Mother Mary Speaks of Order


I AM here and I love you. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to schedule some of your energy to relax and enjoy this time with me as Mother Mary channelling through this being. We would like to raise your awareness in understandings of our teachings to you through this art of channelling or divine knowing which exists within you being expressed or connecting to the world around you with connection to your higher guidance system. Many are displeased with how displaced humanity have become from where we have first intended before the Orion Wars. We wish for you to open your heart once more despite knowing such manifestation could happen on a planet of free will. This is where the art of discerning where you choose to vibrate or how you would like to express your divinity in the world is most pertinent. Sometimes we need to have everything in order before we move forward but rather let us now consider how order truly is where we go all the way back to the big bang.

Once upon a time there was a void of no-thing which then ruptured as the existence of stars began to form out of the contraction of the darkness itself. For the law of one exists that all forms are coming from within and thus a pearl of a universe is illuminated across the milky way and many other galaxies. It is not very easy to explain how we originally formed the big bang like asking who was before God when we are looped in seeing ‘things’ rather than the Is-ness which was never divided upon itself. The issue is love that chooses to express all kinds of artistic expressions. I for one remember my order as I have asked for God the Source to form an expression of motherhood which is going to watch over all our brothers and sisters spread over the cosmos. I am unsure if we are still with the story though I must go on. There are times when concepts like these are not going to ever be fully expressed because it is beyond comprehension. Again this goes for the earlier message channelled from Archangel Michael about not getting caught up in concepts. My point of sharing this story with you however is to show a beautiful light of love and abundance in all of your power to form your collective consciousness into a compassionate order that is focused on the essence of your divine love rather than to try and stack everything together where there are ways for it to heal and bloom into your heart’s desires.

You must not feel trapped by what you have yet to understand but instead do as your heart feels content and look after the wellbeing of your loved ones healing capacity. You all have the power from within you and joy is with you whenever you choose to reference this joy of your own love in being able to be realised and wondered in a world of form. Relax now for you are already worthy, whole and complete in the love that you do have the capacity to watch over in your own being before it is spread all over the cosmos. We love how you show us how many procedures there can be to when we come to a solution of our time now to realise there was no struggle in finding how but to forgive oneself of the ego mind distracting our conscious awareness with what you want to heal now and once for all.

We hope this message has brought you some clarity as to when searching for the world it will lead you onwards to another layer of your world and not so much the dissonances and resonances you feel as you acclimate to your woe of what has been lost to the past. You are brave in choosing to stand before the forefront of change and order of the new coming through to illuminate the present moment even more. We honour your ascension process. Mother Mary I AM, with you as now and forevermore. Love from the Heavens. Adonai.

Private Channeling Sessions

The session will begin with a warm welcome chat with me. Remember to bring with you a cup of water to drink to help with the flow of energy in your body during the session. Know that you are entering a safe, loving sanctuary upon arrival. I am a certified Master Orion Channel and a natural channel, it brings me pure joy to serve in this manner.

I like to start with a short grounding in order to bring the most out of the session connecting with Spirit at our highest frequency. This is also a chance for me to examine your current energetic state but I will not work on it until I have your permission in the presence of your Higher Self. Feel free to speak up when you need to be excused for example if you are feeling unwell or need a break.

I will invite in our Team of the Highest Light along with Angels of Love, Light and Healing to surround us. I qualify the guides prior to ensure they are beings of service to the highest good of all. Spirit will share an introductory message dedicated to you and we will then open up to Q & A. Know that I am there with you although I am speaking the words as guided by Spirit.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a psychologist and have no medical training. As a certified master channel, my work is to facilitate a safe, clear, sacred space with discernment and to deliver messages and healing energy as guided by Spirit. The client is fully responsible in managing their own experiences, choices and/or response to the shared message. If anything I have said does not resonate with your truth, I encourage you to trust your internal guidance system and/or leave the dissonance behind. All my services and content is intended for recreational purposes only. Clients must be at least 18 years of age to book an appointment from services at Unified Souls.

Topics I have covered with a strong resonance with those who I have channeled for in the past include:

  • What is my soul purpose?
  • What does my heart desire?
  • What are my next steps?
  • What would my guides like me to know?
  • Who are my guides?
  • Why is this happening?
  • How can I strengthen my psychic gifts and/or intuition?
  • Why do I feel tired all the time?
  • Past/parallel life regression
  • Aura reading
  • Body scan
  • Light language healing
  • Inner child healing
  • Narcissism-codependent dynamic transcendence
  • Grief
  • Ancestral healing
  • Ascended Master training guidance

This is my expression of love and gratitude for the gift that you are and is an opportunity for me to assist you on your pursuit to realise your dreams, live your best life, know you never need to give your power away and claim your divine right to live free of suffering. It is my great honour and great privilege to connect with you and serve through acknowledging and transmuting deep wounds, obstacles and any confusion you may have.

Meetings will be conducted via Zoom and are recorded. A video and audio file will be sent to you after our session together.

We will close off with a final message or final blessing from Spirit and express gratitude with the Council of Light for our time together. Archangel Michael will step forward to remove all cords releasing all non-beneficial energies as we call home our power.


  • Free Discovery Call – 30 min
  • Private Channeling Session – 60 min, $111 AUD
  • Private Channeling Session – 5 x 60 min, $555 AUD $444 AUD Save $111 AUD!

Stay tuned for an upcoming coaching / follow-up package if you would be interested in a regular spiritual coaching schedule with me.

I pray for love, abundance, prosperity, peace, wellness, joy, liberation, breakthrough, laughter, tears of healing, awakening, happiness and all that is your Divine right to realise and actualise on both the inner and outer planes through our time connecting with our team of light.

Finally, I thank you for taking the time to learn more about the services through reading this far. I hope to be able to discover and learn more about you and hold a lantern up for you on your journey of spiritual-human evolution. Namaste.

Much love,
Thien Phuong
Unified Souls

P.S. If you have any further questions about my services, please do not hesitate to email me at