Privacy Policy

Unified Souls is an Australian channeling/ spiritual coaching/ psychic service business handling personal information provided by subscribers and visitors to the website and as clients in private readings scheduled at Unified Souls with respect to your rights of privacy. Data and information is handled in compliance to the Privacy Act 1988 and Privacy Regulation 2013 of the Australian Government. For the handling of data and information in countries other than Australia please check the laws relevant to your country practicing your responsibility to stay informed on how your personal information is being collected and handled.

Safety measures are optimized where possible to ensure that personal information provided by you remains protected, confidential and stored securely. Updates to the privacy policy will be made aware to your knowledge with your trust in Unified Souls held with high regard. It is important to note that Unified Souls relies on third party software in order to manage email subscriptions, appointment scheduling, payment collection and social media connections. Where this applies please check the privacy policy from the third party relations to stay informed on how your data is collected and handled.

Communications, storage and management of email subscriptions received through WordPress and GoDaddy is via Google Mail and MailChimp. Appointment scheduling is completed through Calendly and is connected to Google Calender. Face to face meetings are conducted through Zoom Video Communications, Inc. Details regarding payment for services are processed through PayPal Holdings, Inc. Social media connections by Unified Souls include Facebook and Instagram. Please be informed of the privacy policy as well as distribution of tracking cookies from the mentioned third party relations.

Information Unified Souls may ask for includes your:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email address
  • Age (to know you are +18yrs to receive a reading)

You have the right to interact anonymously or use a pseudonym at Unified Souls. Please note that private readings are recorded in video and audio form along with written notes. This information is stored securely and will be cleared after 5 years. Clear communication is applied when Thien Phuong intends to share with others about an experience with you for teaching purposes with consent from you or otherwise may be shared in a non-identifiable way. Personal information is maintained by keeping email lists up to date along with your right to access and correct your personal information and to subscribe or unsubscribe at any point.