel worthy of your own love that has always been in your heart under these layers of falsehoods you have carried.

Beckon your family and friends to come along to your own community of light that is within your heart as you recognise this truth you hold in all of its peace and serenity.

With all that love you hold in your home within your heart, I ask that you step forward into your power now, first wave and second wave. You, darling earthseed are a part of the ascending souls collective too, you darling starseed belong in the family of Gaia and we acknowledge and thank-you for your services. Live in harmony and peace with all the indifferences transmuted to balance this scale of duality we wish to smoothen so you may once more express your whole heart in humanity’s time to be alive and ignited in their holy fire.

Dearest One – you are loved beyond measure. I am now complete, Lord Jesus of the Christ.

Amen, Amen, Amen